UPDATE: I’d like to personally thank everyone who participated in the Giving Challenge event for Southwest Florida (one food bank, with matching funds from the Patterson Foundation, raised almost $450,000!  WOW! 

(BREAKING NEWS) — Most of you who are acquainted with my postings on Clouded Titles Blog are probably also aware that I do radio shows on WKDW-FM, 97.5 in North Port, Florida, which can be heard worldwide on  The main show most of you listen to is City Spotlight – Special Edition, where my co-host, retired attorney R. J. Malloy, banter back and forth about legal and consumer issues.  R. J. is considered my “legal voice of reason”, given the fact he is a retired attorney and was a law clerk for a U.S. District Court judge for 9 years.  We have been doing this show now for nearly two (2) years, thanks to the generous donations to the station by not only myself (who donates thousands), but also from listeners familiar with this station that have tuned in time and again to get a “community radio perspective” on things, which means cutting through the mainstream media bullshit and getting down to brass tacks about the real concerns here that the media won’t address.

We even have attorneys, state and federal judges listening to our show! 

This is why we have over 16,000 regular internet listeners to this show, which airs Friday nights at 6:00 p.m. (EDT) and again on the following Monday at 2:00 p.m. (EDT).  As a matter of fact, this community radio station has more volunteers than most other community-based, low-power FM stations through the country, which is why we produce over 43 shows per week, while other stations are scrambling trying to fill an hour of broadcast time.  It is for that reason, we are creating LPFM Media, which resells many of our broadcasts to other community radio stations in both Florida and across the country.

The station is run by the Community Broadband Radio Association, a 501(c)(3) established right here in North Port, Florida.  CBRA has a rather large board of directors, which I was recently voted to be a member of. We are all required to raise money for the station (or pay a sum certain annually to be on the board, which I’ve already done). And I still see a need to raise money for this worthwhile project because it costs money to keep the rent paid and the lights on, despite our best efforts to raise money locally.  Which brings me to my next point of discussion: By keeping this radio station up and running, it’s like having an extension to the blog where you can get more information for free, just by accessing the internet. Remember, you can still donate to the station any time you want to on THIS LINK

You should also know that this station serves as the Emergency Broadcast Station (EBS) for our area and the staff here, especially R. J., who holds dual Irish citizenship, put together Irish World Radio, which also occupies a spot on our broadcast calendar.  All of our work here is volunteer.  That means I’ve done two years worth of weekly radio shows here at my own expense.

Again, thank you for your loving support!



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