Dave Krieger is a former major market radio news reporter and news director and television news reporter/anchorman and investigative journalist, who won national and state news awards from Associated Press Broadcasters. Dave was a former member of Radio and Television News Directors Association. Dave began studying law in early 1990; specializing in real estate, tort, consumer credit and collection issues. His first self-published work, The Credit Restoration Primer, a 263-page, self-help, credit repair book, was first released in 1995 and is now entering its 5th Edition. Dave currently serves as a paralegal and legal research analyst for a network of attorneys across America that handle real estate and foreclosure matters. He has lectured at the Texas County Clerk’s school hosted by the V.G. Young Institute and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and currently conducts audits of county land records and instructs attorneys on the subject of Chain of Title Assessments & Quiet Title Actions in continuing legal education courses around the country. The newest version of his book, Clouded Titles, is 396 pages of updated information about the aspects of foreclosure defense, strategic default, quiet title actions and county land record functions; coupled with a detailed Index and Table of Case Citations and comes highly regarded by attorneys.


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  1. Spitfire

    Hey Dave,
    I bought your book Clouded Titles about a year ago, but I had no idea that you were a Paralegal and do not remember reading that anywhere in the forward. I recently graduated from Boston Universities Paralegal Certification program because I believe that Foreclosure Defense is definitely an emerging area of law that is about to explode and I want to be a part of it. It would appear from your “About Me” tab that you are already doing what I would like to do and that is to work as a Paralegal with multiple firms as an independent contractor, and assist with legal research or whatever is needed. I graduated at the top of my class and would really like to move forward in this realm. Care to offer any suggestions as to where I might start?


    • We are a local Massachusetts group among us have may years combined experience in the area of illegal foreclosure.

      We work with 5-6 of the best and experienced attorneys is this realm. Contact me for more information. We are straight up. Many of us have worked closely with Gov. Deval Patrick, and legislators in MASS. as well as have spoken at Senate and House Finance Committee meetings.

      We could use you.

      I have read Mr; Kreiger’s book and have been in communication with him.


      • April

        Hi John,
        I just got your message and would like to speak with you. Can you send me your contact information so we can schedule a time to discuss this privately? I am working with two attorneys in the Houston area now and would like to expand. Thanks so much



      • thomasrivette

        I am interested in bridging support on this matter and am located in Florida. Please contact me for additional discussion thomas.rivette@gmail.com .


  2. I just received my forensic handwriting expert’s report on my mortgage note and just like I knew all along, it is forged. Also, the allonge attached to the note was signed with the same pen as the forged note.

    I also happened to check the Fla. Bar and found out that the attorney defending Citimortgage in this foreclosure case was “Inellegible” to practice for almost 30 days.

    Any help you may give me will be appreciated. IDEAS any one?

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  3. Rebecca

    Where are the exhibits for the Osceola examination? Thanks.


    • The exhibits should be posted on the Clerk’s Website at osceolaclerk.com. If you are having difficulty finding a specific exhibit, please let me know through the Clouded Titles.com website and I will forward it to you.


  4. Foreclosure was filed against me on Septemeber 11, 2015 in Brevard County Florida by alleged Plaintiff Carrington (debt collector hiding behind Bank of America) using foreclosure mill attorneys Marinosci Law Group, P.C. (they are in the Osceola Forensic Audit committing fraud and racketeering). I am preparing my Answer and Affirmative Defenses as we speak. My purported mortgage was originated by Taylor, Bean & Whitaker. Need I say more? I have so much fraud from day one it will make anyone’s head spin. I had an audit done in 2012 which indeed proves fraud but the securitization was not done. I am having a hard time locating in what pool my purported mortgage was dumped in. I know for a fact that Taylor Bean loans are a criminal crime scene all their own. I was also a victim of Bank of America’s bogus Office of the President and my story was featured by Bloomberg on December 16, 2013. I have been beaten to a pulp by these criminals and my financial, physical and emotional damages will be long-term. I have been screwed by the federal courts in Florida and by the bankster-loving Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. I will fight these criminals as long as it takes.


    • Isabel, It sounds to me as if Carrington is simply servicing this loan for an alleged REMIC. I would not be so curious as to what pool of loans yours might be in, as the failure rate of securitization was 100% according to many investor lawsuits (and they have way more money to play with than we do). The assignment is always effectuated years later (before any cut-off or closing date); thus, whenever they submit the Note in Florida, their UCC kicks in and the securitization isn’t so much an issue as is proving WHEN Carrington got the note and from whom.


  5. Dave,
    I just received my postcard saying I may be eligible for the latest Chase Bank settlement (probably am), regarding them accessing our credit after taking our homes and/or us filing BK.
    I read the entire settlement online & one part really bothers me. Am I understanding it correctly?

    Of course, once again they admit no wrongdoing, but I understand it to read that all the costs of notifications are coming out of the settlement end.
    Doesn’t that mean we the victims are paying for Chase to notify us that they screwed us? In that case, I cry FOUL!

    All costs of setting up an 800#, mailings, website, etc, come out of the settlement end, yet I read of no oversight to see how much of that money they spend or how wasteful they can be. Just that they get it done.
    Isn’t that “our” money?

    I have no choice but to accept, since the state of Colorado in which they stole my home has only a 3 yr statute of limitations which is about to run out in my case regarding ’em keeping the home in my name over 3 yrs after taking (& selling) it, or that they put forced place insurance on it in my name (twice) after stealing it, all of which during they probably accessed my credit, but I still can’t afford a lawyer.
    I must accept their pittance & quietly crawl away…

    Another point:
    Regarding a report that SIGTARP sent out the end of August in which they said up to 84% of us were denied modifications (& lost all), I’d like to know how many of those 16% who DID get mods, did so pro se?
    I’m bettin’ the number is zero.

    I’d also like to know how many of those who DID receive mods had loans of less than $150,000?
    Again, I’m bettin’ the number is zero, since a good foreclosure defense attorney costs much more than that. It correlates.
    [That’s what happened to me. According to the best atty in the state for foreclosure defense, I had an obvious case for clouded title & other things & should have been able to not only keep my humble ranch of 20 yrs but sue for punitive damages as well as treble. Problem? I owed $135,000 & the atty would’ve cost $200,000. Like he said, it wasn’t worth it.
    The bank then took my ranch they’d appraised @ $260,000 & I was current on making modified pymts on a refinanced loan of $140,000 when they began refusing my money & took my home, instead, selling it to Freddie Mac for over $187,000, who then sold it quickly on the open market for a mere $65,000!!!]

    I looked up finding that info out under the FOIA, but it asked me how much I was willing to pay to find out! What?
    So I just closed out the page. I’d like SIGTARP to find that out to add to their (glaring) report.

    No, still not happy about any of these “settlements”.
    I’m a long-divorced woman 64 yrs old who lost everything,
    This is NOT the American I grew up in, & I still want justice!


  6. I forgot to thank you for all you’ve done & continue to do.
    My cowgirl hat’s off to you, Dave!


  7. Kenneth S Shipman


    Do you have information about what date American Broker’s Conduit was licensed in Florida or what dates any incorporation in the New York were valid? I only seem to find information about a Texas incorporation. Specifically wondering if they were legally allowed to originate mortgages in October of 2006.


    • American Brokers Conduit was allegedly an assumed name “DBA” of American Home Finance Corporation. However, if you check http://www.sunbiz.org/scripts/ficidet.exe?action=DETREG&docnum=G05027900352&rdocnum=G99120900209, you will see that the DBA was registered in Florida. However, whether the DBA was actually “licensed to do business in Florida” remains a technical question, because the Mortgages I have reviewed have consistently said that ABC was “a New York Corporation”, which is patently false. Based on that premise alone, I believe there is room for legal challenge to this and any other entity (like America’s Wholesale Lender, also claiming to be a New York Corporation when it wasn’t) that says it’s operating as something we know full well is not.


  8. Kenneth Shipman

    I followed the Nash vs Bank of America case, which was reversed by the 5th circuit court in May 2016. Under that ruling, it appeared that lack of license or “dba” doesnt injure the mortgage or deed or prevent action in the court. http://caselaw.findlaw.com/fl-district-court-of-appeal/1733944.html

    It would seem under FL statutes, not having a license doesnt affect mortgages at all, regardless of the Lending entity named on the mortgage. Only that a fine would be applied. Where it may matter is with ABC, as a dba of American Home Finance…can a mortgage be transferred in 2010 by an agent of American Home Mortgage Servicing when the parent holding company ceased to exist and the dba was expired.

    My case is complex. The transfer was to a trust dated Jan 24, 2011. The trust closed Dec 10, 2006. The transfer was by an individual from MERS as nominee for ABC. The name and the address on the transfer do not match the name (spelling error on assignment doc) of the actual mortgage. American Home Mortgage was defunct, via bankruptcy, prior to this transfer. The dba was expired in FL.

    So, in the NASH case with AWL, Bank of America argue that there was no need to show a chain of transfer because the original lender WAS the same bank bringing the foreclosure action. In this case, the action is brought by a trust where the assignment may or not be from a valid or existing entity? Are there any cases where assignment is questioned based on whether or not ABC had a legitimate right to transfer?


    • Kenneth, Here we have an issue of “you owe somebody, it might as well be them, because they’re here in court”. This is a fallacy that has caused the theft of millions of homes by REMICs and Lenders that were not entitled to foreclosure because they lacked all of the UCC “ingredients” to be able to enforce the note, after they themselves, destroyed the chains of title with phony documents. Dave


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