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BREAKING NEWS (from the poster)! 

For those of you who are planning to attend the Honolulu, Hawaii Quiet Title Workshop, please be advised of the following:

  1. This will be the last workshop of 2016 that Al West and I are doing together.  Either be there or miss out.
  2. This will be the last quiet title workshop that Al West and I are offering to the general public, due to lack of interest.  So, this is your last opportunity to have a powerful think tank at your disposal.  You can get the information on the workshop by clicking on the following links:
  3. QT WORKSHOP_HONOLULU_REGISTRATION FORM  (Please follow the instructions on the form!)
  4. QUIET TITLE WORKSHOP FLYER_HONOLULU  (I would recommend using discount hotel services to book your room and airfare, as our group discounts have expired!)
  5. I have decided to go a different direction involving my consulting work, which means I will be handling more attorney-based cases involving investors and homeowners who have retained counsel that is willing to accept consulting services; otherwise, I will only take cases on that basis.
  6. I am not a lawyer referral service; however, I can assist you in vetting attorneys, once you find them.  This will be done on a conference call basis for a flat fee of $75.00, payable by credit card in advance of the conference call.
  7. You can still purchase The Quiet Title War Manual, Clouded Titles and The Credit Restoration Primer from the Clouded Titles website.
  8. The online COTA Workshop is still in development and probably will not be ready until 2017.  If I become aware of any COTA Workshops being hosted by other entities in the future, I will inquire as to whether the folks who monitor this blog will be allowed to attend, at which point I will post the information accordingly.
  9. Any referrals to other consulting services outside of my immediate concern are the responsibility of those parties wishing to contact and contract with those services.  I no longer am working with outside parties who may or may not have further useful information to help you with your case.
  10. The rates on my COTAs now start at $1295.00 and go up from there.  I have a “full plate” and anticipate having a full plate for the next 3 years.  Despite what the banks, MERS and law enforcement have attempted to do in smearing me all over the media, with the help of a few self-proclaimed “investigators” who run  websites that state I ripped off the U. S. Government, I am still economically intact and am not going anywhere.  The Orlando Sentinel’s Henry Curtis got his story all wrong and was probably paid off by someone to write the article against the Osceola County Clerk in the first place, which makes his brand of journalism shoddy and unreliable at best, about as unreliable as you can get.  Any news outlet that would hire him would be a huge mistake and a disservice to the public at large. The current Osceola County Sheriff STILL isn’t running for re-election and the 9th Circuit State’s Attorney who refused to investigate the Forensic Examination commissioned by the Clerk was defeated in the Democratic primary last August.  The voters have awakened!

That being said … 

  1. I will still continue to post updated information on this site.  Once the online workshops are up, please note they are general in nature and are only there to help you formulate your research in conducting chain of title issues and will not offer legal advice, attorney referrals or any other subject matter information that is not relevant to chain of title.
  2. I will still continue to be the “foe” of MERS, MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. and the banks.  I am sick and tired of them and wish they were all in prison.  Unfortunately, the United States Government is in bed with the banks; yet the average, uninformed consumer still chooses to participate in impulse buying of homes they are NOT entitled to and cannot afford; thus, the same nonsense that plagued us in the 90’s and the millennia will continue to plague us for at least the next decade as the banks continue to water down the Dodd-Frank Act through their lobbyists.
  3. If you wish for Al West and I to come to your city to conduct a Quiet Title Workshop, there are firm parameters you will have to follow. You will have to guarantee 30 paid attendance for the event and the rate will be higher than what we normally charge to do a workshop and you will have to pay our travel to and from the event, plus meeting room and hotel rooms. No exceptions.
  4. I am still working on the FDCPA book.  This book is going to be a powerful think piece, in addition to all of the case citations, strategies and legal attack plans placed within this work, based on previous history of those who have been successful in such actions.  This has become the most formidable attack plan against the servicers and their law firms who lie in court about who they truly represent.  Yes folks, we are knee deep in servicer fraud.  In my estimation, the named plaintiff in a foreclosure suit does not know they’re the named plaintiff!
  5. The federal court systems (as well as the state court systems) are corrupt as hell!   Sure, there are a few judges out there that get it academically, but until you do your research and bring an adequate “game plan” to the table, all of the bad case law will continue to screw things up in the legal system because people may be mad, but they’re still unprepared financially and in all aspects of their education involving legal matters.
  6. Most attorneys have figured out how to scam homeowners for monthly payments and give them nothing in return.  I am still getting email from homeowners who are concerned that they may have picked the wrong attorney to represent them.  I am not an attorney referral service, but I have a few that I work with that I have found to be reliable.  If you have started your litigation pro se however, they may choose not to work with you.
  7. Please do not contact me about TILA and RESPA issues. That is not my focus.  There is narrow case law in these areas and you still aren’t going to get and free house, despite what anyone tells you.  I have been contacted by United States Treasury Agents regarding certain claims made by firms who tell consumers that all they have to do is file a rescission and they get a free house.  Unlike what happened to me 20 years ago, it is not me that is the target here.
  8. I will continue to do county land record audits.  If you know of someone who needs (or has indicated) they want one done, please let me know. If you’re in California, Al West will show the County Recorder how they can get a county land record audit done without the charges coming out of their budgets.
  9. Al West and I are still working on projects together.  Al West and I will be at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearings on MERSCORP v. Robinson.  Yes, I authored quite a bit of the reply brief and I am very well aware (as MERS is) of the fact that MERS sent a mole in to bug our Las Vegas Quiet Title Workshop. I found out about that from information supplied to me that originated through a federal judge in Maryland. It would appear to indicate to me that the folks at MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (and the U.S. government) understand that I am “not going away any time soon” … and if I do, it will be by their hand and their doing and not mine!  We are still coordinating efforts regarding certain AWL and ABC mortgage loans. We are also handling IRS Whistleblower cases!
  10. In certain matters, I may also be testifying in court. This still does NOT make me an expert witness. Please do not contact me to testify at your hearing or at trial.  If subpoenaed without my knowledge or consent, consider me a hostile witness ab initio.  I still want my day in front of the grand jury, be it state or federal.  I have a lot to tell them and show them.

Beware of whack jobs that continue to dwell on what happened to me 20 years ago.  As attorney Lynn Szymoniak eloquently put it … “it doesn’t matter what he did 20 years ago, what matters is what he’s doing now!”  If Ms. Szymoniak didn’t believe in what I was doing, she would NOT have shown up to my COTA Workshop to lecture to the class.  Please support The Housing Justice Foundation.

Finally, when I’m done with the FDCPA book, I am going to pick up where I left off and finish the “other book” I have been working on … a book which explains in detail what happened to me 20 years ago, the American legal system, American politics in general, and why Americans are becoming polarized in certain aspects of society.  The U. S. Government will definitely NOT like what is in this “other book” (although it’s not as dicey as “Snowden”).  If you get a chance to see that movie … this man should be exonerated and not indicted.  He just sent a warning shot to all of you out there that think you’re “secure” when you’re anything but.

No, I’m not a doom-and-gloomer.  Like many of you out there who are evaluating your future plans and strategies, that is a wise move in my book. Remember, the U. S. government is paranoid as a whole and government employees believe everything Uncle Sam tells them.  I have found trusts to be quite handy these days.



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This article is an op-ed piece, specifically discussing issues with what got America into the mortgage mess that finally collapsed in 2008.  Review of a recently-released, 59-page”white paper” by SSRN (which they charged $5.00 to obtain a copy of) takes aim at the statistical behaviors of American consumers (as homeowners).  I’m sure you’ll delight (sic) in what their research shows in this study, entitled:  MORTGAGE REFINANCING, CONSUMER SPENDING, AND COMPETITION: EVIDENCE FROM THE HOME AFFORDABLE REFINANCING PROGRAM

Bad Government Policies

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you combine an over-appraised home with a predatory loan, you’re in trouble if this combination fits into your scheme of things.  This paper appears to endeavor to ferret out that the HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) was just another “joke” plied upon unsuspecting and desperate Americans eager to participate to reduce part of the foregoing equation, based largely on competitive “frictions” and other empirical data of no relevant use to borrowers.

Again, it appears the United States government is “writing checks its body can’t cash”.

This however has fueled statistics in other areas, as claimed in this report:

“Regions more exposed to the program saw a relative increase in non-durable and durable consumer spending, a decline in foreclosure rates, and a faster recovery in house prices.”

So the average Joe thinker out there would look at the above comment and exclaim, “Look what I did with all the extra money I saved refinancing my fixed-rate loan!”

When you look at the bottom-line accounting however, things just don’t add up.  If you’re upside down in a predatory mortgage loan (especially a 30-year note, where you’re paying more interest than principal until Month 220) and you’ve been paying on this mortgage for five or more years, you would only be refinancing what amounts to about 99.2% of your principal balance (unless of course you’ve been paying down on your mortgage with additional principal, which the above statement appears to contradict) when you refinance.

Remember that only 3-million people were able to take advantage of this program.  What about the rest of those consumers that fell by the wayside?  They comprise the sad statistic of financial failure if the bank ended up with their home (that is, if the bank that actually owned their loan ended up with their home).

What this white paper appears to endeavor to do is serve as a blueprint for implementing devices for continuing to enslave American homeowners in mortgage debt.  Is that what America needs right now? How about just being told “NO!” if you can’t make the grade?   Ask yourself what prompted you to get into debt in the first place and I’ll show you Age of Entitlement-based media mechanisms fueled by bad government policies.

I ask you … what are these people doing with our Personal Identifying Information? 

It should come as no surprise that your Personal Identifying Information (“PII”) has been compromised!

The researchers of this white paper have out-and-out admitted in black and white that they had access to your personal identifying information (your name, date of birth, social security number, spending habits, credit report, loan-level data, etc.) that they obtained through the “secondary mortgage market”!   Most of this information was easily obtained through about half of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guaranteed loans.

Amazing how these private individuals who claim to NOT be affiliated with any specific business purpose have appeared to violate (albeit through the “information back door”) the tenets of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, by being able to obtain your credit repayment histories that are “linked” without having to answer to their actions.  I say, “Hi, there boys and girls!  Can you say identify theft?  Sure you can!”

They’ve got the goods on a lot of consumers and they’re charging $5.00 for a copy of their white paper that exposes what they’ve done to “get their data” for this study.  They’re as bad as the MERS® System, where you have to input your social security number to be lied to as to who your “investor” is (a misnomer).

If they are only evaluating “conforming” loans, then that must mean there are non-conforming loans out there that weren’t evaluated.  These non-conforming loans make up the real problem here because there were a ton of them … they did not appear to be evaluated as part of this study.  The lack of the subprime mortgage evaluations appears to have certainly skewed the statistics, not only against the HARP Program but also compromised the data that would support future research into responsible lending practices.

The Government has access to your spending habits!

It should come as no surprise to you that this study, among many others in probability, used your loan level data and credit history to reconstruct your spending habits.  Is there no privacy left in America?  Not when you take out a mortgage there isn’t!

And the Age of Entitlement-fueled borrowers say, “How else am I supposed to buy a home?  Why save when I can simply buy now and pay later?”

It is this kind of thinking that got most of America into financial trouble in the first place!

This also goes to show you that when think tanks want to evaluate data, they can evaluate data that makes the final report say what they want it to say.  However, most Americans did not borrow responsibly between 2002 and 2009.  They were stuck with adjustable-rate, predatory loans, many of them interest-only, in the hope that they could refinance.  When the market collapsed, these borrowers became part of what this “white paper” termed “ineligible” borrowers of the HARP Program.  This should spell out to you the effectiveness of depending on the government (who knows you’re “upside down” before you do) to bail you out, when you spend irresponsibly, as the data shows in what statistical information was used to compile the results of their findings.

Who controls the game?

It should also come as no surprise that this study also revealed that certain “large” lenders, monopolized certain markets.  I already knew that.  For example, Citimortgage and Deutsche Bank have most of a foot hold on the southern portion of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee and Madison.  Anyone looking at simple foreclosure data could figure that out.  I knew this back in 2009.  (That and 50 cents won’t even get me a cuppa Joe!)

Not once in this study does the issue of LIBOR come up.  Remember, this limited study (because we can’t cover all of the boondoggles of the mortgage mess now, can we?) only focused on loans that were tied to 10-year U. S. Treasury yields.   Again, skewed data.

The authors of the report claim that this is the first comprehensive assessment of the largest intervention aimed at stimulating mortgage refinancing during the Great Recession (meaning the 2008 mortgage mess?).

What this report appears to indicate is that American homeowners, despite the limited benefits of the HARP Program, still borrowed irresponsibly, many times refinancing and borrowing every cent of possible equity in their homes.  True, that may have rendered their properties totally judgment-proof (except in the event of default), however, they became totally leveraged in debt at that point (their house was not their own, in reality).  The biggest lenders (Countrywide, IndyMac, Washington Mutual, New Century, etc.) were chiefly responsible for the disaster (which is why they all went under and caused the government bailout of banks in 2008).  The after-effects, not shown in this study, were higher foreclosure rates, more blighted neighborhoods, weakened tax bases and thus, financially-weakened local governments.

And here, you are probably thinking I’m using this study to carry out my own tirade?  Not so.  There is something to be said for every “white paper” that is skewed in favor of the lenders.  How to do it again more successfully.  Debt is debt.  If you’re in it, how can you be totally “free”?   This is where Dave Ramsey’s programs might come in handy if you’re looking for a financial education.  You don’t simply have to rely on my ramblings.   This “white paper” (at Page 9) validates my diatribe by the following:

“Rapidly rising unemployment rates and the attendant stress to household ability to service debt obligations impaired income and credit scores. As home prices dropped precipitously, many borrowers were left with little or no equity in their homes, making them ineligible for conforming loan refinancing. By early 2010, close to a quarter of all mortgage borrowers found themselves “underwater”, i.e. owing more on their house than it was worth.  Refinancing was also made more difficult by a virtual shutdown of the private securitization market, as investors fled mortgage-backed securities not explicitly backed by the federal government leading to a massive exit of lenders from the subprime mortgage industry.  Since refinancing underwater or near-underwater loans would be considered extending unsecured credit and trigger prohibitive capital charges, balance sheet (portfolio) lending for such borrowers dried up as well.

Overall, due to the environment in the credit industry, borrowers with insufficient home equity were shut out of refinancing markets, even as countercyclical monetary policy actions drove mortgage interest rates to very low levels.”

Thus, you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that when you spend more than you take in, you’re in trouble!   I believe the lenders of that time knew where the low-hanging fruit was to bet against.  This is what became real evident to me in the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION.

Alternatives for taking control of your life! 

“Put out less than you take in!”  My S.C.O.R.E. Counselor told me that way back in 1985 when I was self-employed in Kansas.

I left my job in radio in 1983 to start my own mobile disc jockey service.  I have been self-employed ever since.

My self-employment has allowed me to: (1) keep more of my up-front earnings; (2) increase my deductions for business purposes; (3) keep my assets protected; and (4) pay less taxes.  Over time, I added passive income streams to my investment portfolio.   Oh, I work when I want, where I want.  I don’t punch a clock. I still accomplish much but it takes someone who can self-start each day to stay productive; otherwise, your business will fail.  You have to love what you’re doing; otherwise, it’s not worth the stress of being successful.

True, self-employed people are scrutinized even worse by mortgage lenders, but is that such a bad thing?  This is why financial education is so important in today’s times.  More importantly, keeping more of what you are able to make is even more essential if you are going to survive in today’s America.  This is why I like incorporating.  When you finally learn what REIT’s are and how to make corporations and land trusts work in your favor (hopefully), it won’t be too late.  Passive income streams take the place of retirement portfolios; thus, YOU control the risk, not the stock market.  That 401(k) you took a bath on could have been invested in yourself, not something else.

Not only do corporations offer asset protection, they are less likely to be audited than sole proprietorships.

In summation … 

This “white paper” is probably not for the average American homeowner.  I wouldn’t waste your $5.00 on it.  It says what many of you already know (when you get through the gobbledygook and the algebraic equations):

  1. That the U. S. government moves at a snail’s pace when it wants to solve crises (sounds like Katrina, doesn’t it?).
  2. That HARP had so many implementation flaws, it had to be re-vamped, mid-stream.
  3. That those who were trapped in the subprime market were not made a part of this study.
  4. That the lenders hampered HARP’s implementation through what this study refers to as “competitive friction”.  One of these aspects involved NOT granting loan mods after tying up borrowers’ efforts for months when they could have explored other alternatives.
  5. That Borrowers were so underwater and credit-impaired they were not eligible for HARP (or HAMP for that matter); thus, these programs were probably designed so those elected officials in government taking credit for them would have something to pat themselves on the back for.
  6. That the government is still “writing checks its body can’t cash!”
  7. If you want something “fixed”, don’t ask the government for help.
  8. This study was designed to benefit lenders, who will continue to rely on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to “back up” their potentially risky loans made to Borrowers who don’t deserve them.
  9. The only “secure loan” appears to be a portfolio loan (that means, the bank who loans it, holds it)!
  10. This report also mentions “ARM loans” as being a good thing.  Really?  Aren’t they what got us into this mess in the first place?

If you want to do something right, don’t make the same mistake and rely on lenders to do your thinking for you.  Get financially educated as to what is going on.  It doesn’t matter whether you take my COTA Workshop, or go to Financial Peace University … invest in yourself FIRST, so you can invest in your future!




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