(BREAKING NEWS, OP-ED) — The author posits the following information for your educational benefit and none of the extra diatribe is legal advice, nor should it be construed as such. The UPDATE is in bold-faced type. 

CDC order on Evictions

Tenants and foreclosure victims now have until the end of this year to sweat bullets, thanks to COVID-19 and the created “pandemic” now in play in America.  This is a great time to effectuate a Plan B.

If you have gobs of equity … sell the home at a profit and downsize, even if it means a move to a different part of the country.

If you can sell the home and downsize … consider taking on a new or sideline business to make extra money.

Anything involving food, water, shelter, transportation or anything considered a “vice” are great lines of work to get into.

There are online sources you can research to investigate the costs of starting up your own business.  You’ll have better luck with that in Red States, as opposed to Blue States, for obvious reasons.

The political hierarchy will not tolerate a never-ending moratorium forever, especially after the 2020 elections, when this author feels as if the government will tell everyone, “Oh, look, the pandemic is over!”

Sarcasm aside, if the COVID-19 death counts are screwed up and the infection rates are screwed up, trusting in anyone but yourself at this point in time seems the only plausible solution.

Oh … and by the way … according to this publication (which is going into the Federal Register tout suite), on Page 33 (at the bottom of the page) the only time the word “foreclosures” is used … is to exclude them from this moratorium.  The author hopes you caught that.  Evictions are possessory actions that cover renters only and not those who were hoping to catch a “free ride” courtesy of the banks.  Notice how the author worded the headline?  Evictions are one thing.  Evictions due to foreclosures are quite something else.  See Page 10 of the foregoing CDC release if you don’t believe that.  And … the federal government expects you to pay your rent; however, many homeowners who have neglected to do so because of hardships are expected to seek help from state and local authorities to assist in making their payments.


Jurisdictionally, you’re probably asking yourself WHO is covered under this Order.  The Secretary has issued the mandate for ALL 50 states.  If you are renting anything in the 50 states, you just got a “go pass” from being tossed out on the street because the Secretary (who herself appears to be uptight and anal about this whole COVID thing) is afraid that if tenants are evicted, the number of COVID-19 cases will spike. 

That’s utter bullshit, given the CDC has already admitted to fudging the numbers.  Their numbers, as well as those of the various states that have imposed lockdowns on their respective populations, cannot be trusted any longer.  This has now become a political chess match and we are collectively ALL caught in the middle of it.  The closer we get to the 2020 elections, the higher the “counts” will be.  After November 3rd … watch the numbers plummet and VOILA! … all of a sudden … the pandemic has gone away.   

If the governments were seriously scared of this virus as they should have been during the 1918 pandemic, everyone in the country would have been ordered to stay inside their homes and don’t come out unless you have a Level 4 biolab suit on with protective respiratory gear … just like the ones they wear in Fort Detrick, Maryland, where some of this shit (the respective viruses) are created, stored and toyed with! However, the politicians found it convenient to make an excuse why our borders should remain open so more infected people can come to America and spread the disease even faster … because … as you are probably well aware … the new “anticipated”, “unprecedented” food shortage is looming and we have to reduce the world’s population if we’re going to continue to survive.  

For those of you not picking up on that last comment … it’s called DEPOPULATION.   Remember that saying, “Give me your tired, your poor.”  Well, the government here in America is tired of being poor and they want to rid all of this country’s “excess baggage” (all who your Congresspeople deem to be worthless pieces of shit) from the face of the earth.  What a better way to start the ball rolling that with a virus concocted in a lab in China and Maryland? 

This is reality folks, not a conspiracy.  If this virus only got rid of 176,000 people in the U. S. … that means we have to have some other way to “rid the numbers”.  

Wait a tick!  Here’s another great solution!  A vaccine laced with more of the virus!  Even more effective in eliminating the population because most of those who are scared will run to the nearest dispensary to get the vaccine.  Just a little prick … and within months … you’re gone. 

What this author finds particularly humerous is how Congressional and State leaders can mandate that everyone wear masks when they get their hair done, yet Nancy Pelosi can go out and get her hair done without a mask on.  Doesn’t that strike you as hypocritical?  Do what I say, not what I do.  Ain’t that a bitch?   Geez.  If the rest of the population has to wear a mask and risk getting their makeup smeared all over, so can Nancy.  Oh … wait a minute.  Maybe for her, that’s not such a great idea.  She should just stay home and have a podcast playdate, tearing papers in half while frowning, in total disrespect that people are waking up to the Congressional bullshit they’ve been trying to feed us. 

I know … you’ll probably have nightmares over this right?  Maybe she should wear a mask so we don’t have to look at her!  She’s been in office how long?  30 years. Biden’s been in office 47 years.  What do you think they’ve accomplished in that amount of time? Seriously.  Trump is not really a politician.  He’s a CEO (businessman).  How many attorneys (titles of nobility) have we had as president? 26.  How many businessmen have been president? 7 (Harding, Hoover, Truman, Carter, G.H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush and now Trump).  Which President issued the most pardons while in office?  (FDR … because he served nearly 4 terms … 2,819, followed by Truman, who issued 1,913).  Which President absolved the sentences of convicts during his two terms in office? (Obama … 1,937).  Which American President has the greatest peak net worth? (Donald Trump, with $4.5-billion, followed by George Washington, who amassed $587-million). No other president has come that close.  

If our economy was doing that well economically BEFORE the pandemic, should we re-elect a billionaire businessman whose hasn’t taken a salary while in office (donated it to worthy causes) or a 47-year politician whose net worth (self-proclaimed) is $9-million and who was part of an administration that forced us all to pay to have health care? 

Now, whether none of the foregoing really matters, have you forgotten what the Constitution states about what the duties of the President are? 

Click HERE to further your studies. 





  1. The CDC order doesn’t include foreclosure on a mortgage. See page 10 #5


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