(BREAKING NEWS) — See the attached PDF of the case of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Navient Corporation and Navient Solutions LLC.

Commonwealth of Penn v Navient Corp et al, 3rd App Cir No 19-2116 (Jul 27, 2020)_Predecential

The Appellate Court held that the Commonwealth may pursue a concurrent consumer protection act violation action against student loan servicer Navient while the U.S. government pursues its own action.  While this may not represent a major victory personally for those Navient has been abusing during the student loan debt collection process, it does signal an effort to reign in the alleged misbehaviors that are currently plaguing consumers saddled with these debts.


Here is the attached PDF of the U. S. District Court’s denial of the Oregon Attorney General’s request for a temporary injunction to stop the U. S. Government from bringing in more troops to police the courthouse in Portland and other federal property in the state:

Rosenbum v John Does et al, US Dist Ore No 3-20-cv-01161-MO (July 24, 2020)

(OP-ED) —

It is a sad state of affairs when the states exceed their 10th Amendment rights and attempt to interfere with the federal government’s enforcement of its own codes.  The federal government does indeed have the right (I checked on this) to protect federal property, which includes courthouses, in addition to those occupying space within those properties.  It also gives the feds the right to ascertain who the vandals were that inflicted damage on the buildings and if their investigation results in the arrest of those culpable, they face federal charges, for which prison terms will most likely be meted out.

Unfortunately, the states do have a right to exercise discretionary lockdowns in the event of a public emergency; however, if the actions are not based on scientific evidence and only purely on emotion, then rights of the respective citizens get trampled upon.

The question becomes, how liberal do you have to get to make your point?  Minneapolis’s City Council voted 12-0 to ABOLISH the city’s police department.  Would you want to live in a city that has minimal to no law enforcement to keep the peace?  It’s literally an invitation for all anarchists to come in and  burn down entire city blocks, occupied or not.  I wonder why they haven’t identified all of those who voted to abolish the police department and burn their houses down first.  Do you ever wonder if that would happen?  Apparently, politicians don’t “get it” until they’re personally affected, if you get my drift.  This is why Florida no longer has vehicle inspections.


This is why I’m working on my newest book about the Second Civil War in America.  It’s obvious the politicos in DC aren’t going to stop setting a piss-poor example of how to effectively run a government.  Both sides of the aisle have trampled on our rights and allowed history to be diminished in America.  If you don’t believe me, look at who was in office when the Glass-Steagall Act got repealed … look at who was in office when the USA Patriot Act was enacted … look at who was in office when this country was subjected to national healthcare … BOTH sides of the aisle have screwed us.  Think about the number of rights you gave up by capitulating to the fear-mongering of Deep State in today’s times.

Those who are willing to give up liberty in favor of security deserve neither liberty nor security.  — Ben Franklin

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