(OP-ED) — Round two of not being straight with the American people.

This author has never been so frustrated watching a debate before as this one. I thought the last debate was a joke. This one was a polite joke.

FIRST PERSON: “I felt like I was trying to break out of a thorazine drip!”

Neither Vice Presidential candidate truly answered the questions posed by Susan Page directly and to the point before they started in on each other’s alleged track records and that of their presidential components. Some questions Page posited went completely unanswered. What kind of answers do the American people deserve? The ones from talking heads?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to get out of your chair, reach into the TV set and bitch-slap a candidate to get to the truth of what is going on?


The first thing I would do is answer the moderator’s question point blank. That way, I wouldn’t come off sounding like a politician. If you want to play loose and fast with the facts, even if their “your own facts” (sic), then don’t answer the f**king question. After you give the direct answer to the question, then you can elaborate and go off on any tangent you want. But to take off on the previous point and play the antagonist, trying to throw off your opponent, I’m dumbfounded. If I could just get a straight answer …

I think the whole charade before the American public was dumbfounding. All the politicos can pat themselves on the back, thinking their side won … and all the glib libs came right on after the debate, extolling the virtues of whatever mattered, when in fact, nothing about this debate mattered. It was a 3-ring circus! Geez. At least they could have put Deborah Norville on there and cobbled together something representing Entertainment Tonight. This was worse than the effing Oscars!

I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is disrespected because he is a businessman and whether he pays $750 a year in taxes? Seriously? I wish we could all have the same business acumen he has … we’d all be millionaires!

With that, I quote the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Learned Hand in the case of Gregory v. Helvering, 293 US 465 (1935):

“Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes. Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.”

Now if Americans understood that, they would all be trying to figure out how to not pay taxes. It’s not tax evasion. It’s tax avoidance. And Harris made it out as if President Trump did something illegal when in fact, he’s a businessman and that’s why the Democratic hierarchy and Deep State despise him. If people knew that they could form their own LLC and be self-employed and get over 75 write-offs a year on their taxes, they’d be doing it.

The problem is … they don’t recognize opportunity unless they have a mindset for business. That’s way out of their comfort zone. They’d rather (as Kevin Spacey put it in American Beauty) have “a job with the least amount of responsibility.”

There was so much contradictory information tossed about by Miss Nasal and Mr. Perfect Hair that I found it nauseating as I tried to get to the truth of the subject matter on a split screen that featured talking heads shaking at each other in disbelief, ignoring the subject matter of the questions and using their precious time to attack the other side’s alleged positions.

We still haven’t gotten to the truth about Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails and who hired who to surveil the Trump Campaign. We don’t know if it was a smoke screen, but I couldn’t get past the “fracking” attacks to reach any known conclusion as the events of this are still unfolding.

The only thing I surmised from all this was the entire debate was a polite extension of the first one. And I think most Americans have done enough research on Kamala Harris to know she’s not black. Even the media is fumbling with the facts. I don’t know if I could take four years of President Harris’ nasality. Is that Barbra Streisand wearing a wig? Can I get a cup of coffee? What a whiner! OMG! Did I say President Harris? I think you all know why I might have misspoke. If Joe Biden is elected, he will be the oldest serving President … and he could make history by passing away while in office (or hiding behind a mask in his basement). Hell, who knows? Is President Harris what you want?

Throughout history, there is a marked difference in politics:

Republican: Pro Business, Lower Taxes, More Deductions, Lower Government Regulations and Interference, Promotion of a Free Market Enterprise System, Pro-Corporatism, Less Control over the Individual, Pro-Bank, Less Environmental Controls

Democrat: Pro Consumer, Higher Taxes, Less Deductions, More Government Regulations and Interference with Free Market Enterprise, Anti-Corporatism, More Control over the Individual, Pro-Bank, More Environmental Controls

And AOC wants her Green New Deal to stop cows farting? Seriously? Anyone for cow tipping? All of DC needs an enema folks!

I would hate to see mandatory vaccines like they’re doing in Western Australia. If you don’t comply, they’ll take you somewhere, strip you and force a needle in your butt! Don’t think that couldn’t happen here? Think again. This vaccine might have a biochip in it! One that tracks every move you make, your cellular makeup and your ongoing health statistics! That’s on the table right now and it’s pretty scary shit!

I guess I can only close by saying … Vote your conscience. What do you want to see in DC for the next 4 years? (as if I expect anything different out of this 1-party system) Hand me the hairspray! My coif is coming undone.

After this farce, I need a drink.


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2 responses to “ANSWER THE F**KING QUESTION!

  1. Terry Conaway

    Trump’s father had the “business acumen”. Had it not been for all the hard work he did, Donald J Trump would be a nobody and paying taxes like the rest of us. Republicans being for less control over the individual, lower gov’t regulations? You can’t be taking about the same republican party I know. The party that gave us homeland security and you think they are the party of less control? Give me a break!!! Nothing will change no matter who wins. The people who call the shots control BOTH parties. Our gov’t runs for their personal benefit only. They are the house and they will always win. They just let us have these elections knowing most of us thinks it’s the other side that’s the problem. We are too busy fighting the other side to notice our gov’t was stolen. We can’t see the forest for all the damn trees and that’s just the way they want it to be!!!


    • The Donald had to learn from someone, somewhere. The biggest problem now is Deep State and the outside influences that manage it. America has been turned into a 1-party system and both sides of the aisle are responsible for allowing it to happen while We the People slept. I had a meeting with the Republican Congressman from my district the other night and he admitted that Deep State was manipulating everything, including the fear mongering over COVID. They have ulterior motives and they’ve got us all arguing and fighting over trivial nonsense while thousands of pages of laws are passed by Congress each year. It doesn’t matter what “restrictions” are imposed and which administration, Republican or Democrat, impose them. They’re all designed to enslave us into indentured servitude. People seem to be functioning in that modality quite well, until they’re forced to think. Then they rely on the goop they’re spoon fed by Communist News Network. This is why I write parodies like (to Winter Wonderland) … “Later on, we’ll conspire, to go to Wendy’s, and start a fire.” I make funny because I know a farce when I see one.


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