(BREAKING NEWS — OP-ED) — April 1, 2020 … this is NOT an April Fool’s joke!

This is a short post.  If you want to hear the full story, tune into City Spotlight-Special Edition (with this poster) on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT on! I will talk about securitization and how it relates to how the government and the banks are going to cope with the spate of foreclosures that are being held off temporarily but will soon come gushing out of the economy like a spigot under pressure! 

The State of Florida has been bypassing every other state in the U.S. in reported coronavirus cases except for California and New York.  Imagine the number of U.S. citizens dead at 240,000+? THAT figure was just released by the White House as to an estimate of how many this virus is going to kill. 

Florida is dealing with 6,955 cases (6,694 testing positive) of which 890 are in the hospital and 87 people have died as of the latest reporting period. In the U.S., there are 163,539 reported cases and 2,860 deaths (not updated, but as of the latest CDC counting period). We do not know if these figures are totally accurate, but they are close. 

The State of Florida has still not decided as to whether to “lock down” the state with “stay-at-home” orders.  As I previously stated, the death toll in Florida will be into the hundreds before this pandemic ends here. The author of this post believes the “lockdown” will not be done statewide because all of the counties in the state (of which there are 67) are NOT reporting any outbreaks or COVID-19 cases, so why penalize the entire state yet?) are not affected.

Plan on staying in isolation until at least the end of May if not later. The curve is not going to flatten out anytime soon because the majority don’t want to behave and act responsibly.  Soon, it will not be safe to even go grocery shopping, as store employees are reportedly now starting to be infected and it’s unknown where the vectors are coming from that contaminated them.

The most important thing to remember, in any State of the Union, is that the more you are out in the public, the more at risk you are.  You are less likely to get COVID-19 if you simply limit your exposure to the following:

  1. Grocery shopping with surgical (or something closely resembling) gloves on and a mask;
  2. Using drive-through services at banks and restaurants that are doing such services;
  3. Dropping mail off at mailboxes instead of going inside of the post office (you should NOT necessarily have to be mailing off packages right now); 
  4. Communicating with people by phone BEFORE you stop by to see HOW LONG they have been in isolation BEFORE you knock on their door.  They may be a vector and you wouldn’t know it until much later; and
  5. Parks and other public places that contain lots of surfaces that you could inadvertently come in contact with.  

There are medical personnel traveling to New York at the urgent pleas of Governor Andrew Cuomo whose brother Chris just contracted coronavirus.  

God be with those workers and keep them safe. 

I am working on a post now that contains two new legal cases from the appellate courts that may be of interest to those who are fighting foreclosures.




  1. Michelle Keating

    I don’t know what the definition of airborne but they’ve already disclosed that it stsys in the air for 3 hours after the person left the room. That’s why they are showing those cute little tank trucks driving down the streets in other countries spraying disinfectant into the air. That’s seems to qualify as airborne to me.


  2. While the virus will undoubtedly kill many, the economic crash this has already started will kill way, way more by way of suicide, murders, general deaths because of poor heath of people unable to pay for medical treatment, and so forth, this death toll will dwarf the virus deaths, and at this point, even allowing people back to work (I know that will not happen) is too late. So many businesses will be closing over the next 6 months to a year, the results will be catastrophic


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