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A time to heal? SERIOUSLY?!

(OP-ED) — More pontifications from the politically charged side of life for your entertainment value, yet seriously logical consideration, in the first person.


The rationally minded American citizen is looking at today’s current events with disdain, if what recently happened in Arizona (Stop The Steal Rally) is any indication. The United States election system is morally bankrupt if we are to believe what we are seeing, hearing and reading about the affidavits of poll workers and poll watchers as to election fraud and the challenges and rebuttals of certain voting machine systems and how the “fox is guarding the henhouse” … and for all of this … and COVID … and lockdowns too?

What we need is real “pole watchers”! Personal … up close … like what gentlemen look at in a strip club! If you can’t see what they’re doing, something’s wrong and you get no joy out of knowing the process is really transparent!

And the left-wing media and the liberals that support it think we should “just get over it” and let the nation “heal” and just let things turn back into “the status quo” that we’ve seen some serious changes shifting away from during the last four years? You can tell some serious money from outside the United States was used to turn America into a ticking time bomb. If anyone here thinks this nation is going to “heal” with the standards that were set in 2020, they’ve got another guess coming. Word through the pipelines this author is seeing is that there is a movement afoot to turn a potential Biden-Harris ticket into a lame duck administration if it makes it into the White House, using the same bullshit tactics that the Democrats attacked Trump with the last four years, especially in 2020, where things really “ramped up”… and it will start with evidence against Hunter and James Biden and this will end up being a political nightmare for their father, who will not be able to escape it … because … inquiring minds want to know, right?

And the issue of being “ramped up” also means that if Biden gets in the White House and gets impeached because it was found he was on “the take”, you know who will be President, right? And guess who will be Vice President? Having Socialists in the White House? That would really “trip my trigger”.


By that, I mean the “insertion” of COVID-19 into the economy that was created by our own U.S. Government and perfected by the Red Chinese for the ultimate airborne transmission and strategically placed into the world through travelers from China to spread the disease as early as September of 2019 to parts of Europe and eventually into the United States, where the technocrats could capitalize on their control mechanisms over We the People. And then, the nerve of some Governors who would lock down their states during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, imposing fines and jail time for those who don’t comply. F**king Nazis! They strung up and beat Mussolini and his wife to death over less.

By that, I mean the strategic killings of black Americans by white cops, so as to further “stir the pot” of hatred against authority, further decimating our justice system, especially in the Blue States, where criminals were arrested, processed and released back out into society where they could continue their anarchistic tirades. It’s interesting to note just how social media played into all of this and how certain factions within social media censored rebuttals of peace-loving Americans whose consciences were stirred up by all of the Antifa-related violence and the Blue State Governments’ lack of, or even worse, inappropriate response to it.

By that, I mean the condoning of Black Lives Matter protests-turned civil unrest-turned into riots and violence and the Blue State Governments’ indifference towards protecting We the People who did not want to take part in it from undue emotional distress and harassment.

By that, I mean targeting a U.S. sitting President with Articles of Impeachment based on unsubstantiated evidence, which was later shown to be artificially created for use in stirring up the political pot, which of course, achieved the desired result as to polarizing the citizenry against each other. Our elected leaders should think of themselves as “examples” of how We the People should behave. In other words, if the electorate are going to act like “turds”, then We the People should also have equal rights to act like “turds” if we want to. Leadership by example, right? And if leadership fails to consciously act appropriately, then why should be adhere to their policies?

By that, I mean the thwarting of the U.S. election system, wherein the liberals appear to have consorted in manipulation of the system that they wanted to “change” (seems they always want “change”), but they’ve got no plan to “change” anything but converting the “change” from your pocketbook to theirs by use of pay-to-play election systems and excessive mail-in ballot campaigns. And here we thought dead people only voted in Chicago? This author surmises that didn’t apply in November of 2020.

And by that, I mean the imposition of the phrase “new normal”. This is a technocratic term for altering one’s lifestyle to capitulate to the whims of the dictatorial factions of government agents out of fear for one’s own safety, including but not limited to, taking a vaccine that could be the end of whoever takes it in 5 years or less. And they’ve trial tested these vaccines over 5 months? Not enough time to get a full determination of what an RNA virus can do to human physiology the way I see it. Let’s look at the averages and let those who would submit to the vaccine to take it first. At least 45% of the population will take it. The other 55% are not necessarily at their own risk either, because there’s no proof the “science” actually works, like wearing a mask. That’s not my “new normal” either.


Meet the new boss … same as the old boss … (as sung by The Who)

No matter what political faction takes control, We the People still have a say in how things get done in DC. We the People still have Constitutional rights which have to be continuously protected. The liberal mindset will not allow anything but for We the People to kowtow to their policies, even if it ruins our economy again and further erodes our Constitutional rights.

When you lower taxes, you stimulate the economy through corporate growth. When you raise taxes, corporate growth shrinks and workers get laid off because profit margins (corporate bottom lines) are affected. There’s no getting around the fact that raising taxes also causes the citizenry to go “underground”, making use of the barter economy behind the scenes, which the IRS and the government agents provocateur know they can’t control.

When you tell people they can’t have guns, it’s like telling a child “NO!” when they spy a lollipop in the grocery store check-out line. What does the child do? Throws a fit. This is the liberal mindset, who has forgotten the term,
“Spare the rod and spoil the child”. When there is no discipline, you have internal anarchy in the family. Couple that with what kids see in the media “programming” and you have the tearing down of the family unit.

The “new normal” has come to light on TV, especially in the latest AT&T commercial, where “Lily”, the white salesgirl who answers all of the customers’ questions and fashionably makes the public aware of the latest technology and newest offers, is now accompanied by a black salesgirl and a black customer, a male, who the media makes out to be an idiot. Putting more black folks in TV commercials is to be expected if Black Lives Matter. This of course, is the liberal media’s way of making the “new normal” politically correct and not simply my own observations. Black people should be incensed with the way this happy fellow is treated in that commercial, because like The Simpsons and South Park, the liberal mindset makes it “fun” to challenge parental authority and demean the father parental at every turn. Just watch the commercials you see on mainstream media and you’ll see just the opposite of Father Knows Best or Leave It To Beaver, where the father figure in the family was honored and not denigrated. So, if you’re not boycotting AT&T, you should be until they take that shit out of their commercials. That goes for any other liberal media sponsor that dares make the “head of household” out to be an idiot at every turn, not to be respected.

My “new normal” is for every potential father to have a vasectomy. That will put the brakes on welfare system abuse as well as “the family unit” because over time, there won’t be one. Look at all of the child support men won’t have to pay when the “new normal” drives a wedge in the family unit and it gets destroyed in divorce court because as you know, it’s fashionable to be a single mom now, right? Ask any single mom about raising a teenager and they’ll tell you it’s “hell”, especially if they’re of the liberal persuasion and they let their kids walk all over them. No father figure? No discipline? You end up with ready made anarchists.

My “new normal” is to deliberately shrink the amount of people in America by their own choice and not those of the liberal persuasion through vaccine murder. If our young people knew of the economic consequences of child rearing, many of them would just get a dog or a cat, because their lifespans are more short-term and less committal rather than having to deal with a child who is going to live at home until they’re 50 because they can’t figure out what they want to do with their lives and the liberal mindset of having a parental take care of you seems more appealing, especially when the parents have to put up with the liberal child’s attitudes.

My “new normal” is shrinking your personal economic output through corporate strategy. President Trump pays minimal taxes because he has legitimate corporate deductions. The liberal media uses smart tax preparation and smart business to make tax avoidance look like a crime, which, the last time I checked, wasn’t. If everyone did what Trump does in his business world, the government would have to rethink its tax code and move to a flat tax, which this country should have done in the first place. Had we gone to a flat tax and demanded Congress could only spend what it took in, this country would not have the indebtedness to the IMF and the private bankings cartels that it does. Like that’s my worry? We the People have made government debt OUR worry … and can you come up with one reason why that really should matter how you treat HOW the U.S. government conducts its business? Face it, they get a blank check and you don’t. They’ll encumber the entire country before they can come up with a solution to kicking the banks out of our society and replacing them with public banks. Balancing a budget was never part of Congress’ game plan because no one has ever held them to it. But you and I both know if we don’t operate with a balanced budget, we end up in bankruptcy court or foreclosure.

So what if everyone figured out a way to survive by staying under the poverty line? That should be everyone’s “new normal”. But no. We the People have been conditioned to be over-achievers, making money our God so we can be controlled at every turn and taxed into oblivion. This is the “new normal” definition of the working stiff. The liberal mindset is that everyone should pay taxes, especially if they make lots of money. They should just give it all to the government for the good of everyone, right? All those who want to sit on their ass, draw welfare and do nothing knowing the government will take care of them? Where did we go wrong? History shows us it all started way back in the days of President Andrew Jackson. The days of living within your means has been severely affected by liberal impulse mechanisms (i.e. “keeping up with the Jones’s”).

The “new normal” will be the eventual annihilation of liberals who trusted Fauci and the CDC and all of those liability-immune drug manufacturers … and took the vaccine, believing whatever the technocrats told them.

The “new normal” will be the number of civil rights lawsuits invading our nation’s court systems, not as class actions, but individually filed, numbering into the tens of thousands. What a better way to bottleneck the system of things than to back the sewer up with legitimate numbers of court filings. The more jury trials the better.

The “new normal” will be the shift in fighting foreclosures by numbers, meaning, the less than 97% of those who were previously served with foreclosure notices and cut and ran … in this go-round, will actually stand up and give the banks a run for their money, no matter the outcome.

The “new normal” will be to publicly challenge any politician that says or does anything contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America.

We the People deserve better.

Try to have a Happy Thanksgiving, despite the fact another COVID scare is running rampant across America and elsewhere in the world. You can choose to ignore it or let it get the best of you. I say they’re fudging the test numbers again just to freak you out and wreck your holidays. Screw them!

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When the deck is stacked …

(OP-ED) — The opinions expressed here are that of the author and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. Depending on how America reacts to what’s discussed in this article will decide the potential outcomes we will soon be facing.


Foreclosures are not the only thing we’re going to have to worry about. As of the date of this post (November 20, 2020), America could be headed for another massive lockdown which will further our economic disasters both at home and at work. The culprit … the presumed number of dead due to COVID-19.

The facts behind the claims of the number of dead due to the coronavirus cannot be verified because We the People do not control the data stream. That information highway comes right out of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. We cannot ascertain whether the RNA strains inside the virus itself, which are designed to put our pre-existing conditions into hyperdrive, was behind the demise of all of the claimed statistics. We don’t control the science. Many factions within the CDC do. This author thinks these factions are part of the technocratic Deep State. We can only control the immediate area we live in. If you travel in a given area and you don’t see many people coughing repeatedly, wheezing, sneezing, etc., it’s probably because most people have taken extra precautions to try to stay healthy.

America’s only mistake is trusting the science and trusting its government to do the right thing. We could be dealing with a spate of false positive COVID tests too, designed that way to drive the numbers up, so the technocrats can lock us down even more and restrict our movements, because after all, We the Sheeple don’t know our asses from a hole in the ground and thus, can’t be trusted to make “right choices”. So far, this author has seen nothing but manipulation of data, whether it be vote counts or death counts. No matter. What’s at issue here is how We the People react to what is going on. The author sees another toilet paper run again. What’s is it with people and wiping their asses? Are they shitting any more because of the panic? Maybe they should put excessive shitting as a symptom of COVID-19, eh? How would you describe this behavior? Do you “take a shit”? Or “leave a shit”? Oh, shit!


And you knew the subject of mask wearing would come to the forefront … but why? It’s because not wearing a mask has been labeled by the media as a sign of defiance and non-conformism. It’s what the “science factions” within the government want you to believe is the “new normal”. Science has already figured out that wearing masks really don’t help that much; in fact, they hurt more than they help. The author can only logically conclude that those who dutifully wear the mask will take the vaccine. Those who wear the mask while driving alone will definitely take the vaccine. They are the ones who’d rather be scared than dead. If they only knew that the future of the “new normal” may not include their right to exist in the government’s “utopia” system of things.

Here’s a syllogism for you (for those that have a hard time wrapping the conversation about mask wearing around their heads):

(1) The HIV/AIDS virus is the same size as the COVID virus because they’re both RNA strain-type viruses; they’re both extremely tiny viruses.

(2) Wearing a mask doesn’t prevent permeation by the HIV/AIDS virus because the holes in the mask are too large to prevent the HIV/AIDS virus from getting through the mask.

(3) Thus, the COVID-19 virus will also penetrate the mask because, like the HIV/AIDS virus, it too is too small to be prevented from getting through the mask.


Those who have been given the vaccine as part of a test group have shown no symptoms for the last 5 months. At least that’s what we are told. What we aren’t told is that the vaccine contains strains of RNA that act as a catalyst for exacerbating medical issues down the road. It could be five years and half the U.S. population could be dead of diseases not directly related to coronavirus but rather to those symptomatic of pre-existing conditions, triggered by an auto-immune event, kicked into hyperdrive by a vaccine administered five years earlier. If you have any doubts on the “science” of the vaccine, please go to the Clouded Titles website and click on the free Judy Mikovits interviews and do your own research.

There is so much doubt surrounding the validity of what the left-wing media preaches at us that Americans are starting to become more angry than tired of the bullshit. It’s like we’re physically sick of hearing it all … and when you’re sick, you want to be left alone to rest. But that’s not going to happen. You get poked and prodded with more propaganda, almost as if you’ve been subjected to sleep deprivation. After awhile, you lash out, even at loved ones.

If half of America refuses to take the vaccine, then what is the government to do to force the hands of those who won’t capitulate? The answer: Put restrictions on their travel and movements until they do comply. You watch. It’s coming. My co-host on WKDW-FM’s City Spotlight – Special Edition, R. J. Malloy, calls them “choke points”.

Choke points are used as “conditional options” for controlling the behaviors of millions of Americans who refuse to pledge their allegiance to science. You can’t go into a grocery store and buy food if you don’t take the vaccine. You can’t board public transportation if you don’t take the vaccine. You will have a vaccination card you have to present to get into a concert, so says Ticketmaster of future things to come. You won’t be able to draw welfare unless you take the vaccine. It almost sounds like the Mark of the Beast, doesn’t it? It’s Orwellian technocracy at its finest. You can blame Bill Gates for having a major hand in it. Read the foregoing link and determine whether you want to be one of the “human guinea pigs” the article speaks of.


What a better way to get rid of the tax drain on America than to control the size of the population, eh? All those sick people drain the insurance money and government coffers via disability payments. Social security is going bankrupt and we need to figure out a way to shut off the drain. The thought process leads those in power to decide that eliminating those who are a drain on social security will provide extra money for other agendas, like more control over the individuals who are productive little global citizens (peons).

Then the objective would be to deal with those who resist the government’s mandates to wear a mask or stay at home. You see, when you’re at home, “they” know where you are and where you can be found. When you’re mobile, your smartphone’s GPS or your vehicle’s GPS tells “them” where you are at any given moment. Add the potential issues surrounding the 5G network and you’ve got a trigger for inflicting more than just emotional distress. The U.S. Army has actually tested a weapon of a conical shape that when pointed at a human, will literally shut off all of the electrical circuits in the body, causing the target to collapse in a heap … to be systematically picked up by the men in the white suits and taken to the nearest crematorium to be disposed of. It’s the illicit way to make one “disappear”. It’s 1984 all over again. It’s more than just an Orwellian imagination that drives the thought process. Add a pinch of Clockwork Orange and a dash of Eyes Wide Shut and a drop of Manchurian Candidate and you’ve got the recipe for what will drive many Americans to the brink of frustration and despair. Winston Smith loved Big Brother.

It’s anyone’s guess when the nation will hit its “boiling point” that bands of Americans will go “politician hunting” with all those guns and ammo they’ve been buying up.

After all, politicians seem to think they know how we should live better than we know how we should live and that the elite should make those decisions for us because we’re nothing more than a “number” to them, a number that needs to be controlled.

America’s future is thus marked by the phrase: Live Free Or Die.

Here’s a great PDF for those who’d like a bit of light reading:


It’s not just the foreclosures that will overload the courts, it’s the lawsuits over deprivation of civil rights and being forced to take the vaccines against our will. The state courts will be taxed by the number of incidents involving dissidents and violence while the federal government will be backlogged by all of the claims made against the states and the federal government for multiple violations of the Constitution by those who can afford justice and right-thinking attorneys with an agenda.

Many in the legal profession probably won’t agree with the foregoing paragraph. However, if the same Americans that are “politician hunting” all of a sudden realize that putting their faith in the justice system is pure folly and that there is no justice, then maybe “judge hunting” will be the new normal. Frankly, we just don’t know what the new normal is going to be.

If you want a civil war, force the hands of those that have paid the taxes that this Congress spends like a drunken sailor and see what happens.

And for those families whose children are inundated with liberal mindsets thanks to our public schools … watch for the Biblical predictions where children will betray their parents and cause them to be put to death. Is that is what is to become of the American family unit? When the government takes control of the “.5” of the “nuclear family” and forces it into a slave labor camp for the good of the government?

If you’ve never seen what socialism eventually becomes, then you’re in for a rude awakening. If that happens, the courts will turn into star chambers, only to determine the fates of those facing it … and nothing more. The technocrats, who are driven by science, will be sitting back watching the shit show with an evil grin because they know totalitarian markers when they see them.

We can only avoid this future not by raising the white flag but by our calculated risks in dealing with our present. No one ever wins by pure emotion. It’s like people buy lots of guns and rounds of ammo because they think they can sustain a firefight against an armed battalion of troops. If it came to that, you’d seriously have to fight like a guerrilla in order to survive. Rumor has it people are fleeing Virginia in droves because the Commonwealth is about to kick in with a state-wide, door-to-door gun grab. The same goes for Kentucky. It’s a Commonwealth too.


The COVID-19 “scare” is upon us once again. Oregon’s Nazi Governor Kate Brown has issued an Executive Order that comes with jail time for anyone violating it:

This is a prime example of how left-wing governors react with their self-aggrandizing impositions of power to the technocrats of science, with jail time, because Kate Brown knows a hell of a lot more about family life and protecting our loved ones from COVID-19, or the flu for that matter, than we do.

Given the fact Oregon’s passage of legislation permitting medicinal use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, heroin, cocaine and crystal meth … we should expect nothing less from these jackbooted fascists. So much for eating your turkey in peace, huh?

And you really think that Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order is going to stop the Antifa violence in Oregon? Who is she kidding? The author would like to see HOW she’s going to enforce that Executive Order. Can you imagine putting all the violators in jail … like one giant petri dish full of COVID-19. You’re sure to get it there if you didn’t have it already. And you know what this author thinks of Kate Brown:

The nations whose governments want to put them in virtual lockdowns are asking not for unity but for discord. Americans saw what happened to their economy the last time the states tried that nonsense and where did it get us?

The government has all of us so conditioned to making money and having money and making money our god that without money, we don’t react well. If we don’t have two nickels to rub together, we all look at the government, bleat like sheep, expecting a dole. We are playing into the hands of everything “they” have in store for us.


If the leftists in this country will lash out and assault people they don’t agree with, what makes you think you’re safe from your opinions no matter where you are? One guy recently got his head split open at a MAGA rally in DC and another got clocked with a ball bat on the back of his head because his currently unknown assailant thought he was wearing a MAGA hat (he was actually wearing a Phillies baseball cap). The man now has an inoperable brain aneurysm. Lesson learned … if you wear a red cap, you’re likely to be mistaken for a Trump supporter and thus, your chances of NOT being assaulted just went from slim to none (as time progresses).

Yes, the Blue State mentality will get the best of us if we don’t do something to stop their nonsense. Cows farting is messing up our atmosphere. Think about that next time you think of your favorite progressive Democrat. I remember hearing about a story of a guy who hired a prostitute with AIDS to have her way with his local Congressman, who was known to be a cheat and a philanderer. Betcha can guess what the outcome of that was. Every person has a vice. Think about that the next time you want to expose your evil politician to public scrutiny. Public policy will take care of the rest. How do you think Filegate was such a great “control mechanism” of politicians?


The new trend is toward fruits and vegetables? How are you going to sustain without them as the world’s food supply is at risk? Thought of any options as to what to do when the store shelves start emptying out again, especially if nutball Biden manages his way into office? The leftists apparently do not understand that all of the crisis issues facing America affect them too. They’ll be the first ones screaming for the vaccine and demanding the dole. Maybe they deserve their fate. They’ll soon find out there’s no options left than common sense … just like locking down America again. If no one is producing food, the supply chain gets disrupted. Most canned goods only last 2-3 years on average on your pantry shelf. Then they become risky fillers. I don’t know about you, but this author is not living off of just macaroni and cheese the rest of his life. That’s a hint.

Most of the world’s food supply is dwindling, especially stuff that’s not contaminated with GMO … you know … the stuff science designed to put into corn products to make women sterile so they can’t reproduce. If women can’t reproduce, then the idea is that the population will naturally shrink as more people die off. And you wonder whose brainiac idea that was? Science.

Have you checked Sweden’s COVID numbers lately? Currently, there are 172,385 “infected” patients (so as we know if their tests are accurate). Out of those infected, 172,206 have a mild case of whatever and only 179 are in serious or critical condition. Sweden is a country that came under fire for their lackadaisical approach to getting to “herd immunity” quicker by not locking the country down. Wouldn’t you love to see those numbers here? Lock the country down again and you will see the coronavirus continue to survive and outlive its hosts, vaccine or no vaccine. Asymptomatic or not.

… and finally … the election. Be patient and prepare for the worst, just like we do in Florida when hurricane season approaches. No matter who finally ends up in the White House, it’s the balance of power in Congress you really need to worry about. The Blue States will continue to have their own problems and expect everyone else to bail them out so they can continue their nonsensical path to self-destruction. We don’t have to kowtow to that mindset, whether we have another four years of prosperity or another four years of uncertainty.

We as Americans … are resilient. Be still and study the ways of thine adversary.

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