(BREAKING NEWS) — A doctor in St. Louis had been bombarding Facebook with the truth about fake news and Operation Mockingbird and the fact you’re not being told the truth.  He also suggested zinc and tonic water were great immune system builders and that we should be demanding to know the truth about what’s really going on here.  Hospitals all over the country are laying off staff because the state’s prohibited non-essential surgeries and elective procedures due to the infection rates caused by the coronavirus.

As expected, what the doctor had to say was “colorful” and Facebook deleted his video.

Facebook is NOT your friend for accurate information. If you’ll notice, it’s currently being occupied by folks who seemingly have nothing better to do with their time than engage in idle chit-chat and exchanging jokes, which is what FB likes (and the government too) … because “Uncle” monitors Facebook and nothing of yours is sacred on this site.  It also demonstrates how feeble-minded and/0r scared a lot of people are.  How do we know that the government is not monitoring all of this information to help it determine the “panic level” of the sheeple?  It’s also a huge rumor mill you should avoid digesting anything accurate from.  Assume everything on Facebook is unsubstantiated rumor until fact checked!

ALL … and I mean ALL of the websites that offer “statistical” data are inaccurate.

Johns Hopkins (on their site) admits where they get all of their information from (at the bottom of the page); thus, if you read the disclaimers, you’re being told the information is: (a.) understated; and (b) thus, not fully accurate.  Assume that the numbers are higher than what are being reported.

There is other important news you should know that we’re looking into: 

  1. The World Health Organization knew as early as December 31, 2019 that the coronavirus outbreak was rapidly occurring in China and didn’t report the pandemic until January 14, 2020 … two weeks later.  Why did it wait so long to declare a pandemic?
  2. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) found out just how successful the virus was, they started buying up all the medical supplies they could from Europe, knowing this virus was going to infiltrate the world.  Then, when it hit, they upped the price and sold it back to the countries they infected. Please understand this is not the same bunch as the People’s Republic of China. The CCP are crooked bastards and they are definitely no friend of the U.S.
  3. There is enough proof on RESEARCHGATE to show that this virus was manufactured in a bioweapons lab. Scientists all over the world are sharing information about how the disease really got started and how it was made and what it was made of.   It did not occur naturally in a “wet market”.  This is fake news pontificated by the CCP to deflect where the virus strains really came from … from reportedly 40 individuals the CCP infected in a medical clinic next to the bioweapons lab.  The 40 then went out and spread it to everyone else.  Nice test, eh?
  4. Dr. Fauci (the President’s medical adviser) appears to be “talking out the other side of his mouth” when it comes to treatment of the virus.  Fact check everything he says because some of it is fake news and cannot be attributed to him.  Fauci did say on a recent interview that we really didn’t have to worry about COVID-19 … that it wasn’t going to be a big deal.  And this guy is advising the President? How do we know Fauci is not part of Deep State?

Watch and share this information with all your friends and act accordingly.  Please also note that statistically, which can be fact checked, the bigger the metro area and concentration of people, the more reported cases and deaths there will be.  Tune into to this poster’s radio show, this Friday night at 6:04 p.m. EDT on WKDW-FM (North Port, FL).  Click here to get the station! 

Stay safe. We haven’t hit peak here yet in the U.S.




  1. Steven Jungers

    Link shut down


    • Steven, We knew the link would not stay up there long. Facebook shut it down! Facebook is part of the communication problem. The government is up Zuckerberg’s ass about everything involving his website and anything that is controversial is going to be deleted. This was unfortunate. As to what the doctor shared, he talked about fake news and how these outlets and the officials that made this stuff up should be ashamed of themselves. He also made mention of how Schwepp’s Tonic Water and Zinc should be “looked at” as a means of keeping up your immune system, as the doctors in Los Angeles were using Chlorquine and a Z-pac to help fight COVID-19. Tonic water contains quinine, which is contained within Chlorquine. He mentioned also that hospitals were laying off employees, which sounds weird because there should be more medical workers fighting this virus and there aren’t, because all of the unnecessary surgeries and elective procedures have been eliminated from the hospitals vis a vis the orders given by the states, thus, hospitals are losing money and can’t stay open with full staffs during this crisis. It also shows us exactly how “prepared” we are here … doesn’t speak kindly about that.


  2. John Reed

    Who knows…. just check out the list of video’s you get on youtube when you search for “coronavirus false”


    • Think of the covid-19 as a pin that just burst the largest debt bubble in perhaps even world history. Now they’re trying to blow more smoke up our keisters by monetizing even more debt. They’re also monetizing Commerical Mortgage-Backed Securities in addition to residential MBSs, Treasuries and also Municipal bonds. They’ve already really close to doing more in QE4 than all the three previous QEs combined. The virus is the “cause”? NO, the bubble was bursting anyway.


  3. JohnR

    He’s back up! Here’s a youtube link

    Frank Hahnel A real Doctor telling it like it is. It’s all Fake. 

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Frank Hahnel A real Doctor telling it like it is. It’s all Fake.





    John A. Reed150 W. Dorothy Lane Apt. 317Dayton, Ohio


  4. Great Post. Good job.


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