Dave Krieger was a former major market radio news reporter and news director and television news reporter/anchorman and investigative journalist, who won national and state news awards from Associated Press Broadcasters. Dave was a former member of Radio and Television News Directors Association. Dave has authored four books: The Credit Restoration Primer (1995); Clouded Titles (2010-14); The Quiet Title War Manual (2016); and FDCPA, Debt Collection & Foreclosures (2017).

Dave also conducted audits and forensic examinations of real property records in Williamson County, Texas (2012) and Osceola County, Florida (2014). If you want to read the Osecola County Forensic Examination, you can download it off of the Osceola County Clerk’s website (osceolaclerk.com) or at academia.edu; and the Williamson County Real Property Records Audit on that Clerk’s website (wilco.org).  For those who appreciate the effort Dave provided here, you can send emails to cloudedtitles@gmail.com.  You can continue to purchase Dave’s books on his website at CloudedTitles.com.


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  1. Michele

    Without Dave Krieger, Foreclosure Defense Attorneys would be lost in the dark.


  2. What happened to the story about Csl-Western Reconveyance closing up?



    Help !!


  4. Bobbi Swann

    With Mark Stopa now under suspension and his clients being notified to get representation elsewhere, do you have any idea of a good FC attorney in the Hillsborough County FL or Pinellas County FL market?


  5. Bobbi Swann

    I was inquiring for a friend in foreclosure; however, at this point, the case is stalled. She was able to find an attorney in Tampa who is suggesting a short sale scenario. Though I disagree I would not be one to advise in any other direction. I fought my case in Pasco County for 11+ years and eventually lost. I have yet to find a judge who is ‘fair and balanced’ in the laws surrounding foreclosures. I think my case was the longest standing case in Pasco.


  6. It is all the more reason why homeowners need this workshop. The way we work our cases, we make sure the judge stays honest. I disagree with short sales if there are phony documents in the land records.


    • Bobbi Swann

      And we need to research our Judges when they are running for office! Myu first assigned Judge was 70 years old and way too long on the bench. Unfortunately the one I had @ my trial was ‘placed’ there by Gov Scott due to mid-term retirement of my first one. Upon election day, he was elected back to the bench with no previous experience in foreclosure. He was an ambulance chaser for some firm. The whole trial was a joke and this judge is now there until the next election. I have no clue as to how people vote without knowing their backgrounds.


  7. Dorothy

    Help! Dispersement if Trust is oct 3, 2019.
    My sisters husband has done a pyramid scheme, everyone who contributes $325K gets a home for $405K and endless advise from advisors over the last 10 years, my mom was unknowingly a buy in, a lady from Kraft foods was too and helped trick her out of her home, and her 1/2 million investment that was to go into the stock market. Side note I purchased a property from the trust, never received the title, only a copy of a title. I see that it’s be repurchased by a trust, but they’ve not been forth coming with her assets trust. My moms home I know was actually sold to the lady from Kraft foods in 2007, her son did the assessment in 07, he ends up hung after taking possession in 2017. Sisters husband sells a San Diego property 11/17/2017 same day my moms home sells for the same amount, but that property was owned by another person??? Lady that buys it is basically the c e o of where my sister had my mom doing clinical trials for $7k a month???? Maybe that ladies$325K buy in, sister inflates her income on her website for the fact she’s making way more money. Life insurance company I call there are 8 policies, it was shell games
    Y mom told me she had to go to this lady with the same name in Lancaster to keep her stocks and life insurance safe from the “bad guy” as you could imagine. Can you help me, oh lady in Lancaster received new home in 2018.


    • Dorothy

      My brother u know jumped in and invested as he was always broke shows he’s related to a Nancy Lee &@&&&& in 2017 who was dead in 2005? I believe the phony payout with the life insurance company is part of the Fraud, her husband became a notary three days after my mom passed away by the way. Anyway I need more time, and I need to show that my title to this Arizona property is clouded. I’ve notified the SEC the IRS the FBI the OCD a, I just have a feeling nothing is happening.


    • Dorothy,

      We obviously do not have enough specific details to discuss this openly, which I never do because details can be crucial, especially when they can be used against you in court. It appears that you’ve been scammed. I can tell you the California Attorney General’s office might be interested to hear about your dilemma (or whichever state the acts were committed in). We do not misrepresent opportunity in any of our workshops. In fact, we have all people who attend sign disclaimers that the results obtained (which we show you actual examples where we have proof what we’re doing works) may not be applicable to everyone’s situation. Some people learn what we teach, go home and do nothing with the education. Other people “blow the doors off” and out-perform our expectations. A lot of it is your stamina to deal with situations, which not every one of them, as you have discovered, work to your advantage when the people behind the scenes have ulterior motives.



    • I would advice any further communication with me be done through my email at cloudedtitles@gmail.com and please include all recorded documentation from the land records.


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