Dave Krieger was a former major market radio news reporter and news director and television news reporter/anchorman and investigative journalist, who won national and state news awards from Associated Press Broadcasters. Dave was a former member of Radio and Television News Directors Association. Dave has authored four books: The Credit Restoration Primer (1995); Clouded Titles (2010-14); The Quiet Title War Manual (2016); and FDCPA, Debt Collection & Foreclosures (2017).

Dave also conducted audits and forensic examinations of real property records in Williamson County, Texas (2012) and Osceola County, Florida (2014). If you want to read the Osecola County Forensic Examination, you can download it off of the Osceola County Clerk’s website (osceolaclerk.com) or at academia.edu; and the Williamson County Real Property Records Audit on that Clerk’s website (wilco.org).  For those who appreciate the effort Dave provided here, you can send emails to cloudedtitles@gmail.com.  You can continue to purchase Dave’s books on his website at CloudedTitles.com.


6 responses to “About

  1. Michele

    Without Dave Krieger, Foreclosure Defense Attorneys would be lost in the dark.


  2. What happened to the story about Csl-Western Reconveyance closing up?



    Help !!


  4. Bobbi Swann

    With Mark Stopa now under suspension and his clients being notified to get representation elsewhere, do you have any idea of a good FC attorney in the Hillsborough County FL or Pinellas County FL market?


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