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It pains me to have to read some of the posts on this blog, because I see that foreclosures are starting up again and many people are finding themselves without a clue as to what their odds are if they decide to fight, or not.  To that end, I’m posting my “Top 10” observations (not legal advice) here:

  1. You are not alone in your fight. Know that other homeowners are also considering the same options that you are, whether to “fight” or “flight” (run away, which 95% of homeowners do, spineless wimps).
  2. You will have to get rid of many ill-conceived misconceptions. Because we live in the “Age of Entitlement”, everyone thinks: (a.)  the bank did me wrong; and (b.)  I deserve a free house.  Wrong! You signed a contract and a security instrument!  No one held a gun to your head!  They dangled “the carrot” and you bit into it, hook, line and sinker!  You have to have a “Come to Jesus” meeting with you and your family and chuck all of these preconceived notions because without an open mind, you will dig yourself an even deeper hole!
  3. You have to understand that judges are homeowners too. Most of them probably still pay on a mortgage. This means you will have to understand how to overcome the conjecture and speculative arguments and derogatory comments that the bank’s attorneys (who have had years at this to perfect their craft) will make in court to sway the emotions of the judge.  You borrowed the money from someone, but maybe it’s not just “that guy”, your Honor.
  4. You at least have your day in court if you live in a judicial foreclosure state.  It really pisses me off when homeowners don’t show up in court and least say something!  You have your day in court as mandated by law, but sadly, 95% of homeowners freak out and run away.  The banks are counting on this. So are the courts. It’s a numbers game folks.  The less cases that judges have to hear, the better.  They know it.  I know it.  But you won’t know it if you don’t at least show up and say something!
  5. If you live in a non-judicial foreclosure state, you have to initiate proceedings to stop the sale of your home!  This means you either have to have a lot of time on your hands to do research or you will be like most of the 95% of homeowners who do nothing and wait for the county sheriff to show up and put you (and your family) to the curb.  Filing a Notice of Lis Pendens does nothing but “gum up” title temporarily.  Filing that means a “suit is pending” and if there is not suit, you filed a fraudulent document in the land records that could land you in jail, where you will do no one any good, especially those who depend on you for survival.  You are the Plaintiff and only a temporary restraining order will stop a foreclosure sale!  The burden of proof is on you unless you know how to turn the tables on the bank.  This is a fact, not legal advice!
  6. When it comes to foreclosure, apathy reigns supreme!  I have never seen a situation more tenuous where people become so in denial about life.  Instead of doing something about the scenario when it presents itself, many people go into this “woe is me funk”.  As a responsible American homeowner, that is really messed up.  Buying a home is one of the biggest, major decisions you will make in your life and most homeowners bit off more than they could chew (when credit was so readily available).  The banks are not all to blame.  They are crooks (true) … and I don’t trust them.  It’s bad enough that this election cycle gives us so little (the lesser of two evils) to choose from, but to have the banks controlling all of the behaviors of Congress and our presidents for the last two centuries is so appalling and what’s even more damning is that homeowners who have the power of the vote, do nothing.  So when you’re left with few choices in a time like this, remember, the collective body politic voted to set the system up this way.  The “system” has no mercy for those who think they’re “entitled” because someone else has to pay for it.
  7. The second wave of “foreclosure fraud” starts with unscrupulous foreclosure defense attorneys!  They’re out there and these are the types that want to make you their “monthly annuity”.  Foreclosure defense is big business and if you’re going to make monthly payments to an attorney to stave off a foreclosure, you’d better have an “end game”.  The real attorney will demand you have an end game before even taking your case and if you don’t have one, you’re likely to end up on the street anyway.
  8. Most people don’t even have an “end game”!  This is even more sad in a land where we have lots of hidden opportunities.  What I did when I looked at my own scenario, which I discussed in my book Clouded Titles, was to: (a.) examine my finances to see whether I could fight a foreclosure in the first place; (b.) look at my other options as to living scenarios (I had a rental property I could move into, which was becoming vacant, which made my choice easier); and (c.) I had to look at what if any equity I was giving up.  Most people took out 30-year mortgages.  I find 30-year notes to be a waste of time and money (in interest, which makes most of the 30-year period giving up little equity; just like renting).  I only do 15-year notes if at all anymore.  If you can’t afford the 15-year note payment, then rent! You may find yourself having a large yard sale and liquidating what possessions you don’t need and then using those proceeds to find yourself other “opportunities”.  The opportunities are there if you’d just look for them and stop whining about the dilemma you’re in!  If you think things are “hunky dory” right now, wait until the sheriff shows up and moves you out on the lawn.  Watch the “99 Homes” movie trailer if you want a real vivid picture!  (I still can’t watch it without tearing up and getting an aching feeling in my gut!)
  9. BOTH SIDES of the political aisle put this whole thing into motion!  If you think that either political candidate for president is the “right one”, think again.  When’s the last time you studied the Constitution?  If you read the manner in which the Founding Fathers set this country up, you would understand that Congress makes the laws, NOT the president.  Sure, the president may “influence” what laws get propounded, but the president’s job is to “enforce the law”, as the Chief Executive.  Congress voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act, not just one side or another.  The two-party system has failed us folks!  Your average congressperson is the bank’s “bitch” and has been for quite a number of decades!  The only way to stop this is to do what California and Illinois are doing to Wells Fargo Bank now … change banks!  The mega-banks got us into trouble in 2008 and nothing has changed.  Servicers are still robosigning documents and foreclosure mill attorneys are “in it up to their necks” in fraudulent documents in their reliance of such to steal borrower’s homes.   The whole thing has turned into one big criminal RICO issue and MERS is the platform, the business model, that facilitates it!  When homeowners wake up and smell what is really going on, AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, then things will change, not until.  I moved all my money and investments out of the major banks, why aren’t you doing that?   The big banks are your enemy!  The faster you realize this, the better.
  10. It’s hard to be right when the government is wrong!  The government bailed out the banks.  This was all an artificial ploy upon the American taxpayer anyway, as the banks paid the government back.  Those who screwed the government out of TARP funds are being (or have been) prosecuted and put in jail.  The government is in bed with the banks, otherwise, you wouldn’t have 12 USC (Banks and Banking) passed as law.  The banks are the most heavily-regulated industries in the country, but we disrespect ourselves when we stoop so low as to “borrow money” from them and dig ourselves in over our heads and makes ourselves destitute (by design).  Those who borrowed to pay for their education are now financial “slaves to the rhythm”.  Sorry, but the government’s answers to everything are Hegelian in nature and were put there to make you a slave.  I can’t help it that you didn’t do your homework!   No one taught you any better.  No one taught you finance in school.  No one told you that you had to read the damned documents at the closing table before you signed them and if you didn’t understand what you were getting yourself into, then it’s on you. However, the government allowed this mechanism to be put into place for a reason.  This is why Snowden is now in Moscow.  The only person who can change their life destiny is YOU! 

The other side of the coin with Wells Fargo?  I wonder … given the 2-million or so phony accounts they set up … how many mortgages did they rehypothecate?   Congress hasn’t even started looking into that.   Chase has a patented template for creating “ghost accounts” ( jp-morgan-chase-rehypothecation-2 ) … makes you wonder what’s really inside the databases of the DTCC and Cede & Co. huh?  I know from talking to other homeowners that dummy mortgage loans have been set up too, not just bank accounts.  Maybe Congress is turning a blind eye, maybe they’re just ignorant.  Don’t blame me. You elected them.  And this is why I don’t trust banks!  You are a fool if you think that your money is “safe and sound”!

So, the bottom line here is … not everyone’s strategy is the same as everyone came from different walks of life, has different resources available to them and can think clearly under pressure.  Put all your fears aside and analyze your scenario and come up with an “end game”.   I don’t want to see you end up in a tent city.



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Hollywood must be paying attention to America’s dilemma because the main stream appears to have been blinded to what happened to the certain element of America’s working poor when they were taken advantage of by corporate mega-banking interests in tandem with “government marketing”.  Dominoes did fall as the result of a series of events that began in 1995 (with the creation of the MERS business model, used to facilitate massive electronic transfers of residential mortgage loans) and came to a pinnacle of doom in 2008 (when the financial markets, in part, collapsed).  In order for this to have happen, certain catalysts had to come into fruition.  One of them was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which prohibited banks from directly participating in securities.  The means by which it was done was through the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Someone lobbied to get this Act passed.  I’ll bet you know which lobby was responsible without me even saying it!

It clearly shows that Congress can be “bought off”, yet the voting rank and file trust these legislators implicitly?  Seriously?   Have we lost touch with the truth?

A group of insiders, which Michael Lewis exposes in his book, The Big Short, found a way to “short” the stock and bond markets to make a killing off of the failure of all of those residential mortgage loans.  This group legally made money by “betting against the American economy”, after they realized what the banks did (structuring the residential mortgage loans to fail in tandem, so they could profit by collecting on insurance side bets called credit default swaps), which they considered sinister.

Now Hollywood has made a movie about it … here’s the link to the movie trailer (coming this Christmas) … a Christmas present to “wake up America”?   TRAILER

Sadly, while this group of insiders were making millions of dollars short-selling the banks’ deals, others began losing their homes when the predatory mortgages’ (adjustable-rate, negative amortization, interest-only, etc.) interest rates reset and homeowners found their monthly payments doubling in size.  This appears to have been the real cause of the housing bubble.  The banks knew this was going to happen and set about the means to shake up the American economy.

Still, those who were not affected by all of this are still in denial.  In fact, much of the real estate community (real estate agents, brokers, Realtor® Boards, etc.) is in denial that such things as described in the upcoming movie, 99 Homes, portrays. However, Salon.com’s recently-released article spells out the corroborating evidence of what is portrayed in the movie ACTUALLY HAPPENED, that attorney Lynn Szymoniak will be talking about at the upcoming Chain of Title Assessment Workshop in Fort Myers, Florida October 2-4, 2015.  America cannot be in denial any longer.  99 Homes premieres October 9th in theaters across the country: TRAILER

These two movies blatantly describe only PART OF the aftermath described in Dave Krieger’s book, Clouded Titles.

The people who continue to be in denial of all of this mess probably have homes in or near neighborhoods that were affected by all of this.  Most take on the attitude, “Well, thank God it wasn’t me!”   But yet, each county in America suffered financially because of it.   Blighted neighborhoods.   Increase in property crimes.   Massive decreases in recording fees paid to record documents in each county’s official property records.   Massive cutbacks in community services.   Depleted tax revenues.  Increased liability to those communities hardest hit.

The OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION clearly showed that the foreclosure actions taken against these homeowners was anything but honest.

Further, the Report showed that the majority of those properties targeted for foreclosure were located in the Latin American and Hispanic communities of Osceola County, Florida, which became “low hanging fruit”, easy pickings for foreclosure mill attorneys.  Most of these people didn’t understand what was happening to them.  Nearly 85% of these borrowers, when served with notice, just walked away from their homes and their obligations as American property owners.

In what appears to be even more sinister than the stuff the movie, The Big Short, describes, are the 17 cases of certified documents that came directly from the official property records and the court records which the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department is “allegedly” investigating.  When tied together, these documents clearly make up multiple patterns of “created standing” on the part of lenders who couldn’t find the documents they had previously shredded and instead, “re-manufactured them” out of thin air, timed in conjunction with the filing of the foreclosure case!

According to Al West, a California attorney who recently made a 2-hour presentation to the Lake County Board of Supervisors, one could look at a document on its face and not realize the fraud behind it because that person wouldn’t know what to look for.  However, the team of examiners that DK Consultants LLC (which included Mr. West), knew exactly what to look for.   Because of these systemic patterns, the Report identified seven (7) specific potential witnesses, which the Florida 9th Circuit States Attorney Jeff Ashton dismissed as part of his decision NOT to investigate the contents in the Report.  His office could have clearly recognized that the Osceola County Sheriff evicted many of the affected homeowners that were included in the Forensic Examination; however, he was too busy playing around on the Ashley Madison website on taxpayer time to pay attention to this critical issue!  Instead, he launched a witch hunt on “the messenger”.

As the result of this move, more than just the lives of those involved in the examination have been affected.  The U. S. Department of Justice has been made aware of this Report and I anticipate that the Report is going to get more than just a “look see” by the DOJ.   The Report has been endorsed by U. S. Congressman Alan Grayson, whose congressional district includes Osceola County, Florida.  Grayson is running for the U. S. Senate at present.   The Osceola County Sheriff however, has decided NOT to seek re-election this year and it is anticipated that there will be a list of eligible contenders, many of which will probably ignore the contents of this Report.  THAT would be a political mistake in my book!

Dead Witnesses Tell No Tales! 

The reason that the seven (7) witnesses were NOT specifically named in this Report, is that the examiners value the lives of each one of these potential witnesses.  It should come as no surprise that when you mount an offensive against the banks, people die.  I point specifically to the case of Tracy N. Lawrence, the Las Vegas notary public who admitted to a grand jury in Clark County, Nevada that she signed her boss’s name to over 150,000 documents which she then notarized herself. These documents were recorded in public records all over the Western United States.   She was targeted because of apparent prosecutorial misconduct, which caused all 606 counts (half of them felonies) to be tossed out against two Title Officers from Lender Processing Services in Irvine, California.  In exchange for her cooperation, Lawrence was allowed to plead guilty to one count of notary fraud, which for all intents and purposes was a “slap on the wrist” compared to what the two title officers were facing.

On the day of her sentencing, Tracy N. Lawrence was found dead in her apartment, Marilyn Monroe style.   And you tell me that was suicide?   Lawrence received this sentence because she was slated to testify against the two title officers.  Well, dead witnesses can’t testify.  And now you know WHY we didn’t put the names of the seven witnesses in the Report.  We want them alive for the federal grand jury.

Apparently, States Attorney Jeff Ashton didn’t bother to ask anyone (on the examination team) about these witnesses and what they could contribute to a criminal case. Getting a date on Ashley Madison on taxpayer time seemed more important than dealing with fraudulent document manufacturing.

Or was it something else, or another threat by someone else, NOT to prosecute.  The results of this Report are, after all, a political “hot potato” and the 2016 elections are just around the corner.

LPS is suspected to have funded Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s election campaign.   With “friends” like that, who on the state level is going to investigate criminal wrongdoing if LPS was involved (and they were mentioned in the Report)?   This is why the FBI and the DOJ need to “take it from here”.   Local politicians can only be effective if they have a District Attorney that is willing to risk his neck prosecuting these paper crimes and Lake County, California’s Board of Supervisors, who are in full agreement that an audit should be conducted of their land records, won’t make a move because they appear to lack confidence in their own DA.  They want any move they make to be beneficial to the property owners of their county.   When you have a DA that won’t prosecute, even though Mr. West showed the Board WHERE to get money to prosecute these document frauds with, nothing gets done and homeowners continue to suffer.

Sadly, THAT suffering is going on IN EVERY COUNTY IN AMERICA!



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The author of this post (Dave Krieger) is not an attorney.  Try to find an attorney near you that does quiet title actions as successfully as Al West (I want proof of the winning cases) … and I’ll let him TEACH the bloody workshop and pay his/her airfare and expenses to boot!  I’m not handing out legal advice today (nor will I ever, because the state bars, who are technically NOT affiliated with any Supreme Court jurisdiction, would love for me to stop talking about this subject, permanently), so if you need an attorney to assist you in a quiet title action, be prepared to do some serious digging to find one that knows their stuff.  I’ll tell you why in a minute … 

Since the beginning of this country, county land records were designed because America needed some sort of “fundamental order” in its keeping of land ownership records.   And in this case, I’m talking about the proper ones, not the ones influenced by the behaviors of today’s legislatures (at the whims of the banking cartels).  One of the many concerns within the realm of real property law, which I have had the pleasure of studying to the umteenth degree, much to the chagrin of others, began with my own experiences, which I write about in Clouded Titles, now in its final Mayday Edition version.

I expressly designed this work as an educational product because I found America lacking in the basic principals of real estate ownership that they may have either NOT learned in high school or college, or in the alternative, conveniently forgot about as part of the Age of Entitlement generations.  There are two issues here that I will discuss further, the key reasons for WHY quiet title actions should become part of your legal research and education to benefit your future and the future of America, if there ever is to be one.

There are a lot of Patriot-type folks out there that will disagree with my theories and my educational principles regarding quiet title, but I can tell you, I’ve done them … and they work.  Without quiet title, burps and hiccups in any given chain of title will render it impaired and thus, unmarketable.  You can disregard your belief that the “county” you live in has any authority, but let me tell you, you are in the minority of all of the registered voters who have faith in their county government, until their government proves them otherwise.  If you want change, then run for public office and change things!  First, have some respect for our current system, because it’s the only thing we have in place that stands in the pendulum path of civility versus anarchy.  Those of you out there who think you can still get title in allodium … keep dreaming.  We’re way past that point.

The first issue I will discuss here is WHY most attorneys DON’T WANT TO do quiet title actions!

Attorneys who specialize in real property law should completely understand the principals of quieting title, including pleadings and procedure, which Al West and I share in the workshops I host around the country.  Many attorneys ignore quiet title, because it represents (for the most part in a majority of the cases) a finite end to issues involving superior title to property.  This may also result in what is known as a “lien stripping” of a promissory note (which of course is what the judges suspect), which is then rendered unsecured because the quiet title action may end up causing the complete removal of the mortgage or deed of trust, if the parties who show up can’t prove they have superior title.  I said nothing about the Note here because the having a lien vis a vis a promissory note does not, in of itself, constitute superior title, unless the the Note has terms within it wherein the borrower gives up title to the property until the lien is retired in full.  Title theory states operate that way.  Lien theory states however, grant an “interest” in the property by what I call a “unilateral adhesion contract”, which is a one-way ticket to hell!  It’s called a mortgage or deed of trust.  Of late (within the last 15 years), these two documents have been tainted by a process called MERS (an acronym for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.), whose parent, MERSCORP (in whatever incorporated form it happens to be in at any given point in time) runs the obfuscation game for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the rest of its members.

Most attorneys refuse to study the convoluted ways of the MERS® System, which I believe was started up to hide the behaviors of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the two Examined Members talked about in the April 13, 2011 Consent Order involving MERS and its parent) as they involve the chain of title (but also to the financial benefit of other users of the database).  Thus, attorneys do NOT know what my network of attorneys know.  Thus, they render inconsistent and improper pleadings (IMHO).  Thus, anyone who attends my workshops will probably come away with more information than attorneys learn about quieting title than they learned about in the whole of their law school.  Since they don’t teach MERS in law school (to the degree we do in our workshops and educational materials), you can bet most attorneys don’t want to be bothered with it when they can be making a monthly income off the backs of desperate homeowners who want to stay in their homes (sadly, most of them have no game plan for the future).

Attorneys who specialize in foreclosure defense have quickly learned (as I have surmised here) HOW TO stall a foreclosure.  During that time, they bill their clients with a monthly fee that similarly equates to their monthly mortgage payments.  This is the first wave of foreclosure fraud.  Many attorneys want their clients to file bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure sale, yet seemingly, they ignore the 10-year “stain” on their clients’ credit reports as a result of what?  Delaying the inevitable?  According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (O.C.C.; who coddles MERS, because they’re all “in on it” together, in whatever sort of conspiracy you want to call it) has plainly stated on its website that bankruptcy is simply just a “stall tactic” (for the inevitable).  I would have to ask these folks at the OCC, “Whose side are you on here?”  All of what has taken place in the shaping of legislation has obviously been instigated by the banks.  It may be time to vote out those in the electorate who aren’t on “your side” when it comes to property ownership and maintaining proper real property records in the county courthouse.  The continuation of this current way of doing things illustrates my point on the need for quieting title even more.

Attorneys would rather have their monthly annuities coming in than seeing a finite end to their client’s case involving a quiet title action.  There is no guarantee that getting your title quieted will stop some bank (or MERS, as it unsuccessfully did in the Groves case in Texas) from pursuing you down the road, but the “law of the case” seems to make things a bit easier.  In short however, why have a “finite end” to things in favor of a monthly paycheck?   For example, if a law firm has 10 attorneys doing foreclosure defense and each one brings in a retainer (for a single client) of $5,000 and then bills them for two years at $1,000 a month; if each attorney had 50 clients to “stall” for, the gross income to that firm would be $2,500,000 in retainers and $12,000,000 in monthly fees.  That’s $14,500,000 for those of you doing the math.  Such a business model it is.  This is why it’s so hard to find an attorney to do quiet title work.  Another major reason attorneys don’t favor doing quiet title actions is that these attorneys simply don’t want to be chastised and ridiculed by a judiciary that appears heavily vested in the very securities that are screwing America!

Equally important however, which attorneys overlook, is HOW and WHY quiet title actions are necessary if our current “system” of property ownership is to be salvaged.  Attorneys have to educate themselves FIRST, then they can educate the judges, who will then understand WHY quiet title actions are necessary.  For the time being, most judges I’ve read up on think of quiet title as just another assertion for why a homeowner wants a “free house” when this is so far from the truth. It’s unfair and totally biased to ignore the fundamental basics of quieting title; thus, we will discuss it here in further detail.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin … the second issue in this think piece … 

From all the research my collective “network” has done, quiet title actions will become fundamentally commonplace because of what the MERS business model has done to contribute to the corruption of any chain of title it’s involved with.  I will NOT buy a property that has MERS anywhere in the chain of title! I suggest you take my comment to heart here, especially if you’re an investor.  This can only be overcome by (again, my suggestion and not legal advice, in the “if it were me” scenario) stipulation to judgment in the quieting of title prior to the deal being closed.  That means that MERS would have to be notified, so it too can “sign off” on what rights it thinks it (or its member users) may have (which I humbly disagree that any exist other than what’s in the contract, which are feebly explained by language a third grader can’t understand, let alone a future homeowner who doesn’t ask questions before signing papers at closing).  I would love to debate Bill Beckmann about how successful his “business model” really is, because the only thing I see here is how it benefits the users of his “system” and NOT homeowners. I’ll explain in more detail in a minute …

Most title attorneys will NOT admit that Schedule B circumvents the payment of 99% of any claims against a title policy.  They wouldn’t want you to know that because the title insurance industry is a racket unto itself that I’m not going to go into detail about in this particular article.  I will however, discuss it in finite detail when the book THE QUIET TITLE WAR MANUAL is finally published.  One needs to have all of his “A” game on before venturing into the shark-infested waters of what I term the quasi in rem quiet title realm.   Title attorneys further do NOT care about MERS, because users of the MERS® System do NOT record proper assignments anyway, and most title companies (“the racket”) have subscribed to the fact that they can now “write around the defects in title” simply because MERS exists somewhere in the chain.  Schedule B is the key here.  Read it and weep, preferably BEFORE you buy a worthless homeowners’ indemnity policy.

I don’t give a damn about the insurability of a property, but the “system” of the way things are done around here seems to cater to that modus operandi.  I care more about the marketability of property and what a prudent and reasonable person would do when confronted with a piece of property that is loaded with chain of title issues. Hopefully RUN … in the opposite direction, far away from the deal!  I realize that this may leave millions of blighted homes out there unoccupied, but it’s about damned time we sent Congress and our state legislatures a message: Either come up with a game plan to keep owners in “the game”, or watch your system turn into total chaos!  You let the banks “dangle the carrot” and you looked the other way when you repealed the Glass-Steagall Act and then end result was a system of modified securitization that has now turned this entire country’s court system into a game of reckless indulgences by foreclosure mill law firms who are making beaucoup bucks off the banks to keep the “game” in play in courts across the country, as long as it can, in the end, take the property, by whatever means (including the manufacture of phony documents for the purposes of litigation).

This is another reason why the banks are trying to actively change the Uniform Commercial Code (the “UCC”).  This is the last resort of any viable defense in both foreclosure and quiet title actions.  The banks know this full well.  If they can totally tip the scales in their favor, borrowing money will leave a bad taste in people’s mouths once they see others getting screwed.  Wait a minute!  That’s already happening here!

Instead of being honest about how they make money, the major banks have corrupted the securitization scheme in favor of side bets, called credit default swaps.  The borrowers seem to never have any of this payout money applied to their bottom line, but the banks who started it are reaping big benefits.  Securitization DOES INDEED affect the chain of title, because the Pooling and Servicing Agreements (“PSAs”), are never adhered to.  These are the governing regulations established by Congress under 17 CFR 210, 228, 229 et seq.   Conduct a full audit of one of these securitized trusts and you’ll see why investors are screaming that the failure rate of these REMICs is 100%! 

This is another reason that MERS was created: to facilitate securitization.  This beta model has done more harm than good despite what MERS tells its members.  If you look at their policies and procedures, you can plainly see that MERS® System users violate MERS’ policies with wanton impunity.  This is another reason WHY quiet title actions are fundamentally necessary.  This is another reason why the laws need to be changed to allow property owners to finitely challenge any piece of paper that is publicly recorded having to do with their chains of title.  This is all part of quieting title and THIS is what MERS and the banks DON’T WANT.  But … it gets better! 

If MERS and its parent had their way, all quiet title actions and their respective state statutes that mandate quiet title would be declared unconstitutional and your case discarded! 

MERS does NOT care about your rights to property.  MERS and its parent, MERSCORP (the for-profit corporation that is going to find itself embroiled in more lawsuits in the future, I predict, when the real truth comes out) caused to be filed an amended pleading (in the California federal case in Robinson) that asserted that the California Quiet Title Statutes were unconstitutional!  Can you believe the arrogance?  Is MERS now better and more powerful than the state legislatures?   Have we elected a pack of wimps that can’t stand up to them?  You be the judge here, because you have the power to change things!   State statutes regarding the quieting of title were created for a purpose … not to be ignored by MERS!  MERS has some sort of liability somewhere in this equation (facilitating breach of contract possibly) and someday it will be called upon to ante up.

MERS seems to forget that there is language contained within the contracts in which it’s named as a nominee and beneficiary or mortgagee (yet these terms are NOT specifically defined within the mortgage or deed of trust, so they become conveniently arguable as to their meaning in court) that specifically gives homeowners a duty-bound, contractual right to defend title to their property.  This is why every State in the Union is now faced with conflicting rulings when MERS is a party to any action.  That is fact, not my opinion.  Further, MERS doesn’t get to cause a breach in contracts it’s named in, in the name of squelching a quiet title action!  You should take out your mortgage or deed of trust and read the first few pages, especially the “seisin mechanism”.  That part of the contract is your contractual duty to defend title.  If you don’t, YOU’RE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT!  YOU DIDN’T ABIDE BY THAT SECTION OF THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED! THE LENDER SHOULD BE SUING YOU FOR BREACH, BUT THEY DON’T.  WHY? BECAUSE THEY’VE ALREADY BEEN PAID OFF BY CREDIT DEFAULT SWAP MONEY! (The money, by the way, that wasn’t applied to your “bottom line” balance as typically referenced in Section 23 of your long-form mortgages and deeds of trust.)

What?  You didn’t know all of this when you signed the damned note and mortgage/deed of trust at closing?   Well … welcome to the real world!

As long as there is a mortgage or deed of trust out there with this language in it, you have a contractual duty to quiet title!  Maybe the lenders and Fannie and Freddie will remove the seisin mechanism completely from their security instruments at the insistence of MERSCORP, and will change the language to read:

“BORROWER COVENANTS that Borrower may not actually own the property they just bought, or in the alternative, have just purchased a property full of holes that title companies will not insure. Borrower agrees that they are stuck with what they bought and further agree that any rights to litigate to correct title are hereby waived completely.”

When it comes to the foregoing language, the courts seemingly treat Borrowers as if they have no rights at all … because … they owe somebody!   Title doesn’t matter … because the judge said so!  Read some of the appellate case law on quiet title and you will see where appeals have been reversed and remanded to allow attorneys for property owners to amend their complaints to quiet title, because they didn’t get them right in the first place!   Then you will see WHY attorneys need to be educated on the subject! It’s a shame you have to appeal quiet title actions because foreclosure mills denounce this practice, ignoring the contractual right (which to me wreaks of tortious interference with contractual relations).  Again, judges seemingly ignore this too!

Further, there is established case law regarding the quieting of title.  We have compiled quite a bit of it for your research, which is on the 16GB USB flash drive every attendee gets as part of their research materials for attending these classes.  Sorry, you have to attend the classes.  We do NOT sell the flash drives a la carte with no explanation behind it as to how we came up with this research!

Still confused, this is what we have the upcoming quiet title workshop in Chicago for.  Visit the Clouded Titles website for details.  The Chicago event offers three different workshops on chain of title assessments (COTA), quiet title actions and a session on the Uniform Commercial Code, state-specific, taught by attorney Robert M. Janes, who I deem the UCC “guru” in America.   You and/or your attorney needs to especially attend THAT workshop if you’re going to attend any of the events we’re offering here!  This is the educational series you want to drop the dime on!  This is the only event remaining this year with this kind of discount offering. We will not be doing another event like this in 2015, maybe ever!  That’s right, I’m making a pitch here for your benefit!

When we start addressing the real issues involving quiet title, then American homeowners will become more responsible and productive citizens!

I should hold a contest to see how many folks out there have incorporated themselves as one of the defunct lenders of the past, or MERS, for that matter.  There seems to be a lot of brouhaha about those scenarios as well.  I will discuss two relevant cases in the future regarding this point (involving MERS and America’s Wholesale Lender; “AWL”; anyone with an AWL mortgage or deed of trust will want to pay attention to this upcoming article!)

As a sidenote … if the courts don’t want continuous and voluminous foreclosure cases wreaking havoc on their dockets, perhaps they should consider the positive nature of quieting title when a case dismissal occurs.  Why should the bank get a “second bite at the apple”?

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The author of this blog post is a consultant to attorneys in mortgage foreclosure cases and the information shared in this particular piece should not be construed as legal advice (but rather as common sense suggestions to live by).  

Visit http://www.cloudedtitles.com for more information.


That includes you too, Mr. Banker!  If you can prove you own the mortgage and the note because you shredded (spoliated) or lost your paperwork, then you can’t foreclose.  It’s that simple. Yet daily, judicial state courts are cutting corners by allowing manufactured “crap” to be entered as evidence with no questions asked.  If you can even show bearer paper, whether you own the note or not, you seemingly get a “go pass” to take the house.  This may not be the “norm” for much longer.   Why?  Because many Americans are waking up and the ones with money to fight are getting smarter.  Knowledge is power folks and the reason I started Chain of Title Assessment Workshops up in the first place is to start the educational process into the “who, what, when, where and why” we are faced with this mortgage foreclosure dilemma in the first place.

The fact that homeowners and their attorneys do not rebut the foreclosure mill attorney’s slanderous comments made in court (i.e., “These people are deadbeats, your Honor!”; “These people just want a free house, your Honor!”, etc.) with, “Defendant’s counsel reserves the right to behave and make slanderous comments in the same manner as the Plaintiff’s (bank’s) counsel is doing!” shows a lack of chutzpah on the part of the foreclosure defense attorney.  Further, if the judges are going to allow fraud to be committed upon their courts, then they should be unseated and not allowed to serve on the bench.  A prime example of the type of action to reduce foreclosure tyranny was in the Florida court of Judge Diana Lewis (who was replaced by Jessica Tictin, a former foreclosure defense attorney) in the last election.  Judges need to understand that when confronted with foreclosure issues (robosigning, fraudulent documents, notary fraud, computer-manipulated documentation, etc.) they need to allow discovery and thus stop attempting to “clear the dockets” in the name of judicial expediency.  But then again, this is why we have appellate courts.  This is why there is no free house.  Anyone with equity in their home, especially substantial equity, can certainly understand why planning an appeal from the beginning is the most important part of the legal process.  Just simply throwing claims of fraud on paper proves nothing without evidence.  Retaining auditors to do various “independent examinations” of your records is NOT evidence either (and can and will be tossed out as evidence), because these audits and examinations rely on multiple sources which have to be deposed and this is where the fight in the civil realm can be costly.

Here’s some more “cud to ruminate on” … as long as the banks and their attorneys are going to treat you like goyim:

1. Whether or not you may claim that you were defrauded, no one held a gun to your head to sign the mortgage and note at closing. 

If you got one of these subprime loans that are referred to as NINJA (no income, no job, no assets) or “liar loans”, then it is clear that: (a.) you probably did not understand what you were signing at closing; (b.) the lender you borrowed the money from probably misrepresented its position to you in the equation called “securitization”; and (c.) you did not get the proper financial education in high school or college, enough to understand why you had rights ab initio. You will be faced with these aspects as soon as you enter the courtroom, because many judges pay their mortgages every month and they’ll certainly want to know why you’re not paying yours.  If you don’t have equity, then how can you do equity?  That works in reverse against the banks as well.

2. Ask yourself why you didn’t ask more questions at closing, like, “What is this MERS listed on my mortgage or deed of trust?”  

Ah … you knew I’d get to this point sooner or later, right?

MERS is a private corporation owned by MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (who used to be known as MERSCORP, Inc.).  Both of these separate corporations were formed in Delaware and are statutory creatures of that State.  You wonder why banks incorporate in Delaware?  It’s because of the tax and other legal advantages that State offers them (like South Dakota).  By not asking for a copy of the mortgage and note you’re going to sign beforehand to examine it for potential pitfalls is just another “sign” that your financial education was lacking.  So here’s some homework …

(a.) Study the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.  Get the list of all of those currently-serving Senators and Congresspersons who voted for it and seek to get them voted out of office.  They did the “greater good” wrong by repealing the Glass-Steagall Act (another thing you need to research).  This Act kept the banks out of the securities business.   By the passing of Gramm-Leach-Bliley, in 1999, that more mortgage market chicanery was to follow.  You need to understand the serious nature of what happened to America as a whole when the banks were allowed to securitize mortgages.  The repeal of Glass-Steagall put the screws to America as we know it.

(b.) It’s no secret that MERS and MERSCORP officially started business on January 1, 1999.  They did not register to do business in all states. Perhaps you should look into whether they were registered to do business in your state at the time you got your loan because that may have an impact on whether they have standing to pursue a claim against you. It is no secret that MERS claims one thing to its members (who deliberately misuse and abuse the MERS® System to facilitate fraudulent, self-assigned assignments using MERS’s name as a precursor to foreclosure) while deceiving homeowners by not disclosing ALL of the aspects of who MERSCORP Holdings and the MERS® System are.  You need to know all of the facts.  This is why I wrote the book “Clouded Titles” … because that is what ends up eventually being created as an “issue” because MERS is shown on your mortgage or deed of trust.

(c.) “Study to show thyself approved … rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”  This is not just a simple Biblical paraphrase, but it must be what all decent, hard-working Americans must do if they are going to survive.  We must all come to know the law at some point and everyone needs to study THIS sets of laws (real property, rules of civil procedure and rules of evidence) if you are going to survive legal challenges in today’s court systems.  If you go into court exuding that you deserve a “free house” because you were “defrauded” with no proof or evidence or money to back up what you’re claiming, then you have no right to be in court in the first place!  By going into court and claiming non-provable issues, you make bad case law for everyone else who can come forward with justiciable issues of controversy.  It’s the old saying, “one step forward … two steps back” each time a homeowner goes into court unprepared and badly financed to undertake what could turn out to be protracted litigation, because the banks will do everything in their power to outspend you.

3. You can’t stop a foreclosure based on your good looks!  

In non-judicial states, the only way to stop a foreclosure is to file a lawsuit and obtain a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) to keep the lender from foreclosing on you by publication and sale.  It may be that the “servicer” or one of its henchmen, known as a “substitute trustee” (because we can’t have the good ‘ol boy title companies who signed on as original trustees foreclosing on you now, can we?  That’d be bad for business because no one would trust them) is the party conducting the foreclosure.  In deed of trust states, the note is not required to be demonstrated in a “prove up” type hearing (as in judicial states, where court litigation to foreclose is mandated by law).  This is why the banks all wish that every state was non-judicial (so they can steal anyone’s home any time they want to, whether you have a mortgage or not) because of the low-cost benefits of publication and sale.  So simply going into court with the, “somebody done somebody wrong” song just doesn’t cut it when you don’t have your facts straight.  The big banks and the trust entities doing the foreclosing these days have already gotten out in front of the frauds they created when they loaned you the money in the first place and sealed off many of the defenses you might be able to claim (but that doesn’t mean you still don’t have a shot at them).   I invite you to get a copy of Robert M. Janes’ book “Fighting the Foreclosure Machine” and study it thoroughly.  It’s the type of simple investment you need to have before you enter the foreclosure arena and attempt to fight “the Monster”.


Just because we put the heads of the major banking cartels in prison for doing all of this does NOT mean that their banks are going to fail and the American economy will be ruined.  There are plenty of smaller state banks and credit unions out there to pick up the slack if the big banks get broken up or their CEO’s end up behind bars.  To put this fallacy to rest, visit Ellen Brown’s website or get the book “Web of Debt” and understand exactly what happened to you in all this mess.  Brown makes a great argument as to why the Bank of North Dakota is successful and why every State in the Union should create a bank modeled after it.  Visit her website at http://www.ellenbrown.com.   Brown attempted an unsuccessful bid for the California State Treasurer’s office.  

If we had not been suckered into believing that every American deserves a home of their own and then plied with subprime mortgages, we would have no purpose in reporting on this foreclosure mess.  If we didn’t intimate that by having MERS on your mortgage or deed of trust would lead to a cloud on title, there would be no purpose for having Quiet Title Workshops.  New for 2015, these workshops are a way to further your education on your contractual rights within the mortgage and deed of trust and procedurally, to understand HOW a quiet title action is supposed to work.  It’s still one of the equitable remedies left to homeowners and after all, it is your evident contractual right to do so.

America will move forward when the masses become educated.  This blog site seeks to provide you with the information you need to survive.  What you do with that information once you have it is up to you.   You still have a vote.  Use it!


Just don’t keep repeating it.  In other words, if you got screwed by a MERS Mortgage or Deed of Trust, don’t enter into one the next time.  Here’s some tips that I utilize in my chest of stratagems:

1. I stopped borrowing money from the big banks.  I closed all of my personal and business accounts with them.  I deal with smaller state banks and credit unions.  Despite the “safe and secure” and “courteous service” crap the major banks ply you with, this too is a misperception.  Many people don’t deal with banks at all.  That’s your prerogative; however, in this day and age, convenience requires at least a debit card.

2. If you ever intend on purchasing a home, you at least need to establish some credit.  This is why I wrote The Credit Restoration Primer, now in its 5th edition (that means there were 4 previous reasons why I added new material to the existing books).  In this day and age, if you can’t pay cash, you will need at least a 680 credit score to get a decent mortgage.  My book can help you in your quest to get to that point.  I gave a copy of this book to all my children and told them to read it because I don’t want them repeating my mistakes when I first started out.  By the way, I bought a deed in lieu of foreclosure for $2,000 down and $360.00 a month on a property that the bank held the paper to (a small community bank).  The property had a house on 14.2 acres.  The deals are out there folks, you just need to explore!  The banks holding the paper just want someone who can pay the mortgage every month until it’s been satisfied in full.  The banks really don’t want to own real estate.  That’s why I like dealing with the smaller banks.

3. If you have to borrow, make sure MERS is NOT on your mortgage or deed of trust.   Insist on that.  If one bank or credit union can’t be of service because it’s a MERS member, find one that isn’t.  Find one that won’t sell your mortgage loan into the MERS® System either.  This is one way to protect your property’s title from the harm that is called unmarketability.  Insurability means nothing if your title has clouds on it!  Don’t be fooled by the misrepresentations of title companies.  Read SCHEDULE B on the average Homeowner’s Indemnity Policy and you’ll see what I mean.   Title companies are members of MERS too because they can “write around” defects created by the use of the MERS® System.

4. Get out of as much debt as you can and stop leaving paper trails.  I’m running into a lot of individuals these days that are buying up land and holding it. I know that’s a stretch for some of you but raw land generally hasn’t been molested by the MERS® System and its member-users and so it offers some simple advantages of potential tax write-offs (interest paid).  Many real estate agents don’t like selling raw land because many times, the purchaser’s intent is to build a small structure for cash, thus cutting them out of everything but a commission.  Having a mortgage is not good, especially when you have no income to make the monthly payment.  Getting America back to basics means starting with a “clean title” to a piece of raw land, because, as Will Rogers eloquently stated long ago, “They’re not making any more of it!”

Paper trails come by the misuse of credit cards.  I keep some on hand for incidental purchases and purchases of airfare and hotels for my seminars, because I know I will pay it back in full when the bill comes due and I will have generated write-offs as a result.  Paper trails are harmful if you spend money on frivolous things and use a credit card to do it with.  It shows you’re irresponsible with your money and your credit.  So, pay cash for your purchases when you can.  Many people who by my credit primer are using the material to wipe off existing debt and clean off their credit histories.  You will never disappear from society, despite what you think.  Technology forbids this.  They know where to find you, so stop being paranoid and start being proactive.

5. Filing bankruptcy is NOT an option.  If you have no credit cards or loads of unsecured debt to get rid of (and you’re only doing it to stall foreclosure), perhaps you need to restrategize and rethink your living ideals.  If people would stop buying “McMansions”, builders would stop building them.  The economy can survive quite nicely building 1000-1500 square foot homes.  Bankruptcy puts a kink in your credit for ten (10) years, even if it’s dismissed after it’s been filed.  Filing bankruptcy shows intent to discharge debt but it doesn’t relieve you from your mortgage or deed of trust as a security. The bank will eventually get it back (whether it legally can prove it owns it or not).  Even though bankruptcy is a strategy and doesn’t carry as much of a stigma as it used to, it still shows up on your credit report and at best, you will be “stalled out” for at least 2-3 years while you try to regroup.  If you have no equity in the house that’s being foreclosed on, taking a 150-point hit and moving on is a lot better than blowing all of your money fighting a court battle that if you lose, you’ll have nothing left to regroup on.

Last weekend, my wife visited Miami Beach and went for a walk to take in the sights.  We passed a homeless man sleeping on the street in a nook off of a busy sidewalk.  Of all places to be homeless.  Miami Beach.  Seriously?  This led to the conversation that the man was there by choice because everyone in America has the freedom to make choices.  A lot of people end up like this man because they: (a.) made the wrong choices; (b.) made the wrong choices more than once; and (c.) chose to have a pity party instead of rising to the occasion and doing something about it.

6. At some point, figure out a plan to pay off your existing mortgage.  Whether it’s by relocating to smaller digs or restructuring your finances by lightening your load (getting rid of things that aren’t making you money but are taking up space), come up with a game plan to completely get out of debt, including your mortgage.  Start with a 5-year plan.  Figure out what you will need to live on for that period of time, less taxes paid, and pay down on the principal with the difference every month.

Many people tell me they are “prepping”.  That would appear to indicate to mean (to me) that they don’t trust the economy or the government and are taking personal responsibility for doing something about it.  I never chastise preppers; however, they’ve made mistakes setting up camp too.  There is something to be said for “living like the Amish”.  I spent three years studying the ways of the Amish.  They seem to have a fundamentally great plan to survive in case everything “hits the fan”.  There’s nothing like being mortgage free when another crash occurs.  I believe it will.  Don’t ask me when … but I don’t believe it will be this year despite what all the doom-and-gloomers think.  Never hurts to plan though, right?

7. Only buy what you can afford.  America got into financial straits by greed and gluttony.  Just because you’ve made a mistake buying too much house doesn’t mean you can’t scale down.  This is America and you still have the opportunity to make choices.  By buying a modest home and not a McMansion, you’ll have time and more funds to do something constructive with your life, like blessing others.  People who have lots of money have a different set of problems.  America has gotten out of the “saving” habit.  Rather than leaving money in the bank to save, put it into real estate that will eventually pay you a return in one form or fashion.

8. Become proactive in your government.  Do things that will make a difference, like getting your land records audited or examined.  Change begins at home, even if it’s a small change.  Change your world by example for others to see and follow.   Don’t settle for mediocre just because it achieves a political whim.  Strive for a finite end to a problem and not just a stopgap to a symptom.  Your County Commission or Board of Supervisors is a great forum in making your voice heard (not to mention the networking opportunities with like-minded people).  Squeaky wheels get greased.

9. Keep your prepping activities to yourself.  It’s bad enough we have GPS and smartphones.  Don’t go broadcasting that you’ve stocked up or your neighbors who didn’t will know where to go when the store shelves are bare.  Don’t let others chastise you for your efforts.  After all, grandma and grandpa did this long ago because they knew there would be “rainy days” too.  Nothing has changed.  This is still America … land of the fee and home of the slave.  Don’t become a refugee like the homeless man in Miami Beach who chose his miserable lifestyle.  While it is sad we have tent cities to show for our misbehaviors, no one held a gun to our head to sign the mortgage and note, remember?  We need to take responsibility for our actions.

10. If you’re having trouble in a job, then retrain and move forward into another line of work.  Many times, certain jobs because obsolete.  I created a niche that will outlive me and I am sharing it with others who can also make a living doing what I do.  If retraining is part of your regrouping effort, then find a way to make it happen.  Living in a career where you are stagnating is as equally unproductive as it is unhealthy.  If you’re going to “suck off the government teat”, then at least make it a temporary thing and not a permanent one.

There are people who make things happen.

There are people who watch things happen.

There are people who wonder what happened.

I prefer not to be in the category with the last two.




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How to live without credit … Part II

Why do we even need credit?

Most of America believes, based on media conditioning, that it has to have the option to “buy now, pay later” so it can have immediate, self-gratification.  I reflect on one of the famed “7 sins”, gluttony … and I picture a rather large rotund fellow sitting at a table gorging himself on turkey legs.  On the turkey leg is imprinted the word “CREDIT”.  You can just barely see what’s left of it because this fellow has just bitten off the “I” and the “T”.  It was … to say the least … an inCREDible dream, watching him gorge himself until he was ready to explode!  I sat straight up in bed, finding that I had broken into a cold sweat.

Why did we even become dependent on credit in the first place? 

Over time, this conditioning we received (nothing short of indoctrination) sank into our subconscious minds and programmed us to believe that we needed credit for all sorts of reasons.  The argument here is that without credit, businesses couldn’t get started and people would not have jobs.  When I first started in business, I took out a series of bank loans to buy equipment.  Within a year, I paid off several of those loans and took out new ones to buy more equipment.  Before long, I was over $17,000 in debt with nothing of any real value to show for it.  I ended up selling a huge chuck of my equipment at a discount just to retire that debt .  We all have to learn somehow, right?  I had my “Come to Jesus” meeting long ago.

Since then, I have run my businesses “in the black” ever since their inceptions, for good reason: My careful reasoning NOT to use credit to get immediate results.  This is why many entrepreneurs out there start on small, shoestring budgets and grow their businesses with the idea in mind that at some point, a family member would take that business over and continue the tradition or a venture capitalist would see that idea and offer the entrepreneur a deal making them both rich.   Making money is why people get into business, right?   This is also why people go to work … to make money, right?

The idea that is generally accepted here is that everyone should work until some predetermined, government-mandated age … and then retire, right?    In the meantime, we should all save up our nest eggs, through a series of investments like 401(k)’s and various other asundried schemes and then we’ll have it good, won’t we?   Surprisingly, this is how government employees think too!   Government employees believe everything their government tells them because they all get paychecks and great benefits from their government, right?  Who pays for all of this?   The full faith and credit of the U. S. government … backed by the American Taxpayer!

They GI Joe all the boys and Betty Crocker all the girls …

– quote from Mel Gibson’s character in the movie “Conspiracy Theory”

Yes! This conditioning starts at a very young age and has ever since the Great Depression.  I remember my father and mother telling me how bad it was (they were young children during the early 1930’s).  People lost their homes during that time as well too … in record numbers.  For virtually the very same fundamental elements of history that we see today, our grandfathers took similar risks … and lost too.   The banks did the same thing (back then) in response to the creation of the Glass-Steagall Act and they cut back on credit.  Because of Dodd-Frank and the new restrictions being imposed on banks and servicers by the CFPB, the banks are now requiring full-doc mortgages, something they should have done in the first place!  That would indicate to me that what they did before that caused all of this mess was intentional!

Now we fast-forward to the 2008 financial crash and come to the realization that by removing the Glass-Steagall Act, we allowed the banks to do more than just play in credit.  We allowed them to make side bets on securitized loans that they themselves portfolio’ed into non-negotiable instruments without recourse and in the process, screwed both the investors (who gambled their retirement funds on these securities) and the borrowers, who had no idea that the predatory loans they took out were designed to backfire, putting them all in a financial quandary.

Yes my friends … history keeps repeating itself, doesn’t it?

Many people took a gamble … and lost because they did not calculate the risks involved.  Many people took a gamble … based on pre-programmed notions that they could buy now and pay later.  This scenario replayed itself out in the 1990’s with the Clinton Administration pontificating “that everyone should own a home”.  By 1999, when the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed and the MERS business model was launched as a precursor to the securitization scheme that brought America to its knees less than 10 years later, many Americans had been conditioned to believe that home ownership was a “right” of all Americans as part of the “life, liberty and property” scheme of things.  I think somebody missed the boat here.  Home ownership is a privilege that comes with responsibilities!

The word “retirement” is NOT FOUND in the Bible!

For those of you Christians out there that want to apply a “religious twist” to this malarchy, I urge you to get a Strong’s Concordance out and look for yourself.  There are two uses of the word “retire” and two uses of the word “retired” in the Old Testament … and none of them pertain to what our government has mandated and further programmed into our subconscious minds.  All uses of the word mean “to rest; or get away from” certain things; and then continue on with your tasks, not to stop working entirely.  While you may wonder where I’m going with this diatribe, putting some idle evils to rest was indeed part of my overall plan to reeducate myself into believing in my future and not something the government says I have to believe in.

Even Dr. Gary North, who I admire and respect, has eloquently stated that Social Security is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.  I call it “welfare for seniors”.   It’s a great scheme wherein you (at any age before the government’s predetermined mandated “retirement” age, contribute to a fund, voluntarily of course (because you’re a good patriotic U. S. citizen, right?), which the government now has seen fit to dip into anytime it needs money to spend.  When we hit that mandated age, we have been told that the government will take care of us (at least in part), right?  LOL

If you believe for one minute that Social Security will be around for you when you hit that government-mandated age, then I’ve got some Everglades swampland I want to sell you … with clear title!

The first thing (as a responsible American Citizen) I recommend doing is to SHUN GOVERNMENT CREDIT PROGRAMS!   This means any lending program that the government guarantees as well.   That knocks out Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, Sallie, HUD, FHA, VA and USDA.   I don’t care whether you think you’ve earned it … accepting any of these programs into your life comes with a higher level of risk because the American Taxpayer shares in your demise if you fail.  This is not what responsible Americans do.

Not only that, any of these government-sponsored foreclosure programs come with risks involving chain of title wherein the investor or buyer gets sucker-punched in an indemnification clause that potentially sticks them with a property whose title is riddled with defects and bars the buyer from suing the GSE or government entity that stuck them with this raw deal in the first place!

That means … all of these foreclosures out there that the GSE’s and other federally-funded agencies control?  SHUN THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

These schemes are heavily protected and regulated by a government that practices population control (Obamacare).   Ah hah!   Now you’re going to blast me because you think we should be living in a “socialized” society, right?   They tried this in Canada and Israel and it didn’t work.  With the ACA, you get death panels along with “end of life counseling”.   Isn’t that wonderful?   And if you’re Muslim, you are exempt from Obamacare!  What?  You didn’t know that?   Do you know Barry Soetoro?

My point is this:  Depending on government to take care of you is like depending on FEMA (also a government agency) to take care of you in case of disaster.  You’re not going to like the results!  One of the biggest government lies is that when you hit the government-mandated age (which seems to be extending far beyond age 65 because Social Security is running out of money), the government will supplement your savings (with cost of living increases) a stipend, based on its false assumptions of what you need to live on.  We all know that’s a joke, right?  Then why do you keep buying into this tripe?   With the banks manipulating the cost of living index (first by inflation, then by deflation), the elderly population is slowly but surely being forced into reverse mortgages on property that they’ve spent their whole lives paying off, with interest!  It’s a trap from hell!

It’s also a way for the banks (who are protected by the government) to grab more property, sell it to investment groups, who will turn America into a nation of renters.  What happens when one lives on a fixed income that dries up?  Turn to credit?  Believe it or not, there are people out there living off credit cards in their last days because they have no preconceived retirement plans set up.  Geez!   At this point, credit becomes a trap against the elderly and Social Security shifts the burden of payments on anyone that is under the retirement age to support those who are past the retirement age.  Hmmm … sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me!

The bottom line is … these schemes I have discussed here all play Americans like a yo-yo.  Do you see how politically manipulated senior citizens are when Congress starts discussing toying with Social Security benefits?  They go ballistic!  That’s just one example of how the government is using its “full faith and credit” to politically and financially manipulate us into dependency on programs that at some point will evolve into a disaster of serious economic proportions!

Tune in next time when I discuss other options for setting yourself up so you don’t have to rely on credit to survive!  To get a head start on your options … visit www.cloudedtitles.com and order your copy of The Credit Restoration Primer today!

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