(BREAKING NEWS – OP-ED) — This post is in response to those who don’t think I’m preaching enough about foreclosures when they can go elsewhere to get news about the coronavirus.  I get it.  We’re all in a state of panic about something, right?  Do you really think the government wants you out on the street right now? 


No one wants to contract COVID-19 because of being evicted and forced out onto the street where you might come in contact with a “vector”.  You might then become a “vector”, despite showing symptoms.  The government has put forward a “new system” now because its medical system doesn’t have enough ventilators.  If you have an elderly disease like dementia, or autism, or some other paralytic condition, you are moved to the bottom of the list. If this pandemic is to teach us anything, is that America’s medical system was and still is not prepared for anything of this magnitude.  If you’ve got Netflix, watch “The Day After Tomorrow” and you’ll see what happens when people “ignore the signs”.  

Like I said previously, people can react before the government does. They saw the virus coming.  They ignored it. The spring break kids ignored it and they too knew it was there.  They put themselves at risk.

Foreclosures are no different.  We see the signs.  We see when it’s coming. Most of the time we are in denial that this could ever happen to us.  Well, it does … everyday.  This is why I did a strategic default and wrote a book about it back in 2003. I could care less if you buy that book or not, so I’m not even going to mention the title of it here. It’s irrelevant. 


A lot of people are using this crisis to do a lot of finger pointing, blaming Trump or someone for this mess.  None of this will do you any good.  Further, there are those out there that think Trump has a duty to “lock down America”.  I think most of your don’t understand what martial law is and what could potentially happen to you as part of the grander scheme.  Imagine being locked up in a FEMA camp with all of the illegal immigrants, only to find out that half of them have coronavirus and they’re all dropping dead like flies. This is why they have mass crematoriums in America on standby.  So, go ahead, push the envelope. 

Martial law means the military takes over and the Constitution as we know it is suspended.  The shadow government kicks in.  Curfews are put into place.  The shadow government takes over the airwaves and the networks and tells the American public what it’s citizens are expected to do and what happens if they don’t obey orders.  Shoot on sight orders will be implemented.  Dissidents who are considered “sovereigns” and “troublemakers” and “religious zealots” could be “rounded up” and disposed of.  Perhaps you’re not aware of Operation Garden Plot.  When insurrections happened as the result of Hurricane Katrina, Blackwater was sent in to “control” the situation and people were shot to death in New Orleans (with no consequence).  You should understand the reason Blackwater was sent in because the government can’t be held responsible for the actions of “independent contractors”.  People were looting and stealing TV’s out of store windows when there was no electricity to begin with.  Peace was restored, but at a cost. 


In what appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to the coronavirus issue, HUD did in fact issue a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions for the next two months for single-family homeowners who are unable to pay their FHA-backed mortgages.  This includes those who have their mortgages parked with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  You can go to their individual websites and do a “loan look-up” to see if either GSE claims to “own your loan” and you’ll know whether you fit into this “moratorium”. 

Remember, I previously told you that the government is in bed with the banks vis a vis 12 U.S.C. … so, what would you expect in light of an economic shutdown?  Despite the fact HUD Secretary Ben Carson stated that this will “provide homeowners with some peace of mind during these trying times”, this does not discount the fact that when this is over, if you haven’t thought up a Plan B, they’re still going to come after your home. 

As to other lenders, we are aware here that Bank of America also said it would work with homeowners to grant forbearances on their loans for the time being.  Any other conventional or HELOC loans should be considered to still be volatile unless you can reach your mortgage loan servicer and work something out for the short term.  

You should also check with the State you live in as many of the governors (like Tennessee and Wisconsin) have ordered moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions due to the coronavirus outbreak.  We sure wouldn’t want any pissed off homeowners to go and contract coronavirus and go around walking into police departments, government buildings, showing up in politicians’ offices and other public places where politicians hang out and seek revenge by invading their social spaces and coughing all over them with the intention of spreading the virus now, would we?  That’s exactly what the manufacturer of the coronavirus wants you to do!  You can check on this, but we believe there may be a patent on this virus! 

The U.S. government wants this pandemic contained, even though there are many out there that feel this was “manufactured” for the purposes of population control or to deliberately wreck our economy so the government could step in and control us all.  All of the conspiracy theorists have something to say about it. Despite what some of you may think, the government does not want all of its citizens annihilated because it would create an all-out Civil War on American soil.  This pandemic, if not carefully controlled, could end up creating a scenario that could cause enough of an insurrection to bring this country to the brink of such a thing. 


To many of you out there facing foreclosure, the fact that 63 people in Florida (where I’m at right now) have died of the virus as officials there deal with 5,276 cases and 652 hospitalizations under a strained health care system, doesn’t matter.  The scenario looks bleak in light of the fact most municipalities have told you to stay at home.  Of course you’re bored.  If you’re sheltering at home, right now, it’s the only thing you’ve got, keeping a roof over your head. Keep in mind that a lot of people out there are also very disgruntled and think this whole coronavirus “thing” is overblown and that it just gave people an excuse to be selfish and horde toilet paper and disinfectants.  I keep wondering when Ireland Tate is going to die of coronavirus after she went to spring break because she’s “entitled” to do whatever the f**k she wants to and screw everyone else.  She wasn’t worried about getting it and now she’s got it. God knows how many people she gave the virus to.  Colorado’s Governor made a statement (he got it from somewhere) that it’s logical to believe that a “vector” could give the virus to at least 4 individuals before being identified.  I think that figure is much larger.  Don’t fool yourselves.  This thing is bigger than the foreclosure crisis because you’re potentially dead within a month and that’s more time than it takes to steal the average American’s home through a foreclosure action.  In other words, if you have to be put on a ventilator, chances are, you’re f**ked!  If the entire family is infected, the foreclosure won’t matter.


I’m not trying to preach doom and gloom here and I’m certainly not trying to be insolent or insensitive, but you should be cognizant of the fact that I have changed direction on the way I view foreclosures. The banks are just as worried about foreclosures as well, depending on how you approach them.  If it was me, I’d be using this crisis to your advantage and attempt to negotiate new payment terms after this virus pandemic ends because the banks do not want to face massive foreclosure cases again like they did in 2009 because it brought government scrutiny.  Congress didn’t pass a stimulus package to see the banks f**k things up.  The banks are in bed with the government. They bankroll politicians’ election campaigns and by God, these banks will answer to someone if they do to homeowners what they did after the 2008 financial collapse.  However, if YOU attempt to contact your politician seeking help … guess what?  They’re indebted to the banks for bankrolling their campaigns.  If it’s not the banks funding the politicians, it’s the foreclosure mill law firms who want business as usual.   Foreclosure mill law firms take the very judges to lunch that later allow your homes to be taken.  How much more corrupt does the American judicial system have to get before people wake up and this country suffers a meltdown?  This too, the Government does not want and will go to certain lengths to stop it from happening. 


I have had it up to “here” with people walking into court screaming about how their assignments are fraudulent with no proof or proper procedure in vetting WHY they are fraudulent.  It’s even worse when they send me an email about it, yet can’t tell me exactly WHY they have a case. The judges aren’t listening because they have MERS mortgages too and they’re not about to unravel their own life for the sake of saving your asses! Welcome to America folks … land of the fee and home of the slave.  With things as bad as we seem to think they are, it’s a wonder why so many are escaping Mexico to come here.  If all of the Mexicans knew they were going to end up in a concentration camp and die of coronavirus, they might think twice about sneaking into America.  The same goes for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana, whose residents were banned from coming to Florida to escape their pandemic hells.  They call it “shelter in place” or “stay in place” for a reason.  What does this have to do with assignments, you’re thinking?


People use the internet to create panic, whether it’s because they’re upset with themselves as to how they got into this foreclosure mess in the first place or because they’ve been convinced that the bank screwed them somehow and they deserve a free house because of it.  This is why I previously posted stuff on this blog about cancellation and expungement actions.  Yet … people still choose to ignore what the chain of title says and would rather just stop making mortgage payments and wait for the sheriff to toss them to the curb. They have no Plan B.  There are investors out there that could buy your house and give you enough “moving money” to effectuate Plan B. No one thinks about that.  No one thinks about how they could institute change BEFORE the problem happens.  They just think the government should do something to help them.  It’s like you’re in the ocean and a riptide pulls you under but the lifeguard isn’t coming because the water is infested with sharks. The signs were there that there are probable riptides, but like spring breakers, the signs were ignored.  This coronavirus operates in tandem with foreclosures, because of what it has done economically to the state of the economy and to those already in peril. 


I’m here to tell you that’s not going to happen as the government is NOT in the business of saving or rescuing homeowners in that fashion. They’ll cut you some slack (like they have here), but it’s not going to last forever, which I why I pontificate Plan B … come up with one and do it soon.  If it means you should relocate to find new work (and maybe even better work) … then do it:

  1. Research LinkedIn and other such services to see what kinds of jobs are out there.
  2. You may be limited to certain jobs, especially if they pull your credit and see you’re in trouble with your mortgage.  This issue runs full circle  which is why the government told the banks not to “stain” consumer credit reports during the crisis; however, it doesn’t mean the damage was on your credit report beforehand because you have/had a history of not making your mortgage payments.
  3. There are no handouts in foreclosure.  Foreclosures cost money, especially when attorneys get involved and many of them aren’t smart enough to do anything but delay (buy you time) so you can figure out what your “end game” is.  Most attorneys want to know that before they take your hard-earned money.
  4. Look at what it will cost you to defend your foreclosure.  One couple in California spent over $100,000 over 10 years fighting to stay in their home and the battle has ended for them. They were able to delay the foreclosure for 10 years, but look what it cost them in attorney’s fees to play the “delay game”.  This is not worth the time and trouble when it’s so much easier to plan a different strategy and focus your resources on it while you have this “grace period”.  I could have bought at least 2 houses with that $100,000 and rented one out to pay the mortgage on the other one.  

People are just stressed out so much, not just about the foreclosure, but survival from this virus as well. 

That’s my bottom line here.  Those who are in foreclosure now should be glad this pandemic came along. They are most certainly interrelated if not coincidental.  I know you probably wish the people directly involved in the foreclosure of your home would get coronavirus and die.  Maybe they will … the way America is acting right now.  Being cooped up is no fun, is it?  Again, use the time to your advantage and think PLAN B.

If you don’t, you could become the next victim, so … I can’t just ignore the coronavirus for the sake of foreclosure issues. This pandemic is affecting those who aren’t in foreclosure, but could be if their breadwinner dies of coronavirus. This virus has the effect of a rattlesnake bite, except there’s no antivenin.

Stay safe and healthy. Stay home.  We can survive this thing.

For those of you who want to build up your body’s immune system, visit


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