(BREAKING NEWS) — Exciting news!  Coming this Thursday at 8 p.m., I will be live on the StreetSmart Systems® webinar channel previewing the upcoming November 2-3, 2019 BEYOND FORECLOSURE Workshop!  

You can sit back and watch the event and event ask questions!  We’ll be posting the link to the webinar on this blog shortly.

You can sit in the privacy of your own home or office and watch the webinar at 8:00 p.m. this Thursday night, as millionaire real estate investor Lou Brown (who btw is going to be teaching a bonus session on putting your property in Trust) and I get into the inner workings of everything we’ve put into the flyer we sent to all of you via this blog … here it is once again (click the link):


We know you’ll have questions, so we’ve put together a 1-hour presentation to whet your appetite!   We still have seats available at the workshop, so you still have time to book your sleeping room at the Hampton Inn & Suites – Orlando Airport and reserve your room, even though the room block has expired.  Just call the hotel during business hours and ask to speak to Tatiana Rocha, Director of Sales … and she’ll hook you up!  She loves our workshops!  This is going to be mind-blowing as we’re going to supplement what Lou Brown teaches his millionaire investors with some new ammo for you to implement to make cash flow at a time when people need it most!

See you on the webinar Thursday night!


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(BREAKING NEWS) — For those of you attempting to book a hotel room at the Hampton Inn and Suites – Orlando Airport, I’ve been informed that due to the overwhelming response, the October 15th deadline has been cancelled because the room block has been exceeded.

If you wish to book a room at the hotel, please refer to the attached flyer and contact the hotel’s front desk and ask to speak with the Sales Director, Tatiana Rocha … you can make your sleeping room arrangements directly through her. 


P.S.: The author has already scored two deals using what we’re going to be teaching at the workshop … you’re going to love this workshop!

Also … added to the line-up … a bonus session from real estate millionaire Lou Brown … who will be doing a segment on property trusts! 

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(BREAKING NEWS – OP-ED) — … and this is why we’ve been telling you to look more closely at assignments of mortgage and deeds of trust.  It appears the Maine Supremes decided Beal Bank wasn’t entitled to an Assignment of Mortgage by a defunct lender, New Century Mortgage Corporation.  Seriously?  Who’s going to “make up the assignment out of thin air” now, Beal Bank?   Don’t be surprised if Beal Bank tries to get the loan servicer to do its dirty work for it!

See the case here: Beal Bank USA v New Century Mortgage Corporation, 2019 ME 150 (Oct 1, 2019)

See page 3 where it appears the attorneys for Beal Bank lied to the courts, telling them that “MERS” purportedly assigned the subject mortgage to LNV Corporation.

MERS didn’t assign “shit” folks! 

In fact, it highly likely that:

  1. MERS and its parent MERSCORP, Inc. had absolutely no idea that its name was being used in creating the assignment;
  2. The mortgage loan servicers more than likely had a hand it drafting the paperwork for the land records;
  3. The Greenleaf case in Maine set precedent in the district court’s decision against Beal Bank; and
  4. The equitable trust doctrine doesn’t apply here, jut because Beal says so!

Further, this is why we’re teaching the C & E in the upcoming workshop!

Don’t be surprised to find MERS-assigned mortgages in the land records when foreclosure is intended!

Click here for more information: BEYOND FORECLOSURE PR KIT

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(BREAKING NEWS – OP-ED) — The author of this post offers this information for your educational value and not as legal advice; however, the court in this instance, the Supreme Court of Nevada, clearly screwed U.S. Bank, N.A. in favor of SFR Investments Pool 1 … reversing the summary judgment against SFR and ruling in SFR’s favor as to quiet title!   See the case below:

SFR Investments Pool 1 LLC v US Bank NA, 135 Nev 45 (Sep 26, 2019)

Key Takeaways:

  1. The early bird gets the worm … yet sometimes gets to fight over who gets to eat it.
  2. The appellate process worked all the way to the Supreme Court of Nevada, who saw reason to reverse it.
  3. The decision was per curiam.
  4. Retroactive annulments of bankruptcy stays are key to jumping in with both feet; hence, timing is everything.
  5. SFR used Nevada statutes to prove its case (and its right to sell the property at an HOA sale) was compliant with the statute.

Speaking of timing … 

November 2nd and 3rd is fast approaching!

In this upcoming workshop, called Beyond Foreclosure, we’re going to show you how to capitalize on property BEFORE it ends up in the HUD Homestore!

Timing IS everything … and we’ll show you not only the WHY … but the HOW TO acquire such property as well, many times at a deep discount!

We’ll show you legal strategies, that, when properly implemented, could save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees!  Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Click on this link for more information: BEYOND FORECLOSURE PR KIT

EXAMPLE:  Last week, the team involved in the teaching in this class picked up 3 properties with a net equity of $280,000!

EXAMPLE:  We just rented a property in Orlando for $1400 a month on a temporary basis, knowing that we’re going to use the proceeds to fix up the property!

EXAMPLE:  We discovered over 1,000 leads in Miami-Dade County alone for the types of properties we’re going to show you how to find in this workshop!

For more examples, register to attend and see how we create short term and long term cash flow and equity assets we can monetize at any time!

UPDATE ON THE FOREGOING CASE:  One of our investors has kindly reminded me that since Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank were both “late” in keeping track of this HOA foreclosure, it is highly likely that there are other properties out there worth searching for that would fall under the same outcome!

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UPDATE: Since I last posted this article, the former HUD Asset Manager teaching at the workshop just acquired another property in Palm Coast, Florida after making 33 phone calls in an attempt to locate interested parties in the stuff you’re going to learn at the workshop.  One house in one afternoon’s worth of calling?  Why isn’t this you creating more cash flow for yourself?

This is a homeowner’s dream.  Better yet, it’s an investor’s reality.

What if you could show a homeowner going through a foreclosure HOW TO bounce back quickly, amass a chunk of cash and work real estate deals that could land him in a new home?  Talk about turnaround.  It’s an Investor-180!

Said Simple Simon to the Pieman, “Let me taste your wares.”


Imagine being able to control property, cash flow and assets using the court systems in this country … something the former HUD Asset Manager that is going to be teaching this workshop does EVERY DAY … if he feels like it.  He literally has to turn off his phone if he doesn’t want deals, because the deals are coming at him fast!

Deals he can accept and deals he can refuse.  If the numbers don’t work, neither does the deal.  It’s all about the deal!

Imagine being in one of the hottest foreclosure markets in the country and having 1,000 leads to pick from that are all qualified to use with what we’re going to teach you in the upcoming November 2-3, 2019 workshop in Orlando, Florida.

Today … we found over 1,000 qualified leads for investor deals in Miami!

Today … we found 90 deals from Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater to Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

All are “estate-involved parties” just waiting for you to “push their buttons”.  We will teach you HOW TO do the button-pushing!

And that’s using the search techniques we’re going to share with you in the upcoming workshop!

How would you like to pay 8 cents for a qualified lead?

How would you like to actually talk to a human being instead of just hoping your “mailer” reaches them?

That is a lead you can contact by phone and talk to a human being about helping them with their estate resolution.

8 CENTS!  We’ll show you how you can turn 8 CENTS into thousands of dollars … in just over a weekend!  You control the narrative!

Anyone using our tools has access to property that’s going into foreclosure that can be stopped dead in its tracks using our proven system.

Now … how would you like to make up to 48 months worth of rent off of each property?  Then sell the property for cash and pocket a bunch of the proceeds, just for implementing the system we’re going to show you in Orlando?  With 1,000 leads, you could do 1 deal a day and make $20,000 a deal.  But seriously, who do you know that is that aggressive?  This is why we advocate putting teams together to work these leads … before anyone else gets them!

How would you like to work deals on properties and get them BEFORE HUD GETS THEM?   Do we have your attention now?

Do you know what happens to HUD properties once they get into the HUD HomeStore?  It’s a fuster-cluck.  That’s what?  Investors who don’t play the game well end up paying 110% of the value of the property and bottle neck the process.  And the robo-calls!  That’s something else we’re going to show you how to get around.


What homeowner going through foreclosure wouldn’t like one of these Florida leads?

And you don’t have to be living in Florida to get them and work them?

Imagine these ratios?   30 phone calls = 1 house?  

How many phone calls did you make trying to save your home?

We’re going to show you NEW and REVAMPED strategies for fighting the banks and scoring these houses in multiples, for very little of your own money.

How would it be if we actually found money for you to help you with your deal, so you could make cash flow and survive foreclosure?

What homeowner in foreclosure wouldn’t want that?  Holy smokes!  This is for real folks!  This is not foreclosure rescue!

This is investor ingenuity that works for anyone who wants to make time to make the system work.

We give you the tools to do it!  You just have to be there to get the information!

I’m excited about this.  I don’t get excited about too many things.  But when someone wants to put $40,000 in my pocket in a short period of time and all I have to do is help speed up the end game, well, I can’t get more excited than that unless I was doing one of those deals a month.  And I could be.

I would think every attorney would want in on this, because they can make “delay” money just filing paperwork!  AND … participate in our system themselves!

I’ve just revamped every foreclosure defense attorney’s “business model”!   What attorney wouldn’t want to help homeowners and own real estate too?

Delay … Delay … Delay … you win!   Short term in and out.  Long term in and out.  You control the narrative!  You control the game!

This is where you learn what we know and use every day of the week!

If you aren’t signed up to attend … well … you’ve heard the saying, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm?”


Testimonials from past workshops!


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