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(BREAKING NEWS) — Registration for this year’s “foreclosure defense” basics workshop is now open!


This workshop will be held online via a webinar format (GoToMeeting), which automatically records the entire 4-hour presentation so you can watch it over and over again after the workshop has ended!

The downloadable flyer contains the entire syllabus, which represents the tools you’ll need to fight a foreclosure, whether it’s judicial or non-judicial in nature! Plus, the registration form is also included (when you read the Registration Form, you’ll know why we’ve included it).

This live event is hosted by Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger, who will feature California attorney Al West (who Dave has co-authored two different books and DVD video sets with) and R. J. Malloy (Dave’s retired attorney co-host on City Spotlight – Special Edition on WKDW-FM), a 9-year-tenured law clerk for a former U. S. District Court judge! One better … Ron Gillis will also be joining us in studio (live from Florida) to discuss how he has been able to stave off a bank foreclosure on his home for over 12 years!

Plus … we’ll be covering courtroom procedures and protocols, which is something we didn’t normally cover in our previous classes … a new addition which promises to add some serious “spark” to your foreclosure defense campaign to stay in your home!


The foreclosure realm is like one big sandbox. You’re in one corner. The judge is in the corner to the right of you. The foreclosure mill attorney is facing you in the opposite corner, while the sneaky mortgage loan servicer’s “witness” is hiding behind his COVID mask in the corner to your left. Once you know WHO your opponents are … it makes it easier to know when and where to “kick the sand”. In this author’s world, no one wants to “play with you” when you’re no fun to play with. No one likes bullies either … and that’s what the attorney facing you in the sandbox wants to portray, because they’ve got legal skills you don’t … yet. Our objective here is to keep the mortgage foreclosure mill’s attorney and his witness out of the sandbox (the courtroom) as long as possible … and when the time comes … how to kick sand in their faces (figuratively speaking of course)! It’s the only visual this author can really use to describe what you’re facing in today’s courts.

This author knows that retaining a foreclosure defense attorney is risky … and in this workshop, you’ll find out why that is so.

We will be providing you with extensive PDF files of court cases, diagrams, sample forms and pleadings and all the “stuff” you’ll need to study to empower you and your “game plan” while creating a Plan B exit strategy. The banks and their mortgage loan servicers would just love to see you out on the street, your valuables tossed to the curb by the Sheriff … something none of our online workshop guests want, especially with a virus running rampant.

In case you can’t attend the Saturday, October 24th online, 4-hour workshop, it will be available online at CloudedTitles.com shortly thereafter for your repeated viewing pleasure; however, we hope you’ll join us for the live event because you get to ask questions in our “chat box” about the tools we’ll be sharing during the event!

You must register in advance to get the link to the workshop the morning of the show, which starts promptly at 10:00 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time!

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