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(Atlanta) — Rest assured, we are collectively doing everything we can to help homeowners and investors out of their dilemmas with foreclosure issues.

Millionaire investor Lou Brown has asked me to extend an invite to all of my readers who might be interested in attending the Beyond End Game Strategies Workshop, to be held in Atlanta (Tucker, Georgia) at the Courtyard by Marriott in Northlake on July 19th and 20th.  I know it’s short notice, but if you’re interested in attending, please click on the picture for more information about attending this event!

Various homeowners who have found themselves in a precarious situation should consider attending because millionaire mindsets are contagious.  You can meet and network with millionaire investors (AND Lou Brown himself) who can show you how to “bounce back”.  If you lack knowledge, you lack power … the power to actually MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

We’re getting ready … are you going to be there?  

UPDATE!  If there was ANY class that you NEEDED to be at … THIS WOULD BE IT!  

At the Orlando Foreclosure Defense Workshop, we are going to teach some of what we teach here, but moreso litigation strategies than in this class.

THIS CLASS has all of the goods rolled into what we’ll teach in Orlando PLUS you get to network with millionaire minds (and even wallets)!  Learn from seasoned investors HOW to bounce back from your foreclosure.  The worst thing you can do is BE A VICTIM!  



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The author of this post is a paralegal and consultant to attorneys in real property and foreclosure matters. Any information or suggestions proffered on this blog are not to be construed as legal advice, nor to they impliedly guarantee any legal outcome or attempt to draw any conclusions of law.  

This Friday night’s radio show on WKDW-FM (97.5 mHz) in North Port, Florida (streaming live on, November 2nd, 6:00 p.m. EDT, promises to be one of the most informative programs you will hear me broadcast to date on my weekly City Spotlight – Special Edition segments.  It talks about what to do in the face of despair in buying a home after you’ve suffered through financial setbacks and foreclosures.  All of you blog post readers get to have a sneak peek at some of what I’ll be discussing on the show:

After I get done talking about all of the attorney and judicial misconduct, I’m going to cover the following …

Okay, so your credit is screwed up, now what?

First, I will be discussing the setbacks (foreclosures, short sales, deeds in lieu and credit restoration) that a large number of homeowners have faced or are facing.  There are several avenues you can take to correct these setbacks; however, like anything else, they take time … time you might not have.

Fair Credit Reporting Act lawsuits are on the rise!

Hear all of the latest statistics over the past year to date and why! I’ll even cover part of your attack plan …

The Nuclear Option

Many homeowners have opted to take the bankruptcy route.  Not to forget those who thought it was a humiliating experience, you should learn from our Commander-in-Chief, who has companies that have filed bankruptcy on numerous occasions to restructure themselves and are still operating!   I’ll discuss bankruptcy pros and cons (the way the banks think) in some detail, including Chapter 11 reorganization proceedings and how they can work to your benefit … without you even being at risk of having your credit rating tainted or having to come up with gobs of money to play the game!  

Getting back on your feet … 

You would think that many homeowners would have learned through their dilemma how NOT to make the same mistake again.  Surprisingly, many homeowners keep repeating the same mistakes again and again, out of desperation.  I’ll be discussing what the industry considers your opportunity for a “bounce back” … for which I’m providing you with a chart:

Those of you listening to the show can follow along on this chart as I explain it in detail. 

Alternative methods for gaining control of your life … 

Are you suffering from the “Titanic Syndrome”?   Rather than struggle, why not look at your options.  I’ll discuss those “alternative” scenarios in a little more detail on the show!

Sorry … you’ll have to tune in to get the rest of the info, because no one likes reading huge blog posts (apparently).  Click on the above internet link and then click LISTEN LIVE!

This coming Friday night at 6:00 p.m. … join me for City Spotlight – Special Edition (as I always do every Friday night) with guest R. J. Malloy, retired attorney and former clerk to a U.S. District Court judge!  The stuff you’ll hear on this show you won’t hear anywhere else.

Know that on November 2, 2017 … not only is it mass education … I am going to rip the banking industry (and the ever-complicit Big Brother … you know who, the system that’s complicit with the banks!) a new asshole on City Spotlight – Special Edition!

Click the button below for more details!



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BREAKING NEWS — Click on the above link to attend a free one-hour webinar with real estate millionaire Lou Brown, as he has special guests Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger and California quiet title attorney Al West on the program for an information-packed webinar. 

The webinar begins at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time tonight (Wednesday the 5th)!   Talk about freedom …

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For those of you that are interested in the reintroduction of the Glass-Steagall Act (which banned the banks from getting into the securities business) by Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, here’s a copy of the latest poop:

Text – S.881 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act of 2017 | |

Enjoy the read!  We’ll see how far it gets, given the tone of Congress these days. Sometimes you just have to wonder how long the American people are going to stand for the generalities of this 3-ring circus.


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UPDATED May 8, 2017 …

The first of four FDCPA Webinars is coming soon to!  

Instead of having to travel across the U.S. to attend a workshop, you can tune in, inexpensively, right from your home computer!

We’ll let you know when the first FDCPA Webinar is going live … with Dave Krieger, author of FDCPA, Debt Collection and Foreclosures! … with special guest Richard L. DiMaggio, J.D.!

Stay tuned for updates!


How many of you have an excessive amount of debt and are credit challenged?

Below is a button which, when clicked, may lead you to the solution you’re looking for!



Click the button. Watch the videos.

Email me through the portal if you’re interested.  

If not, have a great day!

In the past, the author of this post has utilized it for the purposes of sharing financial education and information relative to the dilemmas facing society today, while seeking a methodology that is duplicative, creates wealth, creates a sustainable future and offers America a better glimmer of hope.  The author has since discovered that the program contained within this post is the answer that can help more Americans than by simply posting free information on this site.  Here is the FES Protection Plan in a downloadable .pdf format!


If you want MORE of an education on consumer issues, like the FDCPA, CLICK HERE!

Stay tuned for information about an all-new CONSUMER LITIGATION WORKSHOP, where you can get trained in FDCPA, quiet title, chain of title and foreclosure defense, all in one workshop … taught by Dave Krieger and guest attorneys that specialize in this area of law! 

Listen to Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger every Friday at 6:00 p.m. (EDT) on WKDW-FM 97.5 (North Port, FL) or streaming live on!

To get the Financial Education Services Protection Plan, CLICK HERE!

To become a Financial Education Services Agent, CLICK HERE!

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