(OP-ED) — The author of this post is a consultant to foreclosure defense attorneys on chain of title and declaratory relief issues.  The information posted on this blog should not be construed as legal advice nor taken as an implication of any guaranteed legal outcome.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how easy it is to put an entire nation in a state of panic.  This episode was worse than Y2K.  In the last quarter of 1999, there was a huge uptick in consumer spending (hoarding mostly) in preparation for a “D-Day and D-Hour” that never happened.

On January 1, 2000, the clocks all rolled over and the power stayed on.  Nothing happened.  So what was the frenzy all about?  Stocking up on supplies for future use?

Fast forward to September 11, 2001.  We all know what happened then.  Over 3,000 people died.  Years later, first responders are dying of mesothelioma and other respiratory-related diseases.  Was was more interesting was the USA Patriot Act … already drafted and on the shelf … enacted by Congress (without reading it all first), based on what appears to be some political think tank’s “whim”, in an effort to allegedly “protect us” by taking away a few of our constitutional rights to privacy.  In turn, we had to have an enemy, which turned out to be Saddam Hussein.  The U.S. literally created a political vacuum in Iran and the Middle East when it executed Hussein.

Eventually, it destroyed another enemy, namely, Osama Bin Laden; however, we didn’t have photos of his body and no one seems to know “officially” what part of the ocean his body was dumped in, if in fact, that was a fact.

Fast forward to January, 2020. The world gets word that a new “virus” has started to spread in China, apparently originating out of Wuhan, China, wherein there is at least one of the 7 known world centers for bioweapons manufacture.  At that point, the propaganda mills started cranking out disinformation.

Fast forward to March 9, 2020.  The Grand Princess cruise ship has been circling off the coast of Northern California and finally docks at a port in Oakland with over 3,500 people on board, 21 who have tested positive for COVID-19.  As you may be aware, the air conditioning is recirculated on cruise ships (unlike airlines I’ve been told).  The passengers were eventually allowed to disembark and many were taken to treatment facilities and cleared or hospitalized for further treatment. Notice how we haven’t heard a word about their outcomes?

Fast forward to April, 2020.  Spring break has culminated and the college kids have left the beach.  In the meantime, another Princess Cruise liner has docked in the Port of Miami with two dead passengers on board. However, their causes of death were NOT DISCLOSED.  Two other cruise liners docked in the Port at Fort Lauderdale and 14 critically ill people were taken to local hospitals where 11 reportedly died.  The Governor of the State of Florida, under pressure from a lot of political “quarters”, issued “Safer at Home” orders, towing the line with 39 other states who have done similar voluntary quarantines.

Oppression versus Depression.  All of a sudden, the media starts a two-fold campaign. The first is to drive America into a mass panic over a virus that is being used as a tool for the second part of the campaign … to smear President Trump and any other Republican Governor who “hasn’t acted fast enough”.  And the Republicans are pointing back at the Democrats, who they claim have contrived this “hoax” to make the President and the Republicans look bad … does that seem logical?

The “corona-crisis”, for obvious reasons, is now being used for what I believe to me a means of creating more political unrest.  Not only that, look how much “pork” was attached to the stimulus package Congress just passed.  We’re all told (by our two-party system that passed this bill) that this will be a “good thing” for America, just like the USA Patriot Act is a “good thing for America”.

When will you stop acting as if it’s okay for the government to invade your privacy?  When they have drones parked outside your bedroom windows every night, listening to your pillow talk?

Suicide is Painless! 

While there are no specific numbers of note, Scientific American published an article indicating that mass panic is likely to cause people to commit suicide, either over the fact they might be infected or from the stress of believing that the virus “might get them” at some point and they can’t take it any more.  Gee, what a great idea (promote suicide as a way) to clean out “the gene pool”. Suggest that if you can’t take it, suicide is an option.  All the weak-willed morons out there will take them up on that one!  Hey!  Here!  Eat this Tide Pod while you’re at it!   

All of those testing lines that were supposed to be ongoing at all of these “centers” … and a group of “not even journalists” have taken it upon themselves to go out and videotape hospitals that are empty and appear to be devoid of testing for COVID-19 whatsoever … CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

You can take your pick of whatever video you want to watch.  The results appear to be the same.

Are we being lied to about the seriousness of this “pandemic”?   Is this “flatten the curve” mantra nothing more than a way to keep people in their homes?  Was it manufactured to simply “bust up” the supply chain and cripple it long enough for the federal government to accomplish “something else”?  Something even more sinister?

Notice the bickering going on between our two-party system over a budget?  And how much of that “budget” was to be used for actually fighting the corona-crisis?

Now tell me that this “crisis” wasn’t manufactured for a reason!  The government doesn’t take a dump without a reason. We spend way too much time pointing fingers and accusing each other about “woulda, coulda, shoulda” and not enough about being united for a reason.

Hospital layoffs?  Nurses getting fired!  Wait!  I thought we were in a crisis?  WTF?

And if this crisis was so bad, why did Sarasota Memorial Hospital furlough nearly half its workers (Florida) if the pandemic was that bad?  Was it because the “orders” said no elective or unnecessary surgeries are to be performed?  Is it because 99% of all the hospitals in America are making money off of elective and unnecessary surgeries?  Why on earth are people being told to quarantine at home until it gets so bad they have to be transported to a hospital and put on ventilators that are still in short supply?

Why are the numbers of people who have allegedly tested positive for the coronavirus inaccurate?  Take the numbers of those who tested positive and compare that to the number of deaths.  Are we talking a fraction of a percentage point here?  And those people are are told to stay at home and self-quarantine and report the results to their local health departments … why aren’t they listing how many have actually recovered from the virus?  Is it because they need to keep instilling panic in the population?  Was this “crisis” manufactured for the purposes of “control”?   Was it a simulated exercise to see how much panic pressure we can put on Americans before they will either be oppressed into submission or “off themselves” because they can’t take the pressure of being quarantine?  Why are the numbers of those who have “recovered’ not being updated regularly?

And why do I feel as if the foreclosure crisis is about to start up again to the likes of 2009 … and the government will do nothing to stop this from happening past its 60-day mandatory order NOT to foreclose.  Does that seem logical as well?

Do you know where you find the word “sympathy” in the dictionary?  Between “shit” and “syphillis”.

How can I feel sorry for people who put themselves in harm’s way if the “harm” isn’t really there?

Can you honestly say to yourself you know for a fact that the “harm” IS really there? 

We’ll see what happens to the law of averages of this corona-crisis after the 30 day “stay at home” is over … see if they extend it longer and come up with another scare tactic to oppress us all … as we move closer to our November elections.  If in fact, this was a political stunt, who will you put your faith in then? The entire two-party system passed this pork budget!  Go look it up and see how much wasn’t spent on the corona-crisis!  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Now … start thinking for yourselves and analyze WHY you think this crisis might have been created for a reason and post your opinion on this website so you can share your opinion with others who are reading this post.  All lives matter in this “game”!  Your opinion does count … so make it a sane, rational and honest one.  I will not approve posts that are not sane or rational.






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  1. John Reed

    So 1st, check out this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwMLMXV6mcU&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR27u3rx4PsrgX_LncptQ4q2BOdWVhoWOY8_sFzTQ77LKk3F0Pv2ozkZA0o

    then 2nd…. this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-c-ZOMyLs8&fbclid=IwAR30_eHfb8jKqKly_FxR63T41rV_Q1gGhbRPK-mhZAIJFwCMB45d2IMaZDA

    and finally 3rd… check out the articles on this page… https://wallstreetonparade.com/9426-2/

    These are truly some interesting time we’re living in right now… enjoy the ride.


  2. Gwen

    I totally agree.  The swine flu killed 17,000 in the U.S., most people don’t remember. I do because it affected my business. We aren’t even close to that number of deaths. I think this is all political.  It is a strain of the flu. Thousands die every year. One person has died in our county and she was 80 with health problems. 

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  3. Tobias Lowell

    One world government anybody? As a Christian I don’t wish bad on anyone but at the same time I’m only human and somehow I found myself thinking the other day, after losing my house of 30 years to fraudclosure here in Miami, what would happen if some of these judges rubber stamping these foreclosures were to fall sick, would they change their evil judgments. Of course it was just a thought I would never wish that on my worst enemy or would I? I am so confused.


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