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UPDATE: Since I last posted this article, the former HUD Asset Manager teaching at the workshop just acquired another property in Palm Coast, Florida after making 33 phone calls in an attempt to locate interested parties in the stuff you’re going to learn at the workshop.  One house in one afternoon’s worth of calling?  Why isn’t this you creating more cash flow for yourself?

This is a homeowner’s dream.  Better yet, it’s an investor’s reality.

What if you could show a homeowner going through a foreclosure HOW TO bounce back quickly, amass a chunk of cash and work real estate deals that could land him in a new home?  Talk about turnaround.  It’s an Investor-180!

Said Simple Simon to the Pieman, “Let me taste your wares.”


Imagine being able to control property, cash flow and assets using the court systems in this country … something the former HUD Asset Manager that is going to be teaching this workshop does EVERY DAY … if he feels like it.  He literally has to turn off his phone if he doesn’t want deals, because the deals are coming at him fast!

Deals he can accept and deals he can refuse.  If the numbers don’t work, neither does the deal.  It’s all about the deal!

Imagine being in one of the hottest foreclosure markets in the country and having 1,000 leads to pick from that are all qualified to use with what we’re going to teach you in the upcoming November 2-3, 2019 workshop in Orlando, Florida.

Today … we found over 1,000 qualified leads for investor deals in Miami!

Today … we found 90 deals from Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater to Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

All are “estate-involved parties” just waiting for you to “push their buttons”.  We will teach you HOW TO do the button-pushing!

And that’s using the search techniques we’re going to share with you in the upcoming workshop!

How would you like to pay 8 cents for a qualified lead?

How would you like to actually talk to a human being instead of just hoping your “mailer” reaches them?

That is a lead you can contact by phone and talk to a human being about helping them with their estate resolution.

8 CENTS!  We’ll show you how you can turn 8 CENTS into thousands of dollars … in just over a weekend!  You control the narrative!

Anyone using our tools has access to property that’s going into foreclosure that can be stopped dead in its tracks using our proven system.

Now … how would you like to make up to 48 months worth of rent off of each property?  Then sell the property for cash and pocket a bunch of the proceeds, just for implementing the system we’re going to show you in Orlando?  With 1,000 leads, you could do 1 deal a day and make $20,000 a deal.  But seriously, who do you know that is that aggressive?  This is why we advocate putting teams together to work these leads … before anyone else gets them!

How would you like to work deals on properties and get them BEFORE HUD GETS THEM?   Do we have your attention now?

Do you know what happens to HUD properties once they get into the HUD HomeStore?  It’s a fuster-cluck.  That’s what?  Investors who don’t play the game well end up paying 110% of the value of the property and bottle neck the process.  And the robo-calls!  That’s something else we’re going to show you how to get around.


What homeowner going through foreclosure wouldn’t like one of these Florida leads?

And you don’t have to be living in Florida to get them and work them?

Imagine these ratios?   30 phone calls = 1 house?  

How many phone calls did you make trying to save your home?

We’re going to show you NEW and REVAMPED strategies for fighting the banks and scoring these houses in multiples, for very little of your own money.

How would it be if we actually found money for you to help you with your deal, so you could make cash flow and survive foreclosure?

What homeowner in foreclosure wouldn’t want that?  Holy smokes!  This is for real folks!  This is not foreclosure rescue!

This is investor ingenuity that works for anyone who wants to make time to make the system work.

We give you the tools to do it!  You just have to be there to get the information!

I’m excited about this.  I don’t get excited about too many things.  But when someone wants to put $40,000 in my pocket in a short period of time and all I have to do is help speed up the end game, well, I can’t get more excited than that unless I was doing one of those deals a month.  And I could be.

I would think every attorney would want in on this, because they can make “delay” money just filing paperwork!  AND … participate in our system themselves!

I’ve just revamped every foreclosure defense attorney’s “business model”!   What attorney wouldn’t want to help homeowners and own real estate too?

Delay … Delay … Delay … you win!   Short term in and out.  Long term in and out.  You control the narrative!  You control the game!

This is where you learn what we know and use every day of the week!

If you aren’t signed up to attend … well … you’ve heard the saying, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm?”


Testimonials from past workshops!


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(OP – ED) — The author of this post will be your host for the upcoming Orlando workshop event, “Beyond Foreclosure” and brings you the latest update on the foreclosure world so you can get a better understanding as to WHY you need the new information we’re going to be sharing at the upcoming workshop:



I wonder if you can actually put a figure to what you’ve been paying attorney(s) to defend your foreclosure, thinking the REMIC is just going to roll over and play dead and you’re going to get a free house.  I’ve got some startling news for you … news that has never been posted online by me before.

REMICs will not agree to a short sale!

It’s one thing if your property has seriously negative equity.  It’s quite another (these days) when it doesn’t matter what the foreclosure sale nets.  Why?

The REMICs want the foreclosure (and this comes straight from the REMIC’s attorneys mouths) is … wait for it …

If they accept a short sale, the Trustee (Administrator) of the REMIC has to pay the difference between what the property sells for and its face value (the value of the note).  If the Trustee forecloses, and the property sells for whatever, the investors who actually funded the REMIC “take it in the shorts”!   Thus … by foreclosing, the REMIC will not have to pay out any sums (or any of its profits) for losses incurred upon foreclosure.

Now you know why the REMICs want your home!  Now you know why it doesn’t matter what the securitization audit says or what claim you might have to the relationship between the REMIC and the Investors who funded it (and actually funded your loan).

We’re back to the dirty land record paper however … and this is why you need this workshop!   Not only do you need to learn HOW TO overcome the paper trail … and if you should even bother … you also need to know how to recover from foreclosure, because 9 times out of 10, the REMIC is going to win.  The REMIC will not let you do a short sale.  It has no incentive!

So what excuse are you going to give me for spending all that money getting that securitization audit done?  All of those little fancy boxes on the page are nothing more than …

Boilerplate Bullshit!

We can discover the same thing analyzing the chain of title.  The bottom line is … if the document contains false and misrepresentative information, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about attacking it.  The bottom line is maximizing time and cash flow and homeowners who are being foreclosed on seem to think they have both when in fact (1) their days are numbered; and (2) they’ve been using the wrong mindset to overcome foreclosure.

This is why I spent the time putting together the materials for the upcoming workshop.  All of this is brand new … in a 3-ring bound notebook!

Yes, I did take a picture of the famous Dunluce Castle, which was used as the setting of House Greyjoy in the HBO Series Game of Thrones!  Yes, I took that picture when I recently visited Northern Ireland.  It made perfect sense to use this as the workbook cover because it reveres the old saying, “A man’s home is his castle!”

My visit to Ireland was two-fold.  One … I had not had a true vacation in years … and two … it gave me a chance to clear my head so I could be open to “receive” more inspiration.


We’re going to teach you steps to help you rise above this problem.  I’m talking about cash flow.  Let’s face it.  If you had positive cash flow, you wouldn’t be in foreclosure now, would you?  So, rather than scold you about what you failed to do because of the lack of financial education, I decided that we should collectively pair you with an investor who has been making oodles of cash flow for over 40 years and will never have to work a day in his life again if he doesn’t want to.  In fact, he has set about making your life more exciting, by teaching you the secrets of investing and creating cash flow with little to none of your own money!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you … you will have to change your mindset if you want to overcome foreclosure.

Based on what I just told you about WHY the REMIC wants your house, you should be wholly incentivized to sign up and attend NOW!

Click on this link to reserve your seat:  I WANT TO WIN! 

Or … click on this link:  I WANT TO CREATE CASH FLOW!

Or … click on this link: I WANT TO SCREW THE BANKS!

Or … click on this link: I WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO PAY MY MORTGAGE!

Whatever your reasons for coming … it is your opportunity to network with money people and people who make a difference!

Seats are filling up fast!  Call the host hotel NOW and make your sleeping room arrangements!

Free Hot Breakfast and Free Airport Shuttle!

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(BREAKING NEWS — OP-ED) — The author of this post concerns himself in affairs involving chain of title for use in case development by attorneys and uses this information and research as a part of educational materials provided at workshops around the country to assist attorneys in foreclosure cases.  

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) has all but wiped out Certified Forensic Loan Auditors in California in the filing of a Complaint for Permanent and Injunctive Relief:

CFPB v CFLA et al, Complaint

The CFPB filed a formal complaint against CFLA and its officers, Andrew Lehman and Michael Carrigan, for allegedly engaging in deceptive and abusive acts and practices in connection with the marketing and sale of purported financial-advisory and mortgage-assistance-relief services to consumers. According to the complaint, since 2014 the defendants allegedly violated the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA) and Regulation O by making deceptive and unsubstantiated representations about the efficacy and material aspects of its mortgage assistance relief services, as well as making misleading or false claims about the experience and qualifications of its employees. Additionally, the Bureau alleged the defendants’ representations about their services constituted abusive acts and practices because, among other things, consumers “generally did not understand and were not in a position to evaluate the accuracy of [the defendants’] marketing representations or the quality of the mortgage-assistance-relief services that [the defendants] sold.” Moreover, the Bureau claimed the defendants further violated Regulation O by charging consumers advance fees before rendering services.

As the result of the litigation, a stipulation to final judgment was generated, which you can read here: CFPB v CFLA et al, Stipulated Final Judgment

It should be noted that the proposed stipulated final judgment and order against the company’s principal auditor for providing “substantial assistance in furtherance of [the defendants’] unlawful conduct” in violation of the CFPA and Regulation O. The proposed judgment imposes a $493,403.04 civil penalty, of which all but $5,000 is suspended due to the auditor’s limited ability to pay. The auditor is also permanently banned from providing mortgage assistance relief services or consumer financial products and services.

So in effect, engaging in practices whereby you actually perform services for homeowners to help them with foreclosure relief/rescue makes you a target of the feds!

And I can tell you with a certainty that the pro-bank law firms across the country were very quick to report this, especially in light of the CFPB’s press release.

Doing research for an attorney that is intending on pursuing legal claims on your behalf is one thing, but actually engaging in offering services involving the homeowners directly (like loan mods) is taboo, especially when you charge them money up front with no guarantees. This is largely different from doing a Chain of Title Assessment (COTA) because the document is done strictly as a demonstration to the attorney for use in case development and is not used as evidence at trial.

I must also note here, as part of my Op-Ed “tirade” here … that DK Consultants LLC, who is sponsoring the upcoming workshop, is proactive and not reactive with its latest offering at the upcoming workshop, BEYOND FORECLOSURE, which CFLA in its present or nonexistent state cannot hold a candle to.


My comments here may not be specific to your scenario; however, every time someone has a money problem, life as they know it, comes to almost a screeching halt while they figure out a solution.  The solution is a reaction to a bad problem. There is no telling how much money CFLA pocketed doing worthless, boilerplate, forensic and securitization audits for people and then going one step further in attempting to help them become more “reactive” by trying to solve their problems with lenders and their servicers.  These “solutions” appear to have turned out to be nothing more than delay … delay … delay … you lose … to the point where people have complained en masse to the CFPB, who decided to rear its ugly head and do something about it.  CFLA was the target.  Federal judges in certain circuits have already made statements to the effect that “there is no such thing as a forensic loan audit” and I think these judges are part of a bigger issue: a failed legal system.  The judges are only presented with and can only rule on what’s presented to them.  If the information is not rational or can be defended against by the banks, the judges will let it go.  For all intents and purposes, a lot of this information is not useful and expensive to procure.  It’s a waste of time and resources because people have the propensity to REACT every time they’re attacked, rather than avoiding the attack by being PROACTIVE!


No one likes to be broke, especially in the land of the fee and the home of the slave.  Misery loves company.  This is why dramatic reality TV shows that demonstrate everyone else’s stupidity and misfortune reign supreme.  When it bleeds, it leads!  HELLO … 10 O’Clock News!  We all need a pity party, right?  NOT!

Do you know where you find “sympathy” in the dictionary, between “shit” and “syphilis”!   My “pity party” is now “PITI PARTY”!!!!

This is why we decided to take the approach that the best defense is a great offense, employed BEFORE the SHTF!  This is why we are doing the workshop in November!

See the details here! BF FLYER UPDATED

There is no sense in wallowing in misery when you actually have the tools and resources available to do something about your situation BEFORE it becomes mission critical!

Over time, we have learned what works and what doesn’t work.  Statistics show that 98% of all foreclosure cases that are litigated end up being ruled upon in favor of the banks.  That means 2 out of 100 cases end up in a “with prejudice” dismissal.  With those kinds of numbers facing you, what’s stopping you from being proactive?


UPDATE:  This article seems to have ruffled some feathers, especially from people who claim to be Certified Forensic Loan Auditors.  I remember the time Andrew Lehman called me up and insulted me on the phone, telling me the reason he was making so much money because he was doing workshops and I was just writing books.  Granted, Mr. Lehman has a law degree (J.D.), but I don’t see, “ESQ.” anywhere unless things have changed in his profile.  SB4 in California strictly forbade attorneys from doing loan mods and what makes this situation so unique is that there are federal judges that have been quoted as saying, “There’s no such thing as a forensic loan audit!” in their opinions and orders.  When you put stuff like this into motion and attack the very underpinning of the judges’ own pension funds, which REMICs are all tied to, you risk attack.  This is what I have been saying.  Whether Carrigan copped out, he at least knew that folding would save him from having to pay a half-million-dollar fine.

This government is famous for demonizing people.  I speak from experience.  So writing me and threatening that they’re going to come after me, when I’m working under attorneys and with investment groups, putting up our own funds to save homeowners … I find any comments counterproductive.  I don’t need a securitization audit to know that the REMIC is not going to allow you to win your court case, boiler plate or not. My commentary in the article came from attorneys who have put this stuff (in multiples), side-by-side, and the material was useless in court, especially when you have a judge with a size 9 shoe trying to shove it up the attorney’s anal sphincter!  So don’t lecture me on who is going to get in trouble here (“world of hurt”).  

The truth is slowly but surely coming out.  Anyone who stands up to the banks in any way, shape or form is going to get attacked … some not so much as others.  It depends on how much shit you stir up.  If the average homeowner would take the time to study how the mortgage industry operates, they would realize that we’re headed for another bubble and borrowing money from banks at a time like this is risky.  Investing in REMICs is even riskier, especially when the REMIC is not going to let the homeowner win in court if the REMIC can help it.  Again, 2 chances in 100 for a with prejudice ruling in the homeowner’s favor.  Maybe none of our stuff is working.  Maybe some of it is working.  All I know is as a reporter, I report what is said, analyze it for myself and form my own opinion, whether you like it or not.  The government has more money and greater prosecutorial resources than Andrew Lehman, J.D. and if the government wants to squash him like a bug, it will.   Been there, done that.

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(BREAKING NEWS, UPDATE!) — The flyer and registration form are now contained within this post,  in PDF format, which will provide you with the details of the upcoming workshop and the means to register.  If you fall into any one of the categories of person(s) listed on the flyer, you need to plan on attending!

The response to this class is overwhelming as anticipated to the point where several hard money lenders have indicated an interest in coming to the event!

The shopping cart will be set up this week on the website, so you can pay the fees to attend on the website.  Until then, you can pay by PayPal per the instructions on the registration form shown at the link below.


For those of you emailing for additional information regarding a pending foreclosure, please send us an email at  We will not allow personal information and case information posted on this site, as the “other side” monitors this blog … and we have personal concerns over your safety and privacy.

There is contact information on the site if you wish to pay by phone prior to the shopping cart being activated.

We cannot stress that the content in THIS Workshop is different from other workshops.  We’ve taken the phrase, “the best defense is a good offense” … to a whole new level!

This Workshop strives to educate you in the following modalities:

  1. Reorienting your thinking about foreclosure, depending on what stage of “the game” you are in!
  2. How to use time as leverage in fighting foreclosure!
  3. How to make the best use of your available resources during your “time frame”!
  4. Various ways of creating your new PLAN B … a way to give the mortgage loan servicers a dose of their own medicine!
  5. Various ways of saving money while creating cash flow to help you make ends meet!
  6. Various opportunities to obtain financing to get to your PLAN B!
  7. How to structure real estate deals to your advantage, including negotiating with the servicers’ attorneys!
  8. How to create assets and cash flow simultaneously!
  9. How to restructure your finances to make PLAN B more effective, so you never have to face foreclosure again!
  10. We will provide you with ALL of the tools you’ll need to: (a.) research and analyze your money targets; (b.) negotiate and acquire your targets; and (c.) get in done within a structured time frame.

The modalities we’re going to teach you are designed to help you overcome foreclosure, acquire a new (and maybe even better) place to live at a deep discount and how to create cash flow to fund your new lifestyle into retirement!  We are doing deals RIGHT NOW to make cash flow … and we’ll show you those deals! 

Your presenters are consultants, attorneys and investors who have collectively structured hundreds of deals (one of whom was a former HUD Asset Manager)!

You need to take that same leap of faith … and plan to attend this game changing event!   Get power over the banks and their unscrupulous servicers once and for all!

As an attendee of this Workshop, we’re also going to make individual and team coaching and consulting available to you to help you succeed!


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(OP-ED) — The author of this post is not an attorney and thus cannot give legal advice.  However, based on the research contained herein, one can share without retribution; thus, let this be for your educational value only! 

UPDATE … NEW IDEA!  (Please move to the bottom of the article to read my thoughts on this!)

One judgment appears to be a “cheap date”, while the other judgment isn’t.

Which one is cheaper to prove?  Why … the C&E of course!

The “C&E” should become part of everyone’s vocabulary these days.  I can give you over 500-million reasons WHY a C&E is important to every American property owner.  The main one is adverse condition of title to over one-third of every parcel of land in America!  That’s the biggest reason.

How can you consciously sell a piece of property to another human being when there is clear evidence of chain of title issues present, especially when “MERS” is involved?

The C&E has been in the forefront the entire time, albeit not exclusively.  Everyone knows that quiet title actions have been around for centuries. But … and I use this caveat succinctly: Quiet title actions are more than just a simple step in clearing title to a piece of land.  Like the C&E, both matters involve an evidentiary proceeding.  Both are rooted in declaratory relief.  Both require a certain amount of discovery.  However, the C&E requires less discovery because you’re only targeting one suspect document in the real property records, while the Quiet Title Action focuses on the entire chain of title, leading back to the document (usually the mortgage or deed of trust) that plagued the chain of title in the first place!

Back in the days preceding the first financial collapse in 2008, mortgage brokers and their title companies were so quick to file stuff in the land records that: (a.) they submitted the documents incorrectly for recording; (b.) they submitted MERS-originated documents to the county recorder knowing full well that the borrowers encumbering their property had no knowledge their loans were being securitized; and (c.) they did this knowing that a majority of the documents being recorded contained information on loans that were designed to default years later, causing a huge rash of foreclosure actions that plagued the United States from coast to coast.

I can tell you with a certainty (after having lectured to hundred of various county clerks) that a lot of clerks (recorders, registers of deeds, etc.) these days still don’t understand what MERS is and what kind of issues became predominant after MERS-related assignments are recorded.  I have been asked from time to time whether we should sue county clerks and recorders and my answer is “NO” (not just NO but HELL NO)!  These folks are generally elected officials that have a bond.  These folks unknowingly became victimized by the “MERS process” as much as the collective body politic affected by borrowing that was intended to be obtained from the secondary mortgage markets.

In The C&E on Steroids! Attorney Al West and I bring forward the reality of challenging documents through declaratory relief, especially the documents created from 2004 through today.

Yes!  These entities are still “manufacturing” bogus documents and causing them to be recorded in the land records all over the country!

And what’s even more astounding … MERS and its parent have absolutely NO IDEA that the MERS name was being used in these assignments!

The culprits … 

Mortgage loan servicers, third-party document mills and title processing services are the guilty parties!

Secondary to these groups of land record predators are the foreclosure mill law firms prosecuting the foreclosures themselves!

The potential targets … 

All of the above … depending where they’re located.

Again, The C&E on Steroids! describes WHO these targets are … WHAT prompted them to become targets  … WHEN they became targets … WHERE they got involved as targets and WHY they are targets  … and more importantly, HOW the “system” played us in letting them become targets!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know WHO your enemy is BEFORE engaging them in a legal battle? 

This is why is becomes important to understand the principal of declaratory relief.  It allows us to obtain discovery to get at the “root” of the problem.

Most homeowners don’t get that.  They think, “Okay, I’m going to get pissed off and sue everybody!”  They let their emotions get out of whack, failing to recognize the tools available to isolate and attack individual targets to further corrupt a chain of title to the point where a county court HAS TO quiet title title in order to comply with marketability statutes!

California attorney Tim McCandless was recently quoted as saying:

” … the more recent strategy of attacking the assignment of mortgage and seeking nullification of that instrument has met with some success and it should succeed, because you are attacking the facial and substantive validity of that specific instrument and not the entire mortgage or deed of trust. That strategy merely attacks the technical requirements for creation and recording of an an instrument affecting title to real property and attacking the substantive validity of the assignment by revealing that the debt was not transferred to the assignee by a party who owned the debt.”

The success in doing a C&E would seemingly “cut the legs out from under” the perpetrator of any future alleged foreclosure, right?  It would stand to reason that without an assignment being present in the chain of title, the mortgage loan servicer and its counterparts that were probably the culprits behind the very assignment they’re relying on as a tool in their foreclosure arsenal would be affected directly by the “lack of gunpowder” in their magic bullet.  The only thing they’re attorney will say is, “These people just want a free house, your Honor!” because they don’t have anything else they can say that will evoke the emotion of the Court to screw the homeowner one more time!

The beauty of this process is that it can be used at any time prior to foreclosure without bringing the mortgage loan servicer itself into the fray.  And it can be used in both deed of trust and mortgage states!  All 50 states have statutory mechanisms for declaratory relief.  All 50 states have rights to attack phony documents!

Further, there is case law out there that has taught us much in the way of educational value!  That case law is described in The C&E on Steroids! 

In fact, the case law Al West and I discuss in this book and the related course materials SHOW YOU validity past what attorney McCandless previously described!

And it all revolves around a simple and concise declaratory relief action. Yet, homeowners will continue to go out and make a “mountain out of a molehill” (go overboard in citing every cause of action under the sun, thinking they’re entitled to damages), when a simple action designed to knock these bogus assignments out of the land record create a precedent of bad behavior on the part of those who would undertake the illegalities of trying to steal your homes!  This is not a pipe dream process.  This process has been used countless times and has been successful because of the patience and effort put into drafting the proper complaint against the proper parties, isolating them in such a way as to keep the matter in county court!

Federal courts will generally NOT hear these types of cases.  Suing the wrong party in a C&E will get your case removed to federal court, where the judge is likely to dismiss it, because federal law has already declared declaratory rulings to be discretionary.  In state court, judges do not have that option.  They HAVE TO hear that complaint.  This is why Al West and I decided to get to the bottom of the root causes for doing a cancellation and expungement action and extrapolate the material into something useful for the average American consumer and put it into an 8-DVD/book weekend training kit. America has to know there is a remedy out there that can be used to attack phony documents!

If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any!

UPDATE!:  While I was having a conversation with an aggrieved party, the thought crossed my mind as to the type of attorney that would be GREAT to utilize for the C&E when the opposing law firm is your target … 

Who can you think of that isn’t intimidated by prosecuting attorney misconduct and malpractice? 

Legal Malpractice Attorneys (they prosecute malpractice for a living!) … add that to your arsenal (just Google them … they’re out there)! 

I found at least a dozen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone! 

If your own attorney screws you in the process, it may be that your defense attorney is “working for the bank/servicer” under a silent agreement to feed you to the wolves.  Why not prosecute BOTH ends of malpractice if you’re going to attack one for failing to defend your case adequately.  

Just a thought.



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