There are news sites out there where attorneys (mostly for the banking industry and those who think the banking industry is “all that”) like to pat themselves and their industry on the back, also report on cases that they think are important for other banking industry attorneys and outside observers to pay attention to … like the one I’m going to share with you about a case in South Florida (Third District, which has been unkind to homeowners).  I know the Defendant in this case (Jorge Porter).  I met him through the late John Herrera, Esq.  This story has all of the elements of what we’ve been trying to share with people about “C & E” actions (Cancellation & Expungement).  THIS IS WHY it is fundamentally important to put what I’ve been saying about these types of actions into something that’s easily understandable and this case goes to show you what happens when the courts finally take notice that “something is wrong” with the title documents!

And wouldn’t you know that Nancy M. Wallace, William P. Heller and Eric M. Levine, the attorneys for well-known, high-powered foreclosure mill Akerman, would be caught up in the middle of it all.  Well … this isn’t something I’d be patting myself on the back about, considering that “dirty documents” came to the surface and the Florida Third District Court of Appeals, who Miami-Dade foreclosure defense attorney Bruce Jacobs has been locking horns with as to bogus documents, finally recognized there were issues with what was being recorded in the land records.  I give you the case in point (you will see all of the “markings” of bad behavior):

CitiMortgage, Inc v Jorge Porter et al, 3D17-2469 (Dec 19, 2018) 

Notice that the “Stern Law Firm” was involved in the up-front scenario of this mess.  And yet, from all of the 17 complaints that got Stern himself disbarred, jail wasn’t included in his punishment.  I’ll bet if you compare the number of bogus documents prepared by the Stern Law Firm versus what DOCX cranked out, which got its president, Lorraine M. Brown, a mere five (5) years in Club Fed, they’d be running neck and neck on their sinister activities!

Even if this case were to serve as a warning to the industry in general, especially law firms prosecuting foreclosures in Florida and elsewhere, you’d think that with over 500-million suspect recorded documents in land records around the entire country, SOMEONE would have at least thought to properly challenge these documents in the land records besides Al West (California attorney).

Then … months later … Lexology posted an article I picked up on from the blogs that reiterated the sum and substance of the Porter case:

Lexology Article on Porter Case (Mar 21, 2019)

Had Jorge Porter, who I’ve met on numerous occasions, found his way into the procedural methodology we are teaching in this upcoming Foreclosure Defense Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada April 6-7, 2019, as well as other affected homeowners who were hoodwinked by the banks and their shyster attorneys, things might be different.  Yet, without the C&E … ALL 500-MILLION bogus, suspect (and criminal) recorded documents would continue to sit in the land records, unaffected, giving rise to the continued chicanery being plied upon the courts in every State in the Union!  This is WHY I’m reposting this information (below) from the previous blog post … to show you that with the right “tools” and “elements” … there is hope in defeating and eliminating these lies from the land records.

After participating in (drafting and consulting on the relevant cases) what we’re going to be teaching at this event … EVERY attorney needs to wake up and pay attention … not just homeowners!   I personally have seen the success in winning these actions and having seen documents expunged from the land records!  I can tell you with a certainty that if this process is utilized and argued the way we demonstrate it here, more homeowners will be able to affect positive change in their foreclosure outcomes!


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