(BREAKING NEWS, UPDATE!) — The flyer and registration form are now contained within this post,  in PDF format, which will provide you with the details of the upcoming workshop and the means to register.  If you fall into any one of the categories of person(s) listed on the flyer, you need to plan on attending!

The response to this class is overwhelming as anticipated to the point where several hard money lenders have indicated an interest in coming to the event!

The shopping cart will be set up this week on the CloudedTitles.com website, so you can pay the fees to attend on the website.  Until then, you can pay by PayPal per the instructions on the registration form shown at the link below.


For those of you emailing for additional information regarding a pending foreclosure, please send us an email at cloudedtitles@gmail.com.  We will not allow personal information and case information posted on this site, as the “other side” monitors this blog … and we have personal concerns over your safety and privacy.

There is contact information on the site if you wish to pay by phone prior to the shopping cart being activated.

We cannot stress that the content in THIS Workshop is different from other workshops.  We’ve taken the phrase, “the best defense is a good offense” … to a whole new level!

This Workshop strives to educate you in the following modalities:

  1. Reorienting your thinking about foreclosure, depending on what stage of “the game” you are in!
  2. How to use time as leverage in fighting foreclosure!
  3. How to make the best use of your available resources during your “time frame”!
  4. Various ways of creating your new PLAN B … a way to give the mortgage loan servicers a dose of their own medicine!
  5. Various ways of saving money while creating cash flow to help you make ends meet!
  6. Various opportunities to obtain financing to get to your PLAN B!
  7. How to structure real estate deals to your advantage, including negotiating with the servicers’ attorneys!
  8. How to create assets and cash flow simultaneously!
  9. How to restructure your finances to make PLAN B more effective, so you never have to face foreclosure again!
  10. We will provide you with ALL of the tools you’ll need to: (a.) research and analyze your money targets; (b.) negotiate and acquire your targets; and (c.) get in done within a structured time frame.

The modalities we’re going to teach you are designed to help you overcome foreclosure, acquire a new (and maybe even better) place to live at a deep discount and how to create cash flow to fund your new lifestyle into retirement!  We are doing deals RIGHT NOW to make cash flow … and we’ll show you those deals! 

Your presenters are consultants, attorneys and investors who have collectively structured hundreds of deals (one of whom was a former HUD Asset Manager)!

You need to take that same leap of faith … and plan to attend this game changing event!   Get power over the banks and their unscrupulous servicers once and for all!

As an attendee of this Workshop, we’re also going to make individual and team coaching and consulting available to you to help you succeed!


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