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BREAKING NEWS — (with a little Op-Ed thrown in for good measure) … 

Those bumbling “talking heads” … 

The “talking heads” of all the major media networks were tripping all over themselves (during election night coverage) trying to “save face” for the “talking down” on one candidate in favor of another.

No matter.  If I was president, I would make sure that every media mouth was accounted for and access to the White House would be a major “hoop jumping” to get a media credential. Our U.S. media cannot be trusted with reporting the truth.  Our U.S. media likes to “invent” news (or hadn’t you noticed?) instead of really investigating and reporting the truth (and not as they see it), the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The outcome of the election clearly left the media machine speechless, faltering on-mic for comment in an attempt to backpedal on their foolish pre-election hoopla. I shut the TV off at 2:15 a.m. and decided to wait for the early morning voting results to filter in.

Clearly however, I think both conservative and moderate American taxpayers have risen up and seriously spoken in favor of change away from the “status quo”.  That “status quo” includes Wall Street control of this country.  However, other changes that manifested themselves last night were overshadowed by a surprising upset by The Donald.  We now have a House and Senate that have a Republican majority under a Republican President.  As I said earlier, regarding the lesser of two evils, many of the facets of the Old School System are still in place, including the banking cartels and their influence in Congress.  The only thing that can make a difference is a presidential veto when the laws coming forward are clearly wrong.  Sadly, the “rank and file” are still in position to make pro-bank laws, in conflict with what the majority of the American people plainly stated in their popular vote. Until the American taxpayers actually make a change in the way they do business, the rank and file will continue to make their lives miserable.  Also keep in mind that the socialist vote (those who voted for Hillary) still went to the polls and voted for socialism.  They will still be a force to be reckoned with in the shallowed halls of Congress.

The voice of the people was heard in Osceola County, Florida! 

One thing is for sure however … Armando Ramirez was re-elected as the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Osceola County, Florida by well more than a slim margin, despite the rantings of the media about conducting a Forensic Examination of his official real property and court records.

050113_armandoramirez osceola-clerk-tally

In many ways, I feel mildly vindicated, as I authored that 758-page Report.  I too came under personal attack from the Orlando Smutinel and other rags and media outlets for something that happened to me over 20 years ago.  I believe that the people have faith in Mr. Ramirez and his poll numbers demonstrated this.  It also says a lot for the numbers that have read the Report and have come to understand the real truth of the matter regarding their mortgage foreclosures.  The bottom line here is that no matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the voters love you if you do the right thing!  I believe Armando Ramirez stood up to public and political pressure from the corrupt Florida elitists and the local media and told his constituents: I hear you loud and clear!  There is a problem with the land records!  You don’t win elections unless the voters agree with you and it appears that the Osceola County rank and file don’t want to hear the truth … but the people who are affected do!

Mr. Ramirez’s devoted and loving wife Millie also held onto her position on the Soil and Water Board, Seat 4 – Osceola.  Congratulations to them both as they will wholeheartedly serve their constituents for another four years.  And I have a feeling the backlash from the Osceola County Forensic Examination is not over yet. From the looks of the voting results in both of their races, it appears the silent majority included both Democrats and Republicans who believe in the Ramirez’s.  The politically-influenced (by the rank and file) voted against them to no avail.  As Mr. Ramirez stated in the campaign:  “Let Justice flow like a stream, and righteousness like a river that never goes dry.” Amos 5:24

Speaking of “Justice” in Osceola County, Florida, Russell Gibson (D) was elected as the new Sheriff, replacing the outgoing Robert Hansel, who is leaving office amidst the scandal surrounding the investigation of the results (or the lack thereof) contained in the Report; and in retaliation of having to conduct an investigation with deputies tasering an innocent stepson of one of the examiners of the Report.  Mr. Gibson would do well to watch out for those around him (currently in positions within the Sheriff’s Department). It is rumored that Gibson may keep the “rank and file” that investigated the Report in place; in fact, even promoting them.  This would be a mistake if this rumor is found to be true. These “people” demonstrated by their response to the Report, on Hansel’s behalf, that they know Osceola County, Florida may have illegally evicted thousands of homeowners based on fraudulent documents recorded in the Osceola County real property records and then relied upon in court by servicers and their attorneys, who are suspect of committing perjury on the courts, among other things.  The civil liability for these “errors” would be into the billions and they know it.  That’s why Sgt. Toby Hawkins told Al West, the attorney who was present in the February 9, 2015 meeting to “shut up” when Mr. West asked him about potential exposure (meaning civil liability).  Let’s face it folks … filing fraudulent documents is a felony in Florida and no one seems to want to enforce it, for now.

On the other side of the coin, Aramis Ayala ran unopposed and was elected as Florida’s 9th Circuit States Attorney.  Mr. Ramirez has already spoken to her about re-opening the investigation into the allegations made into the Report.  I’m sure Ms. Ayala will not make the same mistake that her predecessor, Jeff Ashton, did.  Oh wait, he was too busy playing around on AshleyMadison.com to investigate the contents of the Report, right?  I maintain that the felonies that were discovered and reported in the Forensic Examination can be found to be continually occurring to this date.  I can come up with a whole new set of allegations if I changed the dates on the search engines in the county land records from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2016.  I’d find the same suspect fraudulent recordings that would carry with them all sort of felony charges.  It is about time Wall Street and all of the players below it that are assisting in the facilitation of servicer fraud get their just desserts. I still want my time in front of the 9th Circuit Grand Jury.

I’m sorry folks … but the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department is NOT going to get away with their feeble investigative denials.  As the incoming politician, Mr. Gibson should take note.  Any subsequent investigation will probably be taken out of his hands anyway, because the rank and file subordination catering to his office: (a.) think that securitization is like an annuity; and (b.) don’t believe in investigating crimes that could point a finger back at them.  Admitting responsibility for error is simply something that one in power does NOT do.  This is what has divided America and this is what the voters in the majority have soundly made heard by putting a CEO in the White House instead of a Wall Street lapdog. Congress needs to wake up and realize this.  Ms. Ayala’s office is going to have to take the “bull by the horns” and wrestle it to the ground on its own.

On paper, the winner may have been Donald J. Trump.  But the next four years, with the rank and file still in positions of power in Congress, will still be “hell”, only now it will be “hell on steroids” with Republicans holding a majority in both the House and Senate.

The only saving grace is those who are exiting the current administration that were self-serving (or serving a socialist political agenda) … here’s a message from The Donald: YOU’RE FIRED!

Dave Krieger is the author of the books Clouded Titles, The Credit Restoration Primer and The Quiet Title War Manual, all available at CloudedTitles.com


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This news story/ op-ed piece should come as no surprise, given my last piece on issues evolving out of audits and forensic analysis of real property records! 

We want the Audit! 

(SEATTLE, WASHINGTON) — The first of what appears to be a publicly-requested Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request (on the state level) has been sent to the Seattle Auditor’s office and various parts of the Seattle (proper) government.  See the link below and download the document:


The request was filed by Scott Stafne, an attorney who represents “Church of the Gardens”, asking officials to, inter alia, turn over an official copy of Marie McDonnell’s latest work.   My understanding is that there are some serious conflicts in the way government operates up in the Pacific Northwest that this audit uncovered.  I am sure that when Scott Stafne manages to get a copy of this audit, he will indeed release it to the public. Stafne, whose firm is under attack by members of the Washington State Attorney General’s office (former foreclosure mill law firm attorneys who worked their way into positions of power within that State’s highest executive enforcement office), appears to be mounting a defense using every bit of ammunition in the process (if you’ll read the Request in its entirety), to find out HOW these people got into these positions of power to attack their credibility and intent to shut down foreclosure defense law firms in that State.  Stafne-Trumbull’s law firm website has been taken down since the attack on their firm began by the AG’s office.

This also goes to show you that when there are solid wins on the part of homeowners, the intent of those in positions of power is to “eliminate the competition” so they can shape the laws to cover up the misdeeds of the banking cartels.  The only way to expose a cockroach is to “shine a light on it”!

The U.S. DOJ is “Ramping Up” against the “Wrongdoers”! 

For those of you who missed the release of the seven-page press release, it appears that Sally Quillian Yates, Deputy Attorney General for the Justice Department, now wants “the heads on a charger” of those on Wall Street who participated in the mortgage financial debacle that led to the collapse of many Wall Street firms in 2008.  The link to that information release can be found here: justice-dept-memo-on-corporate-wrongdoing

I would think that “collateral damage” is also applicable here, because the “road always leads back home”.  By this, I mean all of the document manufacturing that is still going on, between the foreclosure law firms attempting to “steal” people’s properties using fraudulently-created “standing”, the servicers and the document manufacturing plants, even after they agreed not to engage in such practices in the AG Settlement in February of 2012.

The OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION went so far as to “take the road home” to New York and I’m sure the AG’s office might be interested to know who is implicated.  After all, they want real people now, right?   This is going to turn into a reality TV show for the DOJ and the “perp walks” should be breathtaking if the DOJ does more than “walk the walk”.   There are 37 exhibits in the Osceola County Forensic Examination, including flow charts, that show how bank executives on “Wall Street” allegedly structured their operations to produce fraudulent documentation to “cheat the government” out of settlement money (18 USC 371) through RICO-style activities, some of which involve MERS and its parent, MERSCORP Holdings, Inc., something that will shock the most unlearned, yet egocentric, foreclosure defense attorneys in Florida!   Foreclosure defense has become “big business” in the Sunshine State, especially with all of the huge retainers and monthly “annuity payments” paid out by homeowners who have no real “end game”.

This may go to show you that you can’t hide behind the title of a “certifying officer” when a federal grand jury starts asking questions.  There are over 20,000 potential witnesses that could come back to bite MERS where it hurts to save their own asses!  They’re commonly know in our “quarters” as ROBO-SIGNERS!  MERS makes believe they’re something else.  This should go to show you that when people don’t “work for you”, their loyalty to you disappears when they’re called into the hot seat.  Like cowboy lawyer Gerry Spence once said, “A prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.”  If I was a Board Member at MERSCORP, I’d seriously be thinking about vacating my position and moving to a non-extradictable country.

America is not going to “look the other way” at this entity’s business model for very much longer!

Thus, it appears that the government is done “settling” with the entities that provide many of the electorate’s “campaign financing” and now wants the individuals responsible for the mess.  Could this be just another scare tactic to get more money out of the banks to avoid prosecution (i.e., Chase) of its corporate hierarchy?

What we know so far is that the “hierarchy” appears to have been smart enough to conduct much of it’s “shenanigans” at more than an “arms-length” to avoid interdepartmental knowledge of one another’s “affairs”, in an effort to plead ignorance at all levels.   Very smart, unless you know how they did it and can provide a blueprint.  This should be of real concern for Goldman Sachs and Ocwen, since the Report points the big “RICO Finger” in their direction.

If you’re an Ocwen investor or shareholder, you ain’t seen nothing yet in the “loss column”.  The Forensic Examination has 69 specific allegations of document manufacturing tied to “Ocwen’s Sweet 16” (that’s the “pet name” I adopted for the 16 robo-notaries in West Palm Beach that manufacture suspect documents by the thousands on a daily basis).  Eight of those allegations are directly tied to Goldman Sachs.  Maybe NOW you want to read the report, huh?  It was commissioned by an elected official, Hon. Armando Ramirez, who serves as Osceola County, Florida’s Clerk of the Circuit Court.  This man is a hero in my book because unlike King County, Washington’s Recorder, HE STEPPED UP!

Now we want to see what the Seattle Auditor’s office is hiding … you’d think that the “failure to launch” would be due to internal conflicts as to why the Auditor’s Office doesn’t want to release the audit findings.  Personally, I’d like to see what Marie has dug up on King County, because my understanding (from being a bidder in this process), is that King County wasn’t really “cooperating” to the extent they should have.  This should show you how “thick” politics is up in the Pacific Northwest.  Only time will tell.

Americans have no business buying real property unless they fully understand real property law and their rights! 

If we haven’t learned anything from this financial mortgage meltdown, the foregoing point should be very clear!   Less than one-tenth of 1% are awake to all of what happened to America between 2003 and 2008.

Thank you for keeping yourself educated and by subscribing to this FREE SITE!


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It is a fact that DK Consultants LLC did conduct a Forensic Examination of the official real property records of Osceola County, Florida, which was an extension of the type of the audit examination conducted in the official real property records of Williamson County, Texas.  


There is no disputing the fact that a team of examiners (familiar with court cases and chain of title assessments) went into the computer databases of each Clerk after submitting a proposal of the detailed work to be conducted.

Similar types of examinations have taken place in Guilford County, North Carolina; Southern Essex County, Massachusetts; and more recently in King County, Washington (on behalf of the City of Seattle).  Some sort of “action” resulted in each case (excepting Seattle’s audit), wherein publicly-elected officials either filed suit or went after the perpetrators in civil fashion.  In Osceola County, Florida, however, the first ever criminal application of a forensic examination allegedly took place.


I say “allegedly” because the Florida 9th Circuit’s State Attorney (Jeff Ashton) refused to investigate the 736+ page report and instead turned it over to the Osceola County Sheriff to investigate.  I still understand, from veiled threats from the Sheriff’s office, that I am still a target.  I cannot understand why.  I was contacted by the Clerk.  I did not solicit the Clerk.  I entered into a contract.  I delivered on what I promised.  The results were not what law enforcement obviously wanted to investigate.   That simple.

The report took 5-1/2 months to complete.  Several of the team’s examiners actually participated in the additional research, giving of their own time and energies to ferret out the issues presented in the report.

How did they know HOW to do this?  By preparing chain of title assessments (COTAs)!

This is one of the reasons I go around the country teaching the basics of chain of title.  I personally have conducted over 100 of these examinations (not including the county real property records examinations themselves) involving homeowners’ chains of title.  It does not take great effort to rise to the occasion, just the knowledge gleaned from past experience.

The only way to get “experience” is to train for it.   When you’ve done a few COTAs, you can begin to see the given similarities and legal theories come to light.  This makes you a viable candidate for consideration when it comes to auditing and conducting forensic examinations of the real property records themselves (for the county clerks, registers of deeds and recorders).  Yes, you get paid for the work (it’s not handsome, but it is for public service and for the good of mankind) … and your work goes down in history!

The only aspects of these types of audits that hasn’t been explored as of yet is the criminal aspects of the findings.  Trying to find a district attorney to prosecute them is half the battle, if you can keep them from investigating YOU!   Yes, that is a slippery slope in this business, but remember, it’s what you believe in, right?

If you do not know how to conduct a COTA, you simply lack the expertise to audit county land records and get paid by the county as a public service.  This brings me to my next point … Chain of Title Assessment Workshops.  There is one being held in Fort Myers, Florida on October 2-4, 2015.  Check the Clouded Titles Website for details.

I am putting this information out there because more people will eventually be called upon as county officials (and clerks and recorders) call on them to audit their real property records for criminal issues.

If this wasn’t important, why do you think the State and Federal Governments all made deals with the banks to keep the major players out of prison?  Because there is evidence of wrongdoing!   The “undoing” of document manufacturing is criminal exposure … and I can assure you, when push comes to shove, there’s plenty of exposure to go around.

If you have visited the website, you also know that we are preparing an online version of the COTA Workshop; however, this is NOT a two-way street insofar as Q&A, the online version just covers the basics.  It’s great to educate property owners, but the Workshop itself is 3 days of intensive, hands-on discussion, including attorneys and guest speakers. Ask anyone who has been to this workshop and some will tell you the flash drive alone is worth the price of admission.

There will probably be another Quiet Title Workshop however, and Al West and I have tweaked it down to a 2-day presentation (Saturday and Sunday), so it won’t mess up your workweek.

In closing, I have yet to have my chance to testify before a grand jury.  Maybe you will have that opportunity in your lifetime, for all the right reasons.  Knowledge is power and this is your opportunity to be an informed American Citizen.

Just because there are stumbling blocks does not mean they cannot be overcome.  The pendulum is swinging back in favor of homeowners, provided their cases are properly plead and argued.  The COTA Workshop gets to the heart of the chain of title.  This is where it all started, way back when.   Be of part of history and get educated!  Make plans to attend now and visit the website to register!





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David Versus Goliath in Florida: Clouded Judgments Protecting Clouded Titles!



This coming Sunday, August 9, 2015, tune into KHVH.com and listen live to the segment entitled “David Versus Goliath in Florida: Clouded Judgments Protecting Clouded Titles” on THE FORECLOSURE HOUR, with Honolulu attorney Gary Victor Dubin!  (9:00 p.m. ET; 8:00 p.m. CT; 7:00 p.m. MT; 6:00 p.m. PT; 3:00 p.m. Hawaii Time!)

We want the world to know what happens when one stands up to the mortgage fraud industry, including law enforcement.

On this show, we will be discussing the Forensic Examination of the Real Property Records and The Circuit Court Records of Osceola County, Florida with Dave Krieger (author of Clouded Titles); Forensic Document Examiner Hector Acosta and Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court Armando Ramirez. 

Get the most up-to-date details on the controversy surrounding this Forensic Examination, which you can download a .pdf copy of here: 



LISTEN TO KHVH-AM (830 AM)  (NOTE: Listening in streaming audio live is the easiest way to access the show!)


CALL IN AT (808) 521-8383 OR TOLL FREE (888) 565-8383

Have your questions answered on the air.  Submit questions to info@foreclosurehour.com

The Foreclosure Hour is a public service of the Dubin Law Offices.

First posted on  STOP FORECLOSURE FRAUD (08-04-2015)
“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put clouded titles back together again!”

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