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(BREAKING NEWS — OP-ED) — The author of this post is opining the death of Ross Perot (yesterday, July 9, 2019) at the age of 89 (0f leukemia).  None of this is legal advice, but perspective for America.

I didn’t say I was “pining” for the death of Ross Perot.   I will be poking fun at Perot on my upcoming City Spotlight – Special Edition (which airs this Friday night at 6:03 p.m. Eastern on kdwradio.com)

What did Perot, as a businessman, wrought for himself and for America?  How did he get so filthy, stinking rich?

He created Electronic Data Systems, Inc., which created the electronic database platform known as Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”).

Maybe you already knew this.  Maybe you didn’t.

In any case, if EDS hadn’t been created and taken public, the banking sector might not have approached EDS and gotten it to create the MERS platform.  Ah … but this is what history shows us … too late.  Congress and the courts have gobbled MERS up like a roast turkey, along with all of the lobbyist money that’s out there from the banks and the GSE’s.

Like Donald Trump, Perot was a CEO, not a politician.  Perot tried to get into the Oval Office twice and failed.  Congress didn’t want a CEO running the country like an authoritarian with money.  Just another oligarch, right?   Trump appears to be on the same plane; however, Trump’s fortune was created in real estate, not in an electronic data company like EDS.  Perot had information.  Trump has buildings.  Trump owns real estate worldwide.  If the Democrats were smart, they would work with Trump, but they won’t.  They want to make Trump a lame duck (of sorts … a prez who can’t get anything done).  Well, contrary to popular belief, Trump has used his CEO prowess to stir up America and get things moving forward.  The political infighting has slowed his progress down a bit … and playing his emotions out on Twitter has Congress reeling like a yo-yo.  God forbid, what would happen if Twitter all of a sudden went under and shut down its site?  There would be no more ‘tweets’ and no connection to the White House.  Trump would have to resort to the other social medias out there to keep the Democrats off balance.  Trump plays social media (as much as he does his opponents) like a y0-yo on Twitter.

This will undoubtedly be the first president to make such phenomenal use of social media while in office in order to “play” into the emotions of his opponents. His diatribes have fueled much of the political controversy surrounding WHY there are so many Democrats attempting to woo the voting public with “free shit” (more like free bullshit)!  In the history of America, we have not had a more corrupt Congress in power at any time as we have now.  Sure, previous Congresses have had their hands in our cookie jars more often than not, but not to the level and degree of the political climate we have today.

Logically, what happens when your taxes go up SO MUCH that you can’t afford to provide for your family?

Logically, what happens when your taxes go up SO MUCH that you can’t pay your mortgage payments?

And we got into a Revolutionary War because of a 3% tea tax?

Smite them if you will, but our Founding Fathers seem to have more sense than today’s Congress, who continues to write checks its body can’t cash … because “there oughtta be a law” … or … “there oughtta be a program”.   Laws and social programs cost money to enforce.  We as Americans never stop to think about that.

The banks however have thought about that and they’ve found a way to fund the entire scheme of keeping themselves in power, with money created out of thin air.  Can we argue that in court? No!  The courts won’t let us.   Since the Jerome Daly case, no one has even come close to that argument and gotten away with it.  Just look what the banks do when you screw them?  Daly is a prime example.

Now that we have EDS and MERS, we have a band of henchmen who defy all logic through the creation of phony documents that are publicly recorded that no one pays any attention to until it’s too late to do anything about it.

This is why I’ve always said that it’s extremely important to constantly check the land records in the county you live in for information on your chains of title, as much as you would check your credit report (periodically).  If you’re close to being in default and having difficulty making your payments, I have a network of investors across America that may be able to help you create a Plan B.  This is also why the C&E program is going to be so vitally important, because without Ross Perot, we might not have MERS.  But because we did have Ross Perot, MERS is in existence and now melded into the fabric of Wall Street.  It’s us against them folks.

If you don’t say “NO” to MERS-originated mortgages, you will eventually become a MERS statistic.  As for Congress and the courts, they play into the statistics that you will become if you default.  You are better off with a portfolio loan than a securitized loan.  When you learn the difference, you stand a better chance of being sheltered from the potential ills that may befall you in your future than not.   If it’s true that the banks operate off of debit and credit systems and create money out of thin air, then the will of We the People is all that’s left.  When the sweat off our brows has been exhausted, who wins?   They do.  You’ve not been financially educated and anything legal is beyond the reach of most Americans.  This is the precursor for failure anywhere in the world … and it will happen here.  It’s a matter of when.

Ross Perot left a legacy.  What will yours be?




BREAKING NEWS — OP-ED — This just received out of New Orleans … 

Collins et al v Mnuchin et al, 5th App Cir No 17-20364 (Jul 16, 2018)

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals denied damage awards to three investors who claim they lost money as shareholders in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac due to the toxicity of the 2008 mortgage markets and challenged the constitutionality of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.  The Fifth Circuit failed to award damages (as expected) to the investors but ruled that the FHFA, by its very structure was unconstitutional due to the way it was structured to act as a conservator for the two GSE’s and thus violating the Separation of Powers Clause.  You can bet that the FHFA will appeal this ruling to save its own ass.

As you recall, the CFPB met similar fate in a ruling issued by a federal judge in New York.  The ruling is here:

CFPB et al v RD Legal Funding et al, U.S. S.D. NY No 17-Civ-890 (Jun 21, 2018) 00890-Order

Why doesn’t any of this surprise me?  This is why we need public banking.  The U.S. Government has set up legislation to protect the banks under 12 U.S.C. but it shows a poor example of financial leadership when its own GSE’s operate without transparency, hiding behind a wall of assignments and secrecy in the land records.  Most people recognize that when you put money into an investment vehicle, you risk losing it, which is exactly what happened to the three investors who sued Fannie and Freddie through the FHFA.

Tough toodles on the investors, huh?  Why do people keep trusting that the U.S. Government is managed by sound financial policy when its own Congress is self-serving and bipolar in its very nature.  This is why we need public banking and to hell with the federal reserve.  We have one public bank (The Bank of North Dakota) that IS properly managed and is financially sound (which represents the interests of business and consumers in that State).   However, that being said, fiat currency is fiat currency and as long as we have Congress writing checks its body can’t cash, further driving us as a nation into debt, taxing its citizens into oblivion, using “Federal Reserve Notes” (promises to pay) as legal tender, this country is in trouble, because there’s nothing backing that debt.  We went off the Gold Standard in 1975 (thanks to Nixon).

Most people also do NOT recognize that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are administrators for their own REMIC trusts, despite the fact that when properties are converted by assignment and “alleged transfer” to a given GSE that it is likely that the actual REMIC it manages it never mentioned.  Thus, it raises suspicions that the quasi-government entities created to back the mortgage and housing markets are swindlers on paper!


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