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BREAKING NEWS — (with a little Op-Ed thrown in for good measure) … 

Those bumbling “talking heads” … 

The “talking heads” of all the major media networks were tripping all over themselves (during election night coverage) trying to “save face” for the “talking down” on one candidate in favor of another.

No matter.  If I was president, I would make sure that every media mouth was accounted for and access to the White House would be a major “hoop jumping” to get a media credential. Our U.S. media cannot be trusted with reporting the truth.  Our U.S. media likes to “invent” news (or hadn’t you noticed?) instead of really investigating and reporting the truth (and not as they see it), the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The outcome of the election clearly left the media machine speechless, faltering on-mic for comment in an attempt to backpedal on their foolish pre-election hoopla. I shut the TV off at 2:15 a.m. and decided to wait for the early morning voting results to filter in.

Clearly however, I think both conservative and moderate American taxpayers have risen up and seriously spoken in favor of change away from the “status quo”.  That “status quo” includes Wall Street control of this country.  However, other changes that manifested themselves last night were overshadowed by a surprising upset by The Donald.  We now have a House and Senate that have a Republican majority under a Republican President.  As I said earlier, regarding the lesser of two evils, many of the facets of the Old School System are still in place, including the banking cartels and their influence in Congress.  The only thing that can make a difference is a presidential veto when the laws coming forward are clearly wrong.  Sadly, the “rank and file” are still in position to make pro-bank laws, in conflict with what the majority of the American people plainly stated in their popular vote. Until the American taxpayers actually make a change in the way they do business, the rank and file will continue to make their lives miserable.  Also keep in mind that the socialist vote (those who voted for Hillary) still went to the polls and voted for socialism.  They will still be a force to be reckoned with in the shallowed halls of Congress.

The voice of the people was heard in Osceola County, Florida! 

One thing is for sure however … Armando Ramirez was re-elected as the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Osceola County, Florida by well more than a slim margin, despite the rantings of the media about conducting a Forensic Examination of his official real property and court records.

050113_armandoramirez osceola-clerk-tally

In many ways, I feel mildly vindicated, as I authored that 758-page Report.  I too came under personal attack from the Orlando Smutinel and other rags and media outlets for something that happened to me over 20 years ago.  I believe that the people have faith in Mr. Ramirez and his poll numbers demonstrated this.  It also says a lot for the numbers that have read the Report and have come to understand the real truth of the matter regarding their mortgage foreclosures.  The bottom line here is that no matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the voters love you if you do the right thing!  I believe Armando Ramirez stood up to public and political pressure from the corrupt Florida elitists and the local media and told his constituents: I hear you loud and clear!  There is a problem with the land records!  You don’t win elections unless the voters agree with you and it appears that the Osceola County rank and file don’t want to hear the truth … but the people who are affected do!

Mr. Ramirez’s devoted and loving wife Millie also held onto her position on the Soil and Water Board, Seat 4 – Osceola.  Congratulations to them both as they will wholeheartedly serve their constituents for another four years.  And I have a feeling the backlash from the Osceola County Forensic Examination is not over yet. From the looks of the voting results in both of their races, it appears the silent majority included both Democrats and Republicans who believe in the Ramirez’s.  The politically-influenced (by the rank and file) voted against them to no avail.  As Mr. Ramirez stated in the campaign:  “Let Justice flow like a stream, and righteousness like a river that never goes dry.” Amos 5:24

Speaking of “Justice” in Osceola County, Florida, Russell Gibson (D) was elected as the new Sheriff, replacing the outgoing Robert Hansel, who is leaving office amidst the scandal surrounding the investigation of the results (or the lack thereof) contained in the Report; and in retaliation of having to conduct an investigation with deputies tasering an innocent stepson of one of the examiners of the Report.  Mr. Gibson would do well to watch out for those around him (currently in positions within the Sheriff’s Department). It is rumored that Gibson may keep the “rank and file” that investigated the Report in place; in fact, even promoting them.  This would be a mistake if this rumor is found to be true. These “people” demonstrated by their response to the Report, on Hansel’s behalf, that they know Osceola County, Florida may have illegally evicted thousands of homeowners based on fraudulent documents recorded in the Osceola County real property records and then relied upon in court by servicers and their attorneys, who are suspect of committing perjury on the courts, among other things.  The civil liability for these “errors” would be into the billions and they know it.  That’s why Sgt. Toby Hawkins told Al West, the attorney who was present in the February 9, 2015 meeting to “shut up” when Mr. West asked him about potential exposure (meaning civil liability).  Let’s face it folks … filing fraudulent documents is a felony in Florida and no one seems to want to enforce it, for now.

On the other side of the coin, Aramis Ayala ran unopposed and was elected as Florida’s 9th Circuit States Attorney.  Mr. Ramirez has already spoken to her about re-opening the investigation into the allegations made into the Report.  I’m sure Ms. Ayala will not make the same mistake that her predecessor, Jeff Ashton, did.  Oh wait, he was too busy playing around on AshleyMadison.com to investigate the contents of the Report, right?  I maintain that the felonies that were discovered and reported in the Forensic Examination can be found to be continually occurring to this date.  I can come up with a whole new set of allegations if I changed the dates on the search engines in the county land records from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2016.  I’d find the same suspect fraudulent recordings that would carry with them all sort of felony charges.  It is about time Wall Street and all of the players below it that are assisting in the facilitation of servicer fraud get their just desserts. I still want my time in front of the 9th Circuit Grand Jury.

I’m sorry folks … but the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department is NOT going to get away with their feeble investigative denials.  As the incoming politician, Mr. Gibson should take note.  Any subsequent investigation will probably be taken out of his hands anyway, because the rank and file subordination catering to his office: (a.) think that securitization is like an annuity; and (b.) don’t believe in investigating crimes that could point a finger back at them.  Admitting responsibility for error is simply something that one in power does NOT do.  This is what has divided America and this is what the voters in the majority have soundly made heard by putting a CEO in the White House instead of a Wall Street lapdog. Congress needs to wake up and realize this.  Ms. Ayala’s office is going to have to take the “bull by the horns” and wrestle it to the ground on its own.

On paper, the winner may have been Donald J. Trump.  But the next four years, with the rank and file still in positions of power in Congress, will still be “hell”, only now it will be “hell on steroids” with Republicans holding a majority in both the House and Senate.

The only saving grace is those who are exiting the current administration that were self-serving (or serving a socialist political agenda) … here’s a message from The Donald: YOU’RE FIRED!

Dave Krieger is the author of the books Clouded Titles, The Credit Restoration Primer and The Quiet Title War Manual, all available at CloudedTitles.com


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Incumbent Democrat Clerk of the Circuit Courts Armando Ramirez handily won the Democratic Primary, despite what the author of this post deems to be a deliberate “watering down” of the vote by inserting two challengers against Ramirez, who just released another ad campaign poster (shown below):


Notice in the above ad the mention of “Fighting Foreclosure Fraud”. There is a reference to the Clerk’s conducting a Forensic Examination of his real property and court records, something that no other Clerk in Florida has attempted, for fear of pissing off the status quo who wants everything to stay just the way things are, corrupt and dishonest.  Well, that’s Florida government and Florida justice for you!

In November, voters will go to the polls and decide between Ramirez and his predecessor (who Ramirez won against in a landslide in the last election), Malcolm Thompson, one of the ole’ “status quo” boys on the Republican ticket.  For the record, Thompson, like all other Clerks in Florida except Ramirez, did nothing about examining his land records and just allowed servicer fraud to run rampant.  It appears that Thompson’s people are dredging up old news again, bringing up the Sheriff’s examination report and the Orlando Sentinel‘s smut piece against Clerk Ramirez, this time, through the Teachers Union.  The Sheriff’s Department’s report was minuscule compared to the voluminous report, accompanied by stacks of exhibits and 17 cases of certified evidence.  What a waste of tax dollars giving an investigation to a law enforcement agency ill equipped to investigate the real issues.

I wish we’d bring back public hanging in the square.

The reason that Hon. Armando Ramirez acted upon his beliefs that the land records he was entrusted with were being corrupted is because some in the voting constituency that Ramirez was elected to serve complained to him about suspected fraudulent documents in the real property records of Osceola County, Florida that were being relied upon by banks in seeking foreclosure judgments against thousands of property owners in Osceola County.  It appears that the judges on the bench at that time did relatively little to educate themselves to recognize those suspect documents and hold the banks accountable.  I figure it is now time for the voters to speak and let the rank and file in Osceola County know they’re pissed off and they’re not going to put up with this nonsense.

This is why Florida’s 9th Circuit voting populus elected Aramis Ayala in the Democratic Primary for that Circuit’s States Attorney position.  Ramirez has thrown his support behind Ayala.  It saddens me to think that current States Attorney Jeff Ashton could have fully investigated a report, namely the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION and done something about it, like he did prosecuting Casey Anthony.  Sadly, anyone using company time to play around on Ashley Madison dot com when they could go home and have fun with their spouse speaks volume as to the integrity of an elected official that is supposed to be investigating and rooting out fraud.  Had Ashton had the fortitude to conduct further investigations into the allegations contained in the Report, the outcome of this election might have been different.  This is why I believe he passed the buck onto the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, whose “commander-in-chief”, Robert Hansel, isn’t running for reelection again. There are a whole host of reasons why his department needs to be investigated.  I can think of two of them:

  1. Accessing National Crime Information Center (NCIC) records without cause and leaking the contents of them to the media. The Associated Press has reported that law enforcement personnel are being prosecuted and imprisoned for abusing the databases to gain access to serve their own personal agendas; and
  2. Charging an individual with “resisting arrest without violence” without claiming WHAT charge they were arrested for in the first place!   I point to the incident where Forensic Examiner Hector Acosta’s stepson was tasered by sheriff’s deputies on his own front lawn around 3:45 a.m. as he was trying to enter his own home to go to bed.  I believe this was in retaliation for Acosta’s participation in the Forensic Examination.  It is obvious to me that the Sheriff’s Department was misusing public funds to stalk Acosta and his family to “send a message” to Acosta about WHO is in control here.  Civil rights charges are pending at this time.

If the foregoing are only related to the release of the Forensic Examination in Osceola County, can you imagine what other atrocities were committed by the Sheriff’s Department, like wrongfully evicting thousands of Osceola County homeowners at $90 a pop, based on fraudulent documents that were the subject of the Report?   It’s no wonder the Sheriff’s Department detectives got so pissed off at Al West in our February 9, 2015 meeting with them when Mr. West, an attorney who was one of the examiners in the Forensic Examination, asked them whether they thought the county faced “exposure” … in other words … civil liability for wrongfully evicting homeowners based on fraudulent documents used in reliance by the banks to obtain illicit Final Judgments of Foreclosure against them by the Courts.  What happened here speaks directly to the judges who could have prevented this crap from happening in the first place, yet failed to do so because the Florida Supreme Court mandated that they clear their foreclosure dockets.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi did nothing to investigate any of the Report’s contents either, and I can tell you she knows this Report is out there.   What does that say about her credibility?   Anything to preserve the status quo.

In this simple equation, calculate in your mind what you are voting for in November.  

  1. Both sides of the aisle have put us in the predicament we’re in now!
  2. Serving Democrats generally vote to raise taxes and regulate business!
  3. Serving Republicans generally vote to lower taxes and deregulate business!
  4. We no longer have a “republic” as Ben Franklin stated, “if you can keep it”!
  5. Neither presidential candidate can actually deliver what they promised during any of the debates without the help of Congress.  Gee, have we forgotten what the Executive Branch of government is supposed to do?  ENFORCE THE LAWS!  Like Eric Holder was supposed to do in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, yet did nothing to prosecute the banks!  And you want four more years of nothing being done to right the wrongs?   Is SIGTARP the only entity waging war in this fight?  Think about that when you pull the lever in your choice of candidates!

When it comes to economic changes in Florida, take heart the following:

  1. Florida’s citrus crop is going to shit … and voters will be asked to enact medical marijuana, which they should (Amendment 2).  We need to replace the failing citrus crops with hemp production (the male plant), for the purposes of growing hemp for CBD oil (for medicinal use) and the rest of the plant for “Hempcrete” (see the following link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZbYsMsMW4Q
  2. I could care less about smoking pot.  I don’t have the same agenda as potheads.  My agenda is the same as John Morgan (of Morgan & Morgan, the law firm pushing Amendment 2). The era of the “war on drugs” cost U.S. taxpayers tens of billions of dollars … and for what … to be told by the rank and file that “reefer madness” (an old crap adage of the 1960’s) will take shape in the Sunshine State?  I think people have gotten past that argument.
  3. Voters all across the U.S. are “waking up”, especially in light of the pomposity of the media in “structuring” the questions posited within the presidential debates.  There was nothing really presidential about them, was there?  If Florida doesn’t reinvent itself, it will suffer economically, no question about it.
  4. These hemp operations would be regulated as well, and I really don’t believe that an educated public is going to fall for the garbage being promulgated by the paranoid that “pot” is all the same.  The female plant is used to get stoned.  The male plant is used to make hempcrete, rope, clothing and other needful items, just like it used to be before the U.S. government stepped in and made everything a crime because Congress thinks that if the entire country gets stoned, we’ll all succumb to Communism.  What a joke!  Seriously?  Like that’s going to happen?

Our Congress is a joke!   But you keep electing them.  That’s something else that needs to change, all the way down to the state and county level.  You keep putting the rank and file into office?   Remember the definition of insanity … doing the same thing you did ten years ago, voting the same rank and file into office, expecting different results.  The status quo continues to wallow in their power when voters don’t let their voices be heard.  Now, you get to be the judge in November!  Vote your conscience, not your party line!


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BREAKING NEWS, OP-ED … (July 18, 2016) … 

This post is divided into two segments that interrelate to each other.


I only generally post stuff that is significant and related to chain of title issues.

Here, there is more than meets the eye, which is why I’ve made it more than just a political candidate pitch.

It’s no secret that the Osceola County Circuit Clerk, the Hon. Armando Ramirez, is running for re-election as Clerk of the Circuit Court as Osceola County, Florida.  There are at least 3 other candidates running against him this time, but I find a significant reason to ignore the challengers in favor of the incumbent: OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION … and for that reason especially, I endorse Armando Ramirez for this post! 

No other candidate in the race would have the cajones to do what Mr. Ramirez has done in exposing the misdeeds of the banks, their servicers and third-party document manufacturing plants and the law firm scumbag attorneys who participate in the schemes to defraud property owners and rely on documents that are recorded in the real property records of county clerks, recorders and registers’ of deeds offices all over the country.

Clerk Ramirez continues to post the Forensic Examination on his website in spite of the attacks that have come against him in the press for undertaking such a feat.  The thing is, this Report is now being used by foreclosure defense attorneys at trial to bolster their cases in defense of property owners, especially in Florida.  This Report is being downloaded by viewers in the United States and Canada on the academia.edu website, where the Report has recently ranked in the Top 2% of research downloads.

It is fundamentally important to realize that even though WFTV’s George Estevez brought Florida foreclosure defense attorney Matt Weidner on his newcast to downgrade the Report as “not worth the paper it’s printed on”, and the Orlando Sentinel smeared the Clerk’s good name on the front page of its internet edition when the Report was released, it’s rather odd that the Sheriff of Osceola County is NOT running for re-election again, and it appears that Florida’s 9th Circuit State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton has a serious contender (Aramis Ayala) running for States Attorney in 2016.  Sadly, as you remember, Weidner was thumbing through individual pages on camera, but seemed to miss the “Attorney Opinion Letter” favoring the outcome and contents of the report in the back of the Report.  I’m glad Weidner is not running for office because you know what I’d have to say about that, right? At least Mr. Ramirez is inclined (and not afraid) to expose the truth, even if the truth hurts.

Ashton, as you remember, made two improper judgment calls (in my book):

(1) he refused to investigate the allegations in the Report; and

(2) he was caught playing on his personal computer with his personal credit card on the Ashley Madison dot com website (a known website for married men who want to cheat on their spouses), which I find worse than despicable of a public servant.

I’m wondering (aloud) if Ayala is going to use that as ammo against Ashton.  Considering the fact of what I’m going to share with you in the second segment, it became perfectly obvious to me WHY Ashton didn’t want to prosecute the allegations contained in the Report.

I don’t care whether he became “the face of justice” prosecuting the Casey Anthony case in Florida, Ashton became “the disgrace of justice” in refusing to amass state and local authorities together to conduct a wide scale investigation of the frauds perpetrated in the land records throughout his entire judicial district!

At least Armando Ramirez has the fortitude to “stand up for the little guy”, while his Democratic opponents and judicial counterparts do not, just because it’s “too political”.  When it comes to making material misrepresentations in the real property records, by recording them electronically (by wire), which many of them are (and were stated as such in the Report), I want to share a case with you that discusses in principle, the “fullness” of the wire fraud statute, which Ashton could have contacted the Tampa FBI and enlisted their help in prosecuting the allegations contained in the Report.  In my book, failure to act constitutes nonfeasance of office, especially when you know something is a political powder keg.


Here’s the case I wanted to share with you: US v Takhalov et al, 11th App Cir No 13-12385 (July 11, 2016)

I find this case unique because the author of this opinion bothered to discuss the differences between deceiving and defrauding, as well as his implicit interpretation of the wire fraud statute.  I think that discussing the aspects of wire fraud and its implicit definition is important here, because it involves “intent” and “material misrepresentation”.

The next question I posit here is: What was the intent of the third-party document mills in manufacturing “Assignments of Mortgage” (or Deeds of Trust) by people with absolutely no knowledge of the actual event?  Further, why aren’t the servicers also prosecuted for their involvement in directing the foreclosure mill law firm to commit wire fraud by causing these documents to be electronically wired into the land records?   After all, this is the NEW thing the FBI is now investigating, servicer fraud.

After you read this court case, you will clearly understand why statutes need to be not only correctly interpreted, but you’ll see Ashton’s nonfeasance of office for failing to investigate and prosecute those responsible for stealing Florida properties in his own judicial district by the use of electronically-filed, real property records.  Clearly, this scam has reached into every nook and cranny of every recorder’s office in America!

I have publicly endorsed Aramis Ayala for 9th Circuit States Attorney and have directly communicated with her campaign … I hope she whoops Ashton’s butt in the Florida primaries next month.

If you live in Orange or Osceola Counties in Florida, or know someone who does, you may wish to direct them to this post!  Even more, get them to read the Report!






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“No, I’ll stand my ground

Won’t be turned around

And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down

Gonna stand my ground

And I won’t back down.”

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

(Op-Ed) — Lately, I have been getting a lot of telephone calls from folks who are (what I term is) at the end of their time in their currently-foreclosed property.  For some strange reason, they elected to imbibe in Internet searches and discovered a video that I may have been involved in (such as InfoWars.com’s Alex Jones’s show), too late in coming.  Most folks I know generally understand that when they find they can’t make their mortgage payments, they don’t simply go into “denial mode”, though many do.  Most Americans are so uneducated as to what is really going on in the mortgage industry that we still are embroiled in foreclosures (at near record levels in the “sand states”) that continue to plague the American economy. I also find that since it’s an election year, most politicians are using this issue to their advantage in an attempt to sway voters into electing them so they can “fix” the problem.  Unfortunately, most Americans “drink the Kool-Aid” of this nonsense, thinking that Congress will enact some legislation that will either save the banks or save the homeowners who have been screwed over by unscrupulous lending practices, allowing them to stay in their homes (very similar to a “holdover” or “tenant at sufferance”). This “Hail Mary” legislation is not going to happen folks … and I (like many other attorneys I’ve spoken with) believe that it’s all by design to financially suppress us!

Learning from past mistakes … 

One of the reasons I wrote the book Clouded Titles is because I lived what I shared.  I went through the same experiences that many of these recent callers are going through now.  I knew I was in trouble with my mortgage because I could not sell the home for what newer homes were going for in my same subdivision.  I decided to act before things got too crazy.  I had a garage sale to raise some needed cash and I “broom cleaned” the residence, leaving all of the fixtures in place (unlike some desperate homeowners) and simply mailed the keys back to Ocwen.  Had I known then what I later found out in my research for the book, I may have taken a different path.

I was a victim of what is known as a predatory “80/20 loan”.   My mortgage lender knew that the house wouldn’t appraise for what I borrowed and after paying about $4,300 in closing costs and no down (stated income loan; it was 2003), I was saddled with payments totaling some $903.40 a month on my first mortgage (the “80” part) and $241.20 a month on my second mortgage (the “20” part) and this left me feeling slightly uncomfortable in my finances.  It wasn’t even the house I really wanted.  I had all of the typical symptoms of a predatory loan, yet I made my payments, right up until the point I deliberately and methodically did what is known as a “strategic default”.  I also subsequently shared this in the book.   I had another home to move into, as I was renting out another one of my houses I owned at the time (as an investment property) and the tenant was conveniently vacating since she was getting married and moving out of town.  I had carefully planned my move despite all of the misconceptions of what was happening to me at the time.  It wasn’t until late 2006, after I sold another primary residence of 13 months (ownership) that I figured out that may adjustable rate mortgage was all a “set up” for failure.  At that time, I had no idea who MERS (an acronym for “Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.”) was.  After some thorough legal research, came to discover that I was not the only homeowner suffering from this “malady”.

MERS is what has made America “economically sick”! 

Admittedly, MERS was created by the banks (and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to advance the securitization schemes that many homeowners are fighting today.  Most investors think that by buying a bank-owned “REO” property, they are getting a great deal, only to find out later that the chain of title to their property was full of suspect defects that a Chain Of Title Assessment (COTA) could have vetted.  Sadly, most folks don’t find out about this “virus” until it’s too late to do anything about it.  This is why we have so much “shadow inventory”, because the title companies are discovering the same issues that I have previously discovered, which continue to plague my personal past chains of title to all of the affected properties I was involved with.  This does not really matter to the banks because: (1) they have the money to fight you in court; and (2) the MERS® System was all part of the overall design to make the banks even richer while placing American homeowners into a condition of financial suppression and involuntary servitude.  Besides, most judges are so pro-bank that they won’t either listen to reason or allow discovery to vet the fraud.  If I have learned anything from all of this, it is what to do NOT to make the same mistake again, while picking myself up and brushing off the guilt insolently placed upon me by my own ignorance.

Most people who have researched my past know about “my past” … 

Frankly, you don’t know the whole story, despite whatever tainted media reports you might have come across.  Read between the lines on this, because it wasn’t until I “caught flack” in the aftermath following the release of the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION that the real picture became even more obvious regarding “financial suppression”, thanks to the efforts of the law firm representing Osceola County, Florida and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, who I believe was facing some serious “exposure” for wrongfully evicting thousands of homeowners (at $90 apiece paid to the Sheriff to perform the task of “tossing people and their belongings out to the curb”) based on suspect fraudulent documents which the Forensic Examination uncovered.  Instead of investigating the contents of the report, the Sheriff’s office decided to investigate the examiners (as that was much easier to discredit the report by deflecting to other subject matter, as irrelevant as it was at the time).  I literally could write a book about what happened to me in the “federal system” 15 years ago, where I learned even harder lessons about the “Patriot Movement”, which I know for a fact the U. S. Government has targeted and continues to target.  I do not care whether the entire country knows that I plead guilty to one count of Conspiracy to Commit Mail & Bank Fraud in exchange for my testimony against the “Patriot Perpetrators” of the scheme because “demonization” is what it is, even 15 years later.  My sentence was a $1,000 fine and 3 years probation.  That sure doesn’t sound like the sentence that one would get if they were one of the “key perpetrators” in the fraudulent money order scheme, which makes the Orlando Sentinel less than honorable as a journalistic source, very far from accurate in its reporting of the matter, for which I hold them accountable as an ass puppet for the Sheriff, who has announced he’s not seeking re-election. Surprisingly, after the story ran, the reporter who wrote it reportedly “retired” from the paper. Go figure. He’s a scumbag journalist in my book and deliberately mixed his personal bias against the Clerk of Osceola County because he was spoon-fed by the Osceola County Sheriff’s office, who told him where to go look to dig up dirt on me and the Clerk, to deflect from the real truth of the report.

Also understand that my “past” has nothing to do with the “present day” and what the contents of the report revealed!  This became obvious during my February 9, 2015 with Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives and the County Attorney, who I believe were “in cahoots”, working in concert with each other to prevent liability exposure on the county.  In other words, no one wants to own up to being a responsible servant to the people; they’d rather deflect and smear others to cover up their own suspect misdeeds.

What’s even more puzzling is that the U.S. District Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin (Thomas Schneider) had to resign his post because of some financial infidelity he got caught up in. Of course, none of this was reported by the Smutinel.  The Orlando paper, which reported virtually every aspect of my past that it could, made sure that the Internet report put all of my honest, past business dealings on the Internet and connected them to their story, so anyone doing a simple search of my former honest business affairs would be immediately linked by the Internet to the resulting investigation/smear campaign involving the Osceola County, Florida Circuit Clerk, Armando Ramirez.  This too was by design to financially suppress me because Google and the bots that search names and key identifiers find all of this stuff and expose it to anyone with a keyboard and a mouse.  Let this be a lesson to all of you about the “usefulness” of the Internet as a demonization tool because all levels of the government use it to attack anyone who “tries to grease the squeaky wheel” of justice.  So, inappositely, I have been demonized twice for something I was punished for 15 years ago just so the political pundits could “use my past” to smear the present-day Circuit Clerk, who I believe will be re-elected again because he did something no one else would rise to the occasion to do: Stand up for the little guy!

My “past”, for all intents and purposes, was irrelevant to the circumstances at hand, but considering the issues that led to my authoring of the 758-page, two-volume report, which is just a report and not an indictment, accompanied by an attorney opinion letter, which Tampa-area attorney Matt Weidner conveniently forgot to read in his alleged purview on Orlando’s Channel 9 interview when he claimed, “this report isn’t worth the paper it was printed on”.  In my book, Mr. Weidner is as much of a “player” in this scheme as the Osceola County Sheriff is.  His TV interview comments did not impress those homeowners “in the know” in Florida, who I believe lost respect for him as the result of his on-camera rantings for reporter George Estevez, who also apparently “has it in for” the Osceola County Circuit Clerk.  It made Esteves appear as a pawn in the political scheme of things. I know one thing …  Channel 9 and the Sentinel are on my “shit list” of shoddy biased journalism outlets.

But let’s look at the real truth here … since you’re so interested … 

Back in 1990, I went through a bitter divorce.  I was very distraught.  That made me vulnerable.  Like most folks caught up in the whirlwind of legal controversy, whether it be divorce or foreclosure, I too tried to research and ended up at a Patriot meeting where some individuals were talking about using “certified money orders” to pay debts, which they claimed was legal under the Uniform Commercial Code.  They even had payoff letters from banks as proof!   This seemed all rather rational at the time. Unfortunately, what they didn’t tell me was that the FBI was investigating them, which I found out after the fact.  Because I bought a packet of information from them for $200 and attempted to use it, albeit unsuccessfully, I was caught up in their scheme as a co-conspirator, which eventually came to a grinding halt when they were all arrested and brought to trial.   After sending out several of these money orders, I discovered no one cashed them and many of those sent me a letter telling me that from now on, I needed to send funds to pay my child support (which by the way is completely paid off, I no longer owe it) in the form of certified funds from a reputable bank.  Again, my punishment was a $1,000 fine and 3 years probation, yet I was demonized in the local media by the U.S. Attorney (who later resigned office amidst scandal) who claimed I was “one of the original perpetrators”, when I fact, I was sucked into the “Patriot Movement money-order scheme” which I later found out has been floating around since the 1960’s!   This is why I put in the book Clouded Titles a section on Patriot Movement arguments!   I paid no restitution because unlike what the Sentinel made me out to be, no one cashed any money orders I sent out, which made the Sentinel’s article just another extension of demonization I went through over 15 years ago.  Even Lynn Szymoniak, who runs The Housing Justice Foundation, stated that “it’s not what I did then but what I’m doing now that matters”.

After being “run through” the federal system, I discovered that U.S. Attorneys with an axe to grind have a propensity to “put words in their witnesses’ mouths”, especially if they want to cut a plea deal.  I also found out that mail fraud, which I saw a lot of potential suspect examples of in the Osecola County Forensic Examination, was a 95% slam dunk for the prosecution, yet the FBI won’t investigate the alleged violators contained in the report, which constitute most of Florida’s foreclosure mill law firms who were part of a scheme to file fraudulently-manufactured assignments in the land records of Osceola County, Florida!  In my book, this is criminal RICO and it reaches all the way up to MERS who I stated acted as a facilitator in the scheme by providing the business model to further it.  This would also make Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac culpable as well and we just can’t have that now, can we?

Lessons Learned …

This is why I tell people NOT to get involved in Patriot Movement type schemes or arguments, and that includes the anti-tax, anti-government, anti-mortgage payment groups who advocate you don’t have to: (1) file and pay your income taxes; (2) the government is a sham and should not be honored; and (3) you can stop paying your mortgage payments once you file a TILA letter.  15 years ago, I learned WHY not to drink this “kool-aid” and have focused my work on doing legal research for attorneys. I can tell you with a certainly that the government is continuing to investigate these types of efforts!  I can tell you with a surety that the U.S. Government has an arm of their justice system that has targeted anyone who publicly espouses any of these anti-anything philosophies I just mentioned, because it’s politically “dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”.

Many of these attorneys know of my past and still retain me to investigate and write pleadings in their cases, many of which have shut down the foreclosures!  This is because of my research.  If I was such “the criminal” as the Sentinel made me out to be, why then would U.S. Bankruptcy Court Trustees be recommending my book to debtors to read?

This “research” scares the hell out of the banks, which makes me even more of a threat.  This is why attorney Al West and I have been going around the country doing Quiet Title Workshops, because if you don’t know the truth and where to verify it, you are at as much of a loss as I was back in 1997 when the federal government began prosecuting me for something I thought was legal.  I filed a fraudulent concealment suit against the perpetrators in Wisconsin and this suit (filed in Tyler, Texas) made its way into the pool of evidence brought into the criminal trial in Wisconsin, which resulted in the convictions of four people (two of whom are now deceased).  None of the defense attorneys at trial brought up the fact I had filed this lawsuit, otherwise, it would have spelled doom to their clients, most of which were found guilty anyway.  You should also know that many attorneys I’ve spoken with thought I had a shitty defense lawyer, “less than educated” in the subject matter, or that the DOJ is famous for “stacking the deck” in multiple counts to force the intended target to spend all of their sums in defending themselves and forcing them to accept a plea deal to get out of all of the “stacked charges”.  That too, I have learned, is by design.  So, if you’re contemplating joining a “patriot group” … you’ve been warned. Fighting a foreclosure is your own personal war, not subject to these bullshit Patriot arguments!  It’s a damned Article 1 contract you signed that you’re being held accountable for … just like a check or a money order!  All of this is administrative, not constitutional in nature (excepting 1:10:1 of the U.S. Constitution).  Fight it the right way or get the hell out of the fight!  Don’t create bad case law for others!

The Tampa FBI still refuses to investigate the Report! 

The FBI in Tampa decided not to investigate the matter based on its communication with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department.  The FBI won’t even talk to any of my team, yet compared to my 758-page report, the “notes” (totaling roughly 14 actual pages or so, a copy of which I am not going to release at this time, pending my desire to testify before a grand jury at some time in the future) the Sheriff’s Department made pale in comparison to the actual contents discussed in the report and reflect the fact that the report itself was never seriously looked at.  I believe that politics came into play and that the law firm representing Osceola County ordered the Sheriff’s detectives to “make this go away”.  I have to include that the US DOJ probably knew more than it led on of the report’s existence.  Folks in Washington and surrounding areas, including Reston, Virginia (where MERS’s office are located), have been very quiet about this report as opposed to the near-full page advertisement MERSCORP CEO Bill Beckmann took out in the Austin American-Statesman following the release of the WILLIAMSON COUNTY REAL PROPERTY RECORDS AUDIT_January 29, 2013.  It should be noted that since that audit was released, no less than 3 attorneys for the banks, named in the report, have verbally harassed the Clerk and her staff about the contents of the report, yet no suit has ever been filed, despite their veiled threats … because the Clerk will get discovery and they know it!

Well, the Osceola County report hasn’t gone away.  In fact, since it was uploaded into “academia.edu”, it has been downloaded dozens of times by folks all over the country, including one attorney in Miami-Dade County, who told me he made reference to it in court, which resulted in the following ruling which you may be all too familiar with (or not): HSBC Bank USA NA v Buset_Final Order Granting Mtn for Involuntary Dismis…  

I have been trying to help homeowners “fight the good fight”, which I believe has made me a target of every level of government.   I must also add that many attorneys who have read the Osceola County Forensic Examination have contacted me and told me that the report is “right on” and “contains many parallels to items found within their own foreclosure defense litigation”, despite what Matt Weidner said on television.  You and I both know he didn’t read that report, especially the attorney’s opinion letter at the end.  Even Channel 9 didn’t get their story straight.  Then again, it was all part of the demonization effort to “go after” Clerk Ramirez.   None of the Orlando media can be trusted with this story because their efforts in tainting the report and its contents has made them biased in every regard, not only against me, but against every homeowner in America who can dial them in on the Internet or see this biased journalism on TV.

No matter what happens to me after all of this is over, I stick by the words of the song that started this Op-Ed piece.  You should too.  We all have made mistakes and made sacrifices at some point in time in our lives.  I also served in the U. S. Army during the Vietnam conflict, but that wasn’t reported in the Sentinel either (honorable discharge).  I took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Despite the fact I’ve admittedly made mistakes in my life which made me a disenfranchised citizen, I too, like the Osceola County Circuit Clerk, am “fighting for the little guy”.  Both the Osceola County Clerk of Courts and Congressman Alan Grayson continue to support the contents of this Report!

No matter what happens to you in life, whether you’re the intended victim of foreclosure or financial suppression, you must learn to adapt and rise above your situation, as I have.  No matter what the political hierarchy would like to do to silence me, I live by the lyrics, no matter what you may think after reading all of this piece.  All the books I have written were authored for the purposes of helping all Americans fight financial suppression, so they could live as a free people.  I believe that my goals run contrary to what the people running this government espouse.  I am not “anti-government”, as I believe that governments are necessary to maintain peace, general welfare and the infrastructure of this country which we hold dear and I served on behalf of.  You don’t have to thank me for my service to my country.  I’m not here to pat myself on the back.  I’m just here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!

Rise up! Share the truth with others! Get educated! Attend the upcoming workshops!   

For additional late-night viewing, rent the movie, “Pump Up The Volume” (Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis) and look at the “response” that one is met with when you choose to “rise up”.


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Just a note regarding the Osceola County Forensic Examination …

We just got wind of another letter that was written to the Special Agent in Charge at the Tampa FBI from the Chief of the Fraud Section of the U.S. DOJ, regarding the investigation by the FBI in the allegations contained in the 752-page Report to Armando Ramirez, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Osceola County, Florida (read it below):

Letter from DOJ to Tampa FBI

We have not been informed (as of yet) as to whether the 17 cases of certified evidence turned over to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department for investigation have been delivered to the FBI’s Tampa offices.  Since we understand that the wheels of justice grind slowly, it is anticipated that we may still be able to schedule a meeting with FBI officials in early April about the matter.  Obviously, we’ll keep you posted.  Ironically released the day after it was announced that the Department of Justice was looking into the matter, the Osceola County Sheriff’s office released a statement indicating that it found no wrongdoing and no victims.  Unfortunately, it appears that the Sheriff’s Department ignored the alleged perpetrators and instead targeted the report’s author instead.


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