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(OP-ED) — The author of this post is a predominant Libertarian (and I do not subscribe to everything they have on their platform either) and the viewpoints posited on this point are the opinions of the author and do not constitute legal advice. 

I’ve been getting emails from folks with an alleged HOMELAND SECURITY ALERT about President Trump invoking the Stafford Act with the intent of locking down the entire nation for two weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19.  These posts are being generated on Facebook, which is the platform of choice for socialists.  We’ve fact checked this and found it to be a hoax perpetrated by some who want to put national panic into overdrive so the left can burn down more buildings and shoot more innocent civilians in retaliation for the National Guard being deployed to “stop looters and rioters”.

First, you need to realize that the “left of center” needs a candidate in the White House next January and they’re doing everything possible to blame our current president for every single dilemma this country is facing, created mostly by the “left of center” as part of their game plan.  You have to also put into perspective why Facebook (“FB”) was created … to monitor the daily habits of everyday life in America by users within the Facebook community.  Count FB as part of the leftist media that is trying to sway your mindset to blame this country’s woes on the President.

Second, also understand that it is NOT within the President’s authority to call out the National Guard unless the states ask for help.  Only then, will troops be deployed.

I know people who were at Kent State in 1970.  Is that what you all want?  I do not for one minute believe that President Trump wants to see innocent Americans gunned down in the town square by National Guard troops.  One sure way to get an incumbent Governor UN-ELECTED at the polls in November is to deploy National Guard troops with shoot-on-site orders.  Take Minneapolis for example. There’s one city where the Mayor just let things happen and did nothing.  He did not ask for the National Guard to be deployed. Now the Governor (Tim Walz) wants $500-million in our taxpayer money to pay for all the damage the leftists caused.  I guarantee you the Right White did not cause this damage.  Despite the vile reputation of White Supremacists, they are more into inflicting bodily harm on their opponents (or at least that’s what they want you to believe).  They also promote fear campaigns.  Like burning crosses on peoples’ front lawns.  Stuff like that.

For the most part, the Ku Klux Klan went underground.  But the militias haven’t.  They’re surfacing all over the place.  The massive uptick in gun sales tells me that America is preparing for another Civil War.  In fact, some of the most reliable sources have informed the right-wing media that they see a 60% chance of another Civil War happening in America within the next 5 years!

Food for thought.


The collective body called the St. Petersburg, Florida City Council … they’ve decided to send social workers out on all non-violent 9-1-1 calls.  Let’s see, that would mostly be for emergency type situations where life and limb is in jeopardy … maybe a COVID case or two that has to be transported and requires a family visit in addition to first responders. What these people don’t get is that without police presence, social workers can be ambushed with no way to defend themselves. Real smart folks.  Give ’em an inch and they take a mile!  This action comes from a city that has the nickname, “Home of the newly wed and nearly dead.” We’ll see how long this lasts.


If anything, use the downtime created by all of the states’ snafus to re-invent yourself or change your posture on how you view life in general.  Given the fact the during the first Civil War (1861-65), 600,000 people died, yet only 30% of the nation’s population actually participated in the war itself.  The war effort was concentrated on troop movements (the blue and the gray) because the uniforms clearly identified who was committed to defend their beliefs and they became the targets.  Any other lives lost were nothing more than collateral damage.

In the next Civil War, I anticipate that the major cities are going to see the upheaval hit first.  Then the conflicts will spread out to the suburbs and finally to the urban and rural areas. It’s the urban and rural areas where the gangs, Antifa, and the other hoodlum-have nots will attempt to lay siege to whatever property they can obtain, thinking these folks are easy marks … and that is where they’re going to be met with the most bloody resistance.  Anywhere outside of a major city will be expected to (and rightly so) be potentially deputized by the sheriff and then it’s no holds barred.  Frankly, it would be interesting to see a horde of gangs gunned down in the streets while CNN videos the whole thing.  Oh, wait, CNN won’t video tape the “right side” of violence will they?  Where people are actually defending their life, liberty and property?  Could you actually bring yourself to shoot someone if it was either them or you?  Ponder this seriously.  Your county sheriff is counting on you to do the right thing.


We’re not hearing much about whether the moratoriums are going to be extended.  As much as I hate discriminate behavior by the states’ governors, folks are in trouble because they can’t make a living because what they do for a living involves public congregating, like in bars, restaurants, grocery stores.  Gee, I don’t see them shutting down grocery stores, do you?  But they’re quick to blame the bars and night clubs for “COVID getting out of hand”.  Excuse me?  I know of places where they’re social distancing and they’re still be punished. Let the lawsuits begin.  This is the only thing the governors understand.


If it becomes a mandatory thing, that will also speed up civilian conflict, enough to potentially cause entire neighborhoods to get into shooting contests with health care workers.  It just isn’t worth making Fauci rich off of his pharmaceutical patents, is it?  This is looking like a move to depopulate America.  Stand fast my friends!


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(BREAKING NEWS) — A doctor in St. Louis had been bombarding Facebook with the truth about fake news and Operation Mockingbird and the fact you’re not being told the truth.  He also suggested zinc and tonic water were great immune system builders and that we should be demanding to know the truth about what’s really going on here.  Hospitals all over the country are laying off staff because the state’s prohibited non-essential surgeries and elective procedures due to the infection rates caused by the coronavirus.

As expected, what the doctor had to say was “colorful” and Facebook deleted his video.

Facebook is NOT your friend for accurate information. If you’ll notice, it’s currently being occupied by folks who seemingly have nothing better to do with their time than engage in idle chit-chat and exchanging jokes, which is what FB likes (and the government too) … because “Uncle” monitors Facebook and nothing of yours is sacred on this site.  It also demonstrates how feeble-minded and/0r scared a lot of people are.  How do we know that the government is not monitoring all of this information to help it determine the “panic level” of the sheeple?  It’s also a huge rumor mill you should avoid digesting anything accurate from.  Assume everything on Facebook is unsubstantiated rumor until fact checked!

ALL … and I mean ALL of the websites that offer “statistical” data are inaccurate.

Johns Hopkins (on their site) admits where they get all of their information from (at the bottom of the page); thus, if you read the disclaimers, you’re being told the information is: (a.) understated; and (b) thus, not fully accurate.  Assume that the numbers are higher than what are being reported.

There is other important news you should know that we’re looking into: 

  1. The World Health Organization knew as early as December 31, 2019 that the coronavirus outbreak was rapidly occurring in China and didn’t report the pandemic until January 14, 2020 … two weeks later.  Why did it wait so long to declare a pandemic?
  2. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) found out just how successful the virus was, they started buying up all the medical supplies they could from Europe, knowing this virus was going to infiltrate the world.  Then, when it hit, they upped the price and sold it back to the countries they infected. Please understand this is not the same bunch as the People’s Republic of China. The CCP are crooked bastards and they are definitely no friend of the U.S.
  3. There is enough proof on RESEARCHGATE to show that this virus was manufactured in a bioweapons lab. Scientists all over the world are sharing information about how the disease really got started and how it was made and what it was made of.   It did not occur naturally in a “wet market”.  This is fake news pontificated by the CCP to deflect where the virus strains really came from … from reportedly 40 individuals the CCP infected in a medical clinic next to the bioweapons lab.  The 40 then went out and spread it to everyone else.  Nice test, eh?
  4. Dr. Fauci (the President’s medical adviser) appears to be “talking out the other side of his mouth” when it comes to treatment of the virus.  Fact check everything he says because some of it is fake news and cannot be attributed to him.  Fauci did say on a recent interview that we really didn’t have to worry about COVID-19 … that it wasn’t going to be a big deal.  And this guy is advising the President? How do we know Fauci is not part of Deep State?

Watch and share this information with all your friends and act accordingly.  Please also note that statistically, which can be fact checked, the bigger the metro area and concentration of people, the more reported cases and deaths there will be.  Tune into to this poster’s radio show, this Friday night at 6:04 p.m. EDT on WKDW-FM (North Port, FL).  Click here to get the station! 

Stay safe. We haven’t hit peak here yet in the U.S.