(BREAKING NEWS — OP-ED) — March 27, 2020 @ 8:05 p.m. EDT (by Dave Krieger, poster)

This just in off of … this is a map of one Fort Lauderdale beach in Florida during spring break:

Using a tracking software, one company was able to discern where all of the partiers who may have been exposed to coronavirus traveled after they left Florida.  If this doesn’t scare the shit out of you, nothing will.

To watch the video, click on the link HERE!  Scroll down to the Twitter feed and activate the video with your sound on.  Yeah, it’s creepy how they can track your smartphone.  It’s also freaky because of the number of spring break students that don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves … and they knew the coronavirus was out there when they went to Florida!  In fact, one girl, 21-year-old Ireland Tate from Nashville ignored the distance rule and even bragged about it.  Now she has the coronavirus! SEE HERE!

The arrogance of it all.

In the meantime, the two cruise ships with sick coronavirus-infested crew on them just landed in Miami with 4 dead on board and another 168 afflicted with the virus.  


The area of Florida I’m in just got its first 2 cases of confirmed coronavirus and one Sarasota County Firefighter has just been confirmed as well.  Three other firefighters are in quarantine as a precaution. 


As of the time of this update, the number of Florida cases rose to 3,763, with 54 deaths and 526 people hospitalized.  Statistically, this represents about .014% of those infected, which is a fractional percentage uptick; however, it does not tell us how many people are infected and don’t know it yet, which is why states are putting their citizens on lockdown and only allowing essential services to operate. Florida is not one of them yet.  Rather than implement a statewide lockdown, Governor Ron DeSantis is allowing the counties to decide whether the pandemic in their own region is worthy of containment to the point of telling residents to stay home. 

Meanwhile, those business in Florida who are in need of assistance due to business losses can contact R. J. Malloy at WKDW-FM Radio (an agent for the SBA for the small business loans) at (941) 564-8739 and he can help you apply for low-cost emergency funds.   Since all 67 counties have been declared a disaster area, emergency assistance from the SBA can now be applied for. 

Broward County, in the center of South Florida, has recorded 10 deaths so far (of the 46 statewide totals). Keep in mind (again) that any population center is likely to be a breeding ground for this virus, especially in larger populations where travel restrictions are publicly ignored (potentially by the “entitled” who think that curfews and “stay in place” orders don’t matter).  While not trying to point a finger here, I see this current suggested order extending through at least the end of May.  At least.  As I noted previously, I see the death toll in Florida into the hundreds before this is declared “over”. 


Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans are now all reporting upticks in their confirmed cases of coronavirus.  Florida is now including New Orleans residents being banned from entering Florida. 


Excessive travel is not recommended, especially people planning on coming to Florida.  The Governor has issued an Executive Order for residents outside of the State of Florida NOT TO ENTER the State at all, especially from areas like New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, where the virus has been tabulated in record numbers. The Executive Order appears to have been issued due to residents fleeing the New York Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT). The Order requires incoming “escapees” to undergo mandatory 14-day isolation and has made it a misdemeanor crime punishable by 60 days in jail and a $500 fine if not adhered to, with the costs of the isolation paid for by the airline passenger trying to “escape”. The Order says nothing about those from that area sneaking in by way of a vehicle. 

Many counties in the State have taken up the idea and several have implemented restrictive curfews and lockdowns.  South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties) and Hillsborough County (Tampa) are the current “hot spots” in the State for the coronavirus.

I’m going to be belabor my previous points again here because most of you have already read much of what was contained on previous posts.  



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  1. I can get COVID-19 reports elsewhere. What’s going on with foreclosures? Are the court cases shut down? Will this shutdown affect statutes of limitations? What will foreclosures look like when COVID is over?


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