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BREAKING NEWS (from the poster)! 

For those of you who are planning to attend the Honolulu, Hawaii Quiet Title Workshop, please be advised of the following:

  1. This will be the last workshop of 2016 that Al West and I are doing together.  Either be there or miss out.
  2. This will be the last quiet title workshop that Al West and I are offering to the general public, due to lack of interest.  So, this is your last opportunity to have a powerful think tank at your disposal.  You can get the information on the workshop by clicking on the following links:
  3. QT WORKSHOP_HONOLULU_REGISTRATION FORM  (Please follow the instructions on the form!)
  4. QUIET TITLE WORKSHOP FLYER_HONOLULU  (I would recommend using discount hotel services to book your room and airfare, as our group discounts have expired!)
  5. I have decided to go a different direction involving my consulting work, which means I will be handling more attorney-based cases involving investors and homeowners who have retained counsel that is willing to accept consulting services; otherwise, I will only take cases on that basis.
  6. I am not a lawyer referral service; however, I can assist you in vetting attorneys, once you find them.  This will be done on a conference call basis for a flat fee of $75.00, payable by credit card in advance of the conference call.
  7. You can still purchase The Quiet Title War Manual, Clouded Titles and The Credit Restoration Primer from the Clouded Titles website.
  8. The online COTA Workshop is still in development and probably will not be ready until 2017.  If I become aware of any COTA Workshops being hosted by other entities in the future, I will inquire as to whether the folks who monitor this blog will be allowed to attend, at which point I will post the information accordingly.
  9. Any referrals to other consulting services outside of my immediate concern are the responsibility of those parties wishing to contact and contract with those services.  I no longer am working with outside parties who may or may not have further useful information to help you with your case.
  10. The rates on my COTAs now start at $1295.00 and go up from there.  I have a “full plate” and anticipate having a full plate for the next 3 years.  Despite what the banks, MERS and law enforcement have attempted to do in smearing me all over the media, with the help of a few self-proclaimed “investigators” who run  websites that state I ripped off the U. S. Government, I am still economically intact and am not going anywhere.  The Orlando Sentinel’s Henry Curtis got his story all wrong and was probably paid off by someone to write the article against the Osceola County Clerk in the first place, which makes his brand of journalism shoddy and unreliable at best, about as unreliable as you can get.  Any news outlet that would hire him would be a huge mistake and a disservice to the public at large. The current Osceola County Sheriff STILL isn’t running for re-election and the 9th Circuit State’s Attorney who refused to investigate the Forensic Examination commissioned by the Clerk was defeated in the Democratic primary last August.  The voters have awakened!

That being said … 

  1. I will still continue to post updated information on this site.  Once the online workshops are up, please note they are general in nature and are only there to help you formulate your research in conducting chain of title issues and will not offer legal advice, attorney referrals or any other subject matter information that is not relevant to chain of title.
  2. I will still continue to be the “foe” of MERS, MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. and the banks.  I am sick and tired of them and wish they were all in prison.  Unfortunately, the United States Government is in bed with the banks; yet the average, uninformed consumer still chooses to participate in impulse buying of homes they are NOT entitled to and cannot afford; thus, the same nonsense that plagued us in the 90’s and the millennia will continue to plague us for at least the next decade as the banks continue to water down the Dodd-Frank Act through their lobbyists.
  3. If you wish for Al West and I to come to your city to conduct a Quiet Title Workshop, there are firm parameters you will have to follow. You will have to guarantee 30 paid attendance for the event and the rate will be higher than what we normally charge to do a workshop and you will have to pay our travel to and from the event, plus meeting room and hotel rooms. No exceptions.
  4. I am still working on the FDCPA book.  This book is going to be a powerful think piece, in addition to all of the case citations, strategies and legal attack plans placed within this work, based on previous history of those who have been successful in such actions.  This has become the most formidable attack plan against the servicers and their law firms who lie in court about who they truly represent.  Yes folks, we are knee deep in servicer fraud.  In my estimation, the named plaintiff in a foreclosure suit does not know they’re the named plaintiff!
  5. The federal court systems (as well as the state court systems) are corrupt as hell!   Sure, there are a few judges out there that get it academically, but until you do your research and bring an adequate “game plan” to the table, all of the bad case law will continue to screw things up in the legal system because people may be mad, but they’re still unprepared financially and in all aspects of their education involving legal matters.
  6. Most attorneys have figured out how to scam homeowners for monthly payments and give them nothing in return.  I am still getting email from homeowners who are concerned that they may have picked the wrong attorney to represent them.  I am not an attorney referral service, but I have a few that I work with that I have found to be reliable.  If you have started your litigation pro se however, they may choose not to work with you.
  7. Please do not contact me about TILA and RESPA issues. That is not my focus.  There is narrow case law in these areas and you still aren’t going to get and free house, despite what anyone tells you.  I have been contacted by United States Treasury Agents regarding certain claims made by firms who tell consumers that all they have to do is file a rescission and they get a free house.  Unlike what happened to me 20 years ago, it is not me that is the target here.
  8. I will continue to do county land record audits.  If you know of someone who needs (or has indicated) they want one done, please let me know. If you’re in California, Al West will show the County Recorder how they can get a county land record audit done without the charges coming out of their budgets.
  9. Al West and I are still working on projects together.  Al West and I will be at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearings on MERSCORP v. Robinson.  Yes, I authored quite a bit of the reply brief and I am very well aware (as MERS is) of the fact that MERS sent a mole in to bug our Las Vegas Quiet Title Workshop. I found out about that from information supplied to me that originated through a federal judge in Maryland. It would appear to indicate to me that the folks at MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (and the U.S. government) understand that I am “not going away any time soon” … and if I do, it will be by their hand and their doing and not mine!  We are still coordinating efforts regarding certain AWL and ABC mortgage loans. We are also handling IRS Whistleblower cases!
  10. In certain matters, I may also be testifying in court. This still does NOT make me an expert witness. Please do not contact me to testify at your hearing or at trial.  If subpoenaed without my knowledge or consent, consider me a hostile witness ab initio.  I still want my day in front of the grand jury, be it state or federal.  I have a lot to tell them and show them.

Beware of whack jobs that continue to dwell on what happened to me 20 years ago.  As attorney Lynn Szymoniak eloquently put it … “it doesn’t matter what he did 20 years ago, what matters is what he’s doing now!”  If Ms. Szymoniak didn’t believe in what I was doing, she would NOT have shown up to my COTA Workshop to lecture to the class.  Please support The Housing Justice Foundation.

Finally, when I’m done with the FDCPA book, I am going to pick up where I left off and finish the “other book” I have been working on … a book which explains in detail what happened to me 20 years ago, the American legal system, American politics in general, and why Americans are becoming polarized in certain aspects of society.  The U. S. Government will definitely NOT like what is in this “other book” (although it’s not as dicey as “Snowden”).  If you get a chance to see that movie … this man should be exonerated and not indicted.  He just sent a warning shot to all of you out there that think you’re “secure” when you’re anything but.

No, I’m not a doom-and-gloomer.  Like many of you out there who are evaluating your future plans and strategies, that is a wise move in my book. Remember, the U. S. government is paranoid as a whole and government employees believe everything Uncle Sam tells them.  I have found trusts to be quite handy these days.



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Seattle Audit Leaked …

There has been an obvious leak of the McDonnell Property Analytics report.  It should be stressed that this leaked version is NOT the full version of the Seattle audit.  This blog site will carry the official version when it is finally released.   Marie McDonnell has promised me a legitimate version once it’s out!  She has also been invited to speak at the upcoming COTA Workshop about the audit.

It should come as no surprise that the audit showed major irregularities with nearly 200 examined assignments of deed of trust, where servicer employees used MERS to transfer property that MERS had no interest in, according to the Washington Supreme Court.  Thus, any variations of the MERS business model to facilitate foreclosures in Washington State may end up being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I personally do not believe that the Seattle City Fathers will sit idly by and let this MERS crap keep happening in Seattle, let alone King County.  The King County Recorder may have turned a blind eye to something we all know is obvious, but until he is voted out of office, we have to live with his proverbial ca-ca attitude of do-nothing.  He is what I call a MERS Ministerial Minion, a blowhard that eats whatever is put in front of him, even if it’s illegal as hell.

MERS might be joining him “out the door” as the DOJ starts narrowing in on the real issues of the 2008 financial collapse and MERS ends up in its cross hairs.  My understanding from inside sources is that even what’s-his-face who used to be “turncoat attorney general” (now back as his cushy little C&B corporate job) won’t be able to stop the tide of criminal charges once the tap is turned on.

Still no results from Osceola County, Florida … 

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Department has still not asked me for the names of any of the witnesses named in the Forensic Examination so they can investigate their stories.  Instead, they’d rather illegally leak NCIC information about me to some scumbag reporter, whose maligned report ended up being embellished by other fools and stupidly regurgitated across the network, misinforming homeowners with ideas that there “is no hope” once the bank forecloses on you.  By the way, the Sheriff of Osceola County is not seeking re-election in 2016.  Wonder why that is?    The 9th Circuit State’s Attorney undid all his years of good work with what he termed “poor judgment” when it was revealed he was playing around on the Ashley Madison website (a website for hook-ups for married people who want to cheat on their spouses).  I don’t believe he’ll be re-elected, even with all his “apologies”.   And you think I’m the “bad seed” here?

The DOJ in DC is aware of the Osceola County Forensic Examination!

As with anything in government, we’ll see.  I have a feeling that politics is going to come into play here.

More news … the Fort Myers, Florida COTA Workshop is the last live COTA Workshop (ever)! 

DK Consultants LLC will be hosting its final COTA (Chain of Title Assessment Workshop) on October 2-4, 2015 in Fort Myers, Florida.   This is an educational program, featuring Al West (quiet title super lawyer); Lynn Szymoniak (whistleblower and fraud investigator attorney); James W. Kelley (fraud examiner); Hon. Armando Ramirez (Clerk of the Circuit Court of Osceola County, Florida); Hector Acosta (on behalf of the Central Florida Homeowners Justice Group), as well as myself.   Because we are putting a standardized educational version online, we will no longer be doing live COTA Workshops.  I am sure the naysayers (and you know who they are) will be quite pleased that I won’t be doing my part going out and educating the masses.  I can safely blame them for part of this decision, so you can blame them too!

Thus, anyone who is interested in attending needs to sign up by Friday this week; otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the website COTA launch.  The Workshop rates go up after September 25th (hotel rates included, at RSW), so this is your last opportunity at live Q&A with “front lines fighters”.

See the Clouded Titles website for details about this and other upcoming events.

You will not be able to ignore THE QUIET TITLE WAR MANUAL however, because this book will direct you as to WHERE to complete your research into pleading structure, filing strategies, service of process and a multitude of other worthy educational aspects of quieting title, including tax deed sales. It is about 66% complete.  We anticipate early 2016 for the first quiet title workshop of the year (in Los Angeles, near LAX).  I anticipate only doing 4 of these sponsored events in 2016.  I don’t care what the naysayers and know-it-all attorneys have to say, I personally quieted title to two parcels and Al West has quieted title to over 50 that I know of, successfully, more than any other know-it-all attorney in Florida!  That should be reason enough to attend any event that he is at!   Saving your property means a war with those trying to steal it!  That should be enough to shock your conscience into NOT giving up.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman shut down another Foreclosure Rescue Scam operation … for more info, click the link below: 

Foreclosure Rescue Scam Settlement Reached

That’s all for now!




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To those who are planning to attend the last COTA Workshop of 2015 (October 2-4, 2015, in Fort Myers, FL), please be aware of the following:

  1. Because of the room size, it is going to be “very cozy” and seating is limited.  Because of the line-up of guest speakers, we anticipate this will be a full workshop. People wait until the last minute to book their event.  Unfortunately, airfare to RSW goes up and as of September 18th; and the early bird deadline will expire on September 25th …  download the COTA WORKSHOP FLYER and COTA WORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM for the event at the links provided here: COTA WORKSHOP FLYER_FORT MYERS_2015          COTA WORKSHOP_FORT MYERS_REGISTRATION FORM
  2. Additionally, we have a $74 a night group discount rate, for which I have blocked off a set number of rooms.  The cut-off for that is also September 25th.  You will pay regular room rates if you do not reserve your sleeping room by September 25th.  Call the La Quinta Inn & Suites – Airport at (239) 466-0012 to reserve your room. Your credit card will not be charged until check-in.  This is to reserve your sleeping room.  I made every attempt to keep the costs down.  You get free shuttle service to and from the airport to the hotel and a FREE FULL BREAKFAST to get your day started right!
  3. If you have attended a previous COTA Workshop at any time in the past, please contact me via email me with your contact information to discuss your desire to attend this event.  We want to make sure we have ample seating for everyone!
  4. The guest speakers are:

Hon. Armando Ramirez, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Osceola County, Florida (who commissioned the Forensic Examination which uncovered hundreds of allegations of mortgage fraud, document manufacturing, RICO and other criminal violations).

Lynn Szymoniak, Esq., West Palm Beach, FL (Lynn is the attorney features on the 60 Minutes piece “The Next Housing Shock”, which aired April 3, 2011; she also won an $18-million whistleblower award as a result of her work in the mortgage fraud scandals and assisted in the filming of the upcoming movie “99 Homes“).

Al West, Esq., Redondo Beach, CA (Al, in my book, has won more quiet title actions than any other attorney in the U.S.; he and I are co-authoring THE QUIET TITLE WAR MANUAL, which is about 70% complete).  You get to see part of what’s in the book (if you attend this workshop)!

James W. Kelley, Ware Investments, Mortgage Fraud Examiner & Expert Witness (at trial); learn why “back-end accounting” could work in your favor at trial.

Hector Acosta, Central Florida Homeowners Justice Group (we believe his stepson was tasered by Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputies in retaliation for his efforts to mobilize aggrieved property owners as part of the awareness campaign for the alleged injustices done to them in Osceola County).

We may also have a “head hunter” attending this event, who is looking for qualified candidates to conduct chain of title assessments!  ( TBD)

We will also be discussing the HOW-TO’s of getting your county recorder, clerk, register of deeds on board with conducting real property record audits and examinations!

This event is open to homeowners, attorneys, investors, title company escrow agents, real estate agents and brokers and COTA Preparers who want to further their education into the realm of chain of title!   This workshop is a great educational precursor to the upcoming Quiet Title Workshop in early 2016!  

Register today on the Clouded Titles website!  Then book your airfare while the rates are still good and reserve your hotel room, so you can get our group discount rate!

If you can’t make it, send your attorney!  They will certainly appreciate the education!   Invest in yourself … and your future! 

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For those of you who have been planning to attend the upcoming Fort Myers, Florida COTA Workshop, here’s one more added extra bonus:

One of our guest speakers will be Lynn Szymoniak, who won an $18-million whistleblower award resulting from her investigative work in the banking financial scandal!   You’ve seen Lynn on CBS’s 60 Minutes (April 3, 2011)!  If you haven’t, you can watch the program here:   The Next Housing Shock 

Sadly, we are in for another “Housing Shock” over the next four years, as tens of thousands of HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit) whose interest rates start resetting themselves to unaffordable levels.  This is why you need this education in chain of title assessments.  Learn the information you need to help others fight the good fight!

Ms. Szymoniak, who heads up The Housing Justice Foundation, will be lecturing on the recent FDIC lawsuits filed last week against the major banks, alleging widespread failures to deliver mortgage documents to the REMIC trusts!  Plus, she’ll be talking about Ramin Bahrani’s new movie, “99 Homes”, which she helped work on, that premieres September 25th!  Watch the gripping trailer here: 99 Homes Trailer, starring Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern and Michael Shannon!  If this trailer didn’t get your heart pumping and your blood pounding, you have never been evicted from your home!   Millions of Americans will watch this movie and will be educated as to what is really going on!  You can be in the forefront, fighting “the good fight”!

There is no other place than a COTA Workshop to get your questions answered!

Plus, Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court Armando Ramirez, who stepped up and commenced a Forensic Examination of his real property and court records, will also be speaking at this event, along with Hector Acosta, who spearheaded the founding of the Central Florida Homeowners Justice Group!  Get the blueprints for what it takes to fight back!  This 3-day event (La Quinta Inn & Suites, Fort Myers Airport (RSW), October 2-4, 2015) is a workshop that brings you an intense education in the world of chain of title assessments, quiet title actions, mortgage foreclosure issues and litigation strategies!

Also featured is California Quiet Title Attorney Al West, who (to my knowledge) has won more quiet title actions than any other attorney in the United States and continues to litigate on behalf of distressed homeowners!  Your eyes will be opened when you see his new PowerPoint Presentation!

All attendees receive a 16GB USB drive packed with over 17 years of legal research!  That drive alone is worth the price of admission (according to a previous Las Vegas workshop attendee)! 

Join Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger and his guests for a 3-day information-packed workshop that is deemed by many to be life changing! Visit the Clouded Titles website to register for this event!   Early bird registration ($895) ends September 25, 2015!   Download the Registration Form and event flyer from the website!   When contacting the hotel for sleeping room arrangements, please make sure to mention you’re attending the COTA Workshop and receive our group room rate!

It’s time to step up and make a difference! 

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Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker is the lead Plaintiff in a new class-action lawsuit filed against The Bank of New York Mellon, The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, Citibank, N.A., Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Americas, HSBC Bank USA, N.A., JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

This lawsuit asserts what many of us have suspected for years … that the major banks had the most involvement in residential mortgage-backed securities and that a borrower’s loan is transferred multiple times before it is conveyed to the trustee on behalf of each trust.

The suit then ties the “MERS® System” into the whole equation by citing the recent order entered by U. S. Eastern District Judge Curtis Joyner that MERS and MERSCORP acted as agents in helping the lenders named in this lawsuit violate the Recording Statutes of Pennsylvania at 1 P.S. §§ 351,444 and 623-1 by failing to record and pay fees for each part of the chain of conveyances into the trust, in addition to the multiple times transfers may have occurred within the “MERS® System” prior to the commencement of the foreclosure action against any given borrower.


BULLY! for Nancy Becker and ROUND TWO of the latest assault on the pocketbooks of the major players in the 2008 scam against America’s standard of living. The suit not only seeks damages, but in what I consider a precedent-setting move, the suit also seeks to quiet title to every property in Pennsylvania that MERS had anything to do with as a agent.  If that happened, Pennsylvania would be the first State in the Union to lien-strip all MERS-originated mortgages and negate their interest in chains of title to over 75% of the State. I use the 75% figure because the number of mortgages in Pennsylvania requiring larger loans would involve the use of MERS because of the cost of living and average market price of homes in Pennsylvania.  The damages would be icing on the case as “restitution for Defendants’ unjust enrichment”, according to the suit, being spearheaded by four law firms, two each from Pennsylvania and DC; like sharks circling the chum.  And why shouldn’t they?

The integrity of the public records has been compromised all over the United States.  At least three more entities have contacted my firm to inquire about audits/forensic examinations since the findings within the Williamson County, Texas Real Property Records Audit were released back in January of 2013.  I predict that more of them will line up once they see the positive results of suits filed by Becker and others.  Williamson County joined Travis County, Texas in the Nueces County, Texas challenge against MERSCORP and Bank of America.

My take on the South Texas federal fracas is if the posturing by the same law firm that handled the Dallas County v. MERSCORP et al lawsuit isn’t reframed, then Williamson County will be sent packing, empty-handed.  The intent however is clear.  MERS and MERSCORP may have won a few rounds in courts across the country, but in Pennsylvania, the Joyner decision is making rectums pucker at 1818 Library Street.

My latest prediction:

Eric Holder will end up back at Covington & Burling in another cushy partner position after he leaves his AG office.  Other news sources are reporting that Holder sent “postured warnings” to Wall Street, telling them to watch out for “moles” in their ranks in a September 17th speech to what I call the “Manhattan Lawyers Party”.  Due to Holder’s current AG “behaviors”, we should expect nothing less than being rewarded with a cushy new position for protecting the banks from criminal prosecution.

Added later in the day:  Okay … so this prediction was wrong … however, the $77-million a year job at JPMorgan Chase is even more damning … I wonder when he got that offer?   While Chase was paying the DOJ $16-billion as penance for its sins?

If I was a REMIC … 

I’d be worried that at some point, the real truths about the tax-exempt structure would come into question.  Even if the U. S. government is “in bed” with the banks, there is nothing stopping county grand juries from taking all of the players in this scenario to task.  Look what Nancy Becker is doing … going after the Trustees who claim they own your paper and have standing to foreclose on you as a Plaintiff.

My Plea to Robosignors:

If you work in a document manufacturing plant as one of these “employees” I just referred to … and you want to be a “mole”, please send me a private email (anonymously of course) through the Clouded Titles Website CONTACT LINK (here) … and tell me your story.   All matters will be handled in confidence.  This would be considered my final offer, because if you don’t, you could be facing the criminal charges I just referred to.  Is jail time worth your measly $10/hour position … or would you rather be resigned to a life of flipping burgers?  Some county will prosecute you at some point … sooner than later, I think.  Unless you have actual knowledge of the facts you are attesting to, you shouldn’t be signing two thousand documents a day claiming to be a Vice President of something you’re really not!   Soon, it won’t be worth operating a document manufacturing plant because hearsay robosignors will end up in prison.

My Plea to Notaries Affixing their Seals and Signatures on Robosigned Documents: 

If you work in a document manufacturing plant as a notary that acknowledges these types of documents … and you are finally getting a conscience and want to come clean anonymously, please send me a private email through the Clouded Titles Website CONTACT LINK (here) … and tell me your story.   All matters will be handled in confidence.

As an “officer of the State” you are in, you are held to a higher standard and will be held to a higher standard when the prosecutions start … and they will.  Not only will you be facing RICO charges for your participation in the scheme to defraud homeowners (and felony jail time for perjury), you will also lose your commission.  You may also end up like Tracy N. Lawrence, the notary out of Nevada that I claim met her end “Marilyn Monroe Style”.   Whatever the case, prosecutions change the course of history.  What will be your mark in the annals of history?  Will you step up and do the right thing?  Or will you go down as a participant in a thieving criminal enterprise?

If you operate a Document Manufacturing Plant:

I have no mercy on you when you behave in the nature and style of Lorraine Brown.  You saw what happened to her.  Didn’t you learn anything?   I look into my crystal ball and see that your time is coming.   Your robosignors and notaries will expose your methods to a grand jury near you.  Your days will sound like a “60 Minutes” redux of Lynn Szymoniak’s April 3, 2011 appearance with Scott Pelley. America will rise to the occasion and honest people will rise up and wipe your ass with the paper that represents your misdeeds.  Boone County, Missouri did it.  They launched their own private investigation and brought it against DOCX and its President Lorraine Brown and brought the findings to the attention of Missouri AG Chris Koster, who prosecuted it and not only got 2 years for Brown in a plea deal, but another $2.1-million in fines in the Show Me State General Fund.  When these cash-starved counties start to see the sense in criminal indictments because of the fines and restitution that could be gained from the resulting prosecutions, I predict there will be more of them.

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