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BREAKING NEWS — (with a little Op-Ed thrown in for good measure) … 

Those bumbling “talking heads” … 

The “talking heads” of all the major media networks were tripping all over themselves (during election night coverage) trying to “save face” for the “talking down” on one candidate in favor of another.

No matter.  If I was president, I would make sure that every media mouth was accounted for and access to the White House would be a major “hoop jumping” to get a media credential. Our U.S. media cannot be trusted with reporting the truth.  Our U.S. media likes to “invent” news (or hadn’t you noticed?) instead of really investigating and reporting the truth (and not as they see it), the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The outcome of the election clearly left the media machine speechless, faltering on-mic for comment in an attempt to backpedal on their foolish pre-election hoopla. I shut the TV off at 2:15 a.m. and decided to wait for the early morning voting results to filter in.

Clearly however, I think both conservative and moderate American taxpayers have risen up and seriously spoken in favor of change away from the “status quo”.  That “status quo” includes Wall Street control of this country.  However, other changes that manifested themselves last night were overshadowed by a surprising upset by The Donald.  We now have a House and Senate that have a Republican majority under a Republican President.  As I said earlier, regarding the lesser of two evils, many of the facets of the Old School System are still in place, including the banking cartels and their influence in Congress.  The only thing that can make a difference is a presidential veto when the laws coming forward are clearly wrong.  Sadly, the “rank and file” are still in position to make pro-bank laws, in conflict with what the majority of the American people plainly stated in their popular vote. Until the American taxpayers actually make a change in the way they do business, the rank and file will continue to make their lives miserable.  Also keep in mind that the socialist vote (those who voted for Hillary) still went to the polls and voted for socialism.  They will still be a force to be reckoned with in the shallowed halls of Congress.

The voice of the people was heard in Osceola County, Florida! 

One thing is for sure however … Armando Ramirez was re-elected as the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Osceola County, Florida by well more than a slim margin, despite the rantings of the media about conducting a Forensic Examination of his official real property and court records.

050113_armandoramirez osceola-clerk-tally

In many ways, I feel mildly vindicated, as I authored that 758-page Report.  I too came under personal attack from the Orlando Smutinel and other rags and media outlets for something that happened to me over 20 years ago.  I believe that the people have faith in Mr. Ramirez and his poll numbers demonstrated this.  It also says a lot for the numbers that have read the Report and have come to understand the real truth of the matter regarding their mortgage foreclosures.  The bottom line here is that no matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the voters love you if you do the right thing!  I believe Armando Ramirez stood up to public and political pressure from the corrupt Florida elitists and the local media and told his constituents: I hear you loud and clear!  There is a problem with the land records!  You don’t win elections unless the voters agree with you and it appears that the Osceola County rank and file don’t want to hear the truth … but the people who are affected do!

Mr. Ramirez’s devoted and loving wife Millie also held onto her position on the Soil and Water Board, Seat 4 – Osceola.  Congratulations to them both as they will wholeheartedly serve their constituents for another four years.  And I have a feeling the backlash from the Osceola County Forensic Examination is not over yet. From the looks of the voting results in both of their races, it appears the silent majority included both Democrats and Republicans who believe in the Ramirez’s.  The politically-influenced (by the rank and file) voted against them to no avail.  As Mr. Ramirez stated in the campaign:  “Let Justice flow like a stream, and righteousness like a river that never goes dry.” Amos 5:24

Speaking of “Justice” in Osceola County, Florida, Russell Gibson (D) was elected as the new Sheriff, replacing the outgoing Robert Hansel, who is leaving office amidst the scandal surrounding the investigation of the results (or the lack thereof) contained in the Report; and in retaliation of having to conduct an investigation with deputies tasering an innocent stepson of one of the examiners of the Report.  Mr. Gibson would do well to watch out for those around him (currently in positions within the Sheriff’s Department). It is rumored that Gibson may keep the “rank and file” that investigated the Report in place; in fact, even promoting them.  This would be a mistake if this rumor is found to be true. These “people” demonstrated by their response to the Report, on Hansel’s behalf, that they know Osceola County, Florida may have illegally evicted thousands of homeowners based on fraudulent documents recorded in the Osceola County real property records and then relied upon in court by servicers and their attorneys, who are suspect of committing perjury on the courts, among other things.  The civil liability for these “errors” would be into the billions and they know it.  That’s why Sgt. Toby Hawkins told Al West, the attorney who was present in the February 9, 2015 meeting to “shut up” when Mr. West asked him about potential exposure (meaning civil liability).  Let’s face it folks … filing fraudulent documents is a felony in Florida and no one seems to want to enforce it, for now.

On the other side of the coin, Aramis Ayala ran unopposed and was elected as Florida’s 9th Circuit States Attorney.  Mr. Ramirez has already spoken to her about re-opening the investigation into the allegations made into the Report.  I’m sure Ms. Ayala will not make the same mistake that her predecessor, Jeff Ashton, did.  Oh wait, he was too busy playing around on AshleyMadison.com to investigate the contents of the Report, right?  I maintain that the felonies that were discovered and reported in the Forensic Examination can be found to be continually occurring to this date.  I can come up with a whole new set of allegations if I changed the dates on the search engines in the county land records from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2016.  I’d find the same suspect fraudulent recordings that would carry with them all sort of felony charges.  It is about time Wall Street and all of the players below it that are assisting in the facilitation of servicer fraud get their just desserts. I still want my time in front of the 9th Circuit Grand Jury.

I’m sorry folks … but the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department is NOT going to get away with their feeble investigative denials.  As the incoming politician, Mr. Gibson should take note.  Any subsequent investigation will probably be taken out of his hands anyway, because the rank and file subordination catering to his office: (a.) think that securitization is like an annuity; and (b.) don’t believe in investigating crimes that could point a finger back at them.  Admitting responsibility for error is simply something that one in power does NOT do.  This is what has divided America and this is what the voters in the majority have soundly made heard by putting a CEO in the White House instead of a Wall Street lapdog. Congress needs to wake up and realize this.  Ms. Ayala’s office is going to have to take the “bull by the horns” and wrestle it to the ground on its own.

On paper, the winner may have been Donald J. Trump.  But the next four years, with the rank and file still in positions of power in Congress, will still be “hell”, only now it will be “hell on steroids” with Republicans holding a majority in both the House and Senate.

The only saving grace is those who are exiting the current administration that were self-serving (or serving a socialist political agenda) … here’s a message from The Donald: YOU’RE FIRED!

Dave Krieger is the author of the books Clouded Titles, The Credit Restoration Primer and The Quiet Title War Manual, all available at CloudedTitles.com


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This Op-Ed piece gets right to the “heart” of the real issues facing U.S. Counties in the coming years … 

It appears that Osceola County Clerk of Court Armando Ramirez is at the center of controversy again, as played up in the media by Orlando WFTV Channel 9’s reporter Jorge Esteves.  Esteves is one of two reporters in the Orlando media that appears to have moved towards bias in his news coverage against the Clerk, with apparent self-glorification that his news stories will cause so much controversy that the voters will oust Clerk Ramirez this coming election cycle.  In this latest foray of biased journalism, Esteves portrays Ramirez as some sort of criminal for giving the employees in his office each $3,000 as a holiday bonus, “when other counties are facing budget shortfalls”.  The honorable Clerk, who has been in the center of controversy on multiple occasions since entering office in a landslide victory in the last election, checked with his legal department before making a gesture of this magnitude, which he says, “was within his legal right to do so”.

Esteves, like his newspaper counterpart Henry Pierson Curtis, who is leaving the Orlando Smutinel (sic), seem to think that everything the Clerk does warrants a news story, even if it means “inventing a story” to diss the Clerk. Both miss the key issue though when it comes to spending money for the ultimate benefit of the voters … a well-run office means efficiency in the treatment of constituents.  This includes the money spent on the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION, which Curtis (according to an email) thinks that since the Sheriff’s office has found no criminal wrongdoing, that DK Consultants LLC should return the money the Clerk spent retaining it to perform the Forensic Examination in the first place.   You see the stupidity here?  This is what you call “inventing news”.   I used to work for the family of a former U.S. President in their chain of radio stations and I never “invented” anything.  I reported the news.  That means, checking your sources thoroughly and vetting bias, keeping it out of your broadcasts.  Bias is not a part of news reporting.  When you go “looking for news”, you may run into these issues.

The fact is … a service was rendered.  DK Consultants LLC got paid a specific fee.  The Smutinel’s Curtis (who appears to be an “ass puppet” for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department) reported that the Clerk awarded this contract without putting it out for bids.  Curtis did not bother to check Florida state statutes, nor consult with the newspaper’s attorneys, who could have checked on the legality of threshold limits on contract awards, yet chose to “invent” this information to make the Clerk look bad.   This is why the Tampa FBI is now going to have to spend time investigating not only the Forensic Examination, but also other aspects of WHY the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department didn’t find one issue of probable cause.

Now that I’ve filled you in on the latest issues … here’s why the U.S. Counties are suffering:

It should come as no surprise that the banking industry has its own lobby.  So do the “Trustee’s Associations” (in deed of trust states).  Legislators are frequently lobbied by these individuals to “pass legislation” to their benefit, without disclosing the “ends” that justify the “means”.  The end result of allowing the MERS business model to have a legislative “foothold” in any state has caused not only issues with all of the county real property records, but is chiefly responsible for all of the budget shortfalls of revenues customarily generated by the Clerks’, Recorders’ and Registers’ offices.

But don’t just take my word for it!   Here’s what Chief Judge Kaye in the MERSCORP v Romaine case in New York had to say about it in his dissenting opinion:

“The MERS system raises additional concerns that should not go unnoticed.  The benefits of the system to MERS members are not insubstantial. Through use of MERS as nominee, lenders are relieved of the costs of recording each mortgage assignment with the County Clerk, instead paying minimal yearly membership fees to MERS. Transfers of mortgage instruments are faster, allowing for efficient trading in the secondary mortgage market; a mortgage changes hands at least five times on average.  Although creating efficiencies for its members, there is little evidence that the MERS system provides equivalent benefits to home buyers and borrowers — and, in fact, some evidence that it may create substantial disadvantages. While MERS necessarily opted for a system that tracks both the beneficial owner of the loan and the servicer of the loan, its 800 number and Web site allow a borrower to access information regarding only his or her loan servicer, not the underlying lender. The lack of disclosure may create substantial difficulty when a homeowner wishes to negotiate the terms of his or her mortgage or enforce a legal right against the mortgagee and is unable to learn the mortgagee’s identity. Public records will no longer contain this information as, if it achieves the success it envisions, the MERS system will render the public record useless by masking beneficial ownership of mortgages and eliminating records of assignments altogether. Not only will this information deficit detract from the amount of public data accessible for research and monitoring of industry trends, but it may also function, perhaps unintentionally, to insulate a noteholder from liability, mask lender error and hide predatory lending practices. The county clerks, of course, are concerned about the depletion of their revenues — allegedly over one million dollars a year in Suffolk County alone.”  [861 N.E.2d 89]

You see, it took awhile for the MERS® System’s effectual “damage” to county revenues to take hold enough to warrant attention from the Clerks.  This was a landmark case where the business model’s aspects came to light.  Yet, in court cases in California (like the Robinson and Johnston cases), MERS’s attorneys (JoAnn Sandifer in particular, who got her ass handed to her in the recent Tennessee Ditto decision) whine and complain about how their clients “business model” will suffer if MERS isn’t allowed a “win” in order to get sympathy from the U. S. District Court judges in California.  Unfortunately, the MERS business model has afforded an estimated $2.7-billion in annual income to MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. and in both cases, MERS has yet to cite an actual dollar figure where its business model has been “injured”.  Notice or no notice, MERS had to “invent” more “rights” by creating a mers_rider, which it is introducing into deed of trust states to bolster its objectives.  These “riders” have yet to be challenged in the nation’s courts, but I predict soon will be as soon as someone “defaults” on their loan and takes their case against MERS to court.  Any borrower who would sign one of these MERS RIDERS does NOT deserve to own any property in America because it’s clearly obvious that they can’t read what they are signing BEFORE they sign it.  

Bottom line, MERS has no interest in the loans made by MERSCORP member-users of the MERS® System; thus, unless the MERS user quits using the “system” because of something MERS did to itself, or caused to happen, that’s when MERS (a shell corporation) suffers “injury” … but not because of a quiet title action.

MERS says it has “members”.  It has managed to brainwash most of the judges it has appeared before (with the exception of a notable few) to believe that tripe.  When asked to produce an actual “membership agreement” however, all MERS will produce is a template.  I’ve yet to see a “filled-out form”, especially a Warehouse Lender Agreement, which shows MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. as the “Electronic Agent” and not “MERS”.  So MERS’s business model appears not only misrepresentative, but its concepts get twisted by counsel in court arguments “designed” to keep MERS “in the game”.  I still (at this juncture) fail to see where MERS suffered an injury, when it’s not entitled to an income, to have expenses, liabilities or assets, or employees.  These are also bald-faced “fabrications” by MERS counsel. MERS is a “shell corporation”.  Shell corporations don’t suffer injury.  This is what happens when you confuse the “parent” with the “child” (MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.).

This “confusion” is then portrayed to state legislators who stupidly vote to amend legislation to give MERS an “in”.  In Minnesota, it’s “The MERS Statute”.  In Tennessee, during the Ditto proceedings, it’s T. C. A. § 35-5-104which appears to give “notice rights” to “nominees”, without directly naming MERS in tax deed sales.  This is very crafty on the part of the banks and MERS and I would suggest that those of you living in Tennessee start researching WHO enacted this legislation and vote their asses out of office next term and make sure their opponents KNOW what they did.  This Amendment will discourage investors from buying tax deed properties at sale, because of the title issues that this Amendment now effectuates to make sure MERS gets notice.  MERS will come in (or bring one of its lenders into the picture) and outsource and outspend the investor in court.  Why buy tax deeds in Tennessee any more?  Let MERS buy them if MERS thinks it’s got the money to do it with!

Yeah right.

MERS even lied about that in its pleadings to the Court in the Ditto case.   MERS has no money.  What MERS has is a bunch of attorneys who are full of ca-ca.

You and I both know they’re goddamned liars.  They lied to the legislature and I would have to believe that legislators got paid off to pass this legislation.  When MERS is allowed to proliferate in county land record systems, not only are the homeowners defrauded, so are the counties (of revenue).

This needs to stop … and it needs to be stopped at the state level.  This is where you “second fight” needs to be waged.  Time to expose these corrupt legislators for who they are!  Make sure their opponents get this information.   Let the boneheads who passed this garbage defend their decisions.  No holds barred folks!

This is why the counties are suffering … Esteves and Curtis just don’t “want to get it” because it’s more interesting and controversial to “invent news” to keep your ratings up.  Esteves and Curtis also know what “ca-ca” is.







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