(OP-ED) — PLAN B … it is what it is.  

What it is … is what you make of it!

If you were to take a poll of America’s political climate today, most of our citizenry would say that, at best, it’s “heated”.

In fact, most people are so focused on the arguendo about what to do with our ever-changing society, they fail to recognize their own government’s moral compass.  It’s not a pretty picture folks.

Our government behaves like a drunken sailor … writing checks its body can’t cash.  I’m talking about Congress here.  I’m talking about BOTH SIDES of the aisle, not just one political party.

When you campaign for office and people financially support you (including political action groups), you owe someone. If I have to be quirky to remind you of this, watch the clip from Robin Williams’ blockbuster, Man of the Year.

When these politicians get into office, especially the “two-year types”, they spend the next two years trying to get re-elected. They kiss their constituents asses rather than doing what’s good for the people who pay taxes and support this screwed-up system of bureaucracy that BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE have created.  There is no middle ground here.

What’s even more troublesome is the fact that you have less money at the end of the month and/or you continue to struggle to pay bills, even in light of the “promotional programming” by our government … everything is “just fine”. In reality, you know that it’s not. Truthfully, this nation is in a serious financial crisis … and that crisis is at home.

Working through the “bumps in the road” … 

If a serious crisis were to hit your household, would you be prepared to deal with it?

Most Americans, like their government, are in debt.  I’ve heard the old saying, “There’s good debt and there’s bad debt.”

If you believe that line of crap, then your situation is worse than the average American thinks, because most Americans have a real problem handling debt and the debt service leaves little room to make contingency plans in case the inevitable happens.

The “inevitable” could be (for many) a loss of employment, loss of benefits (like retirement plans) due to job restructuring or downsizing or Chapter 11 reorganization of the company you work for … or even medical issues or foreclosure of a home you’ve been paying on faithfully for years.  Because so many of us struggle just to maintain, contingency planning always gets put on the back shelf.  In fact, most Americans don’t like to deal with contingency planning because it forces them to think about “what if” scenarios.

Believe me when I tell you this … your government has lots of “Plan B’s” … it has a lot of contingencies to preserve its infrastructure in the event the “inevitable” happens.  To our government, violation of its social contract with its people is the greatest fear it has … or at least the perception by its people (you know, “We the People”) that the government we entrusted to provide for our “general welfare” is failing miserably to the point of taking steps to place us all under authoritarian control.  You see, when a national crisis hits, the federal government could care less what happens in your home.  It only cares about maintaining control of its infrastructure and enforcing the whims of a potential “shadow government” that could be put into place should a national calamity arise.  The “shadow government” operates under the name FEMA; however, it is controlled by another phase of shadow government, Deep State.

Nothing is sacred these days when it comes to government-sponsored or government-regulated programs.  Congress keeps changing the laws and milking the taxpayer of its wealth to keep funding its political “system of things”.  Let’s face it, our government is not prepared for a war on American soil.  And that war could come in many shapes and sizes … from foreign invasion to a civil war or an all-out revolution.

Foreign invasion could be something as simple as an EMP attack 400 miles up in the atmosphere.  With a single detonation, the greater part of America could be turned into the Stone Age again … and Americans are ill prepared for that.  You’re fooling yourself if you don’t have your emergency operating systems contained in a Faraday cage.

A civil war is what I’m more worried about because of the political climate created by our Congress in failing to work with the Chief Executive.  Just because he’s not a politician (he’s more like a CEO of a major corporation) doesn’t mean we should treat our situation any less than honest as to the results that this Congress has brought about (or the lack thereof).  You saw what happened in Charlottesville.  You see how the media handled that.  You see the influx of illegal immigrants crossing our borders and the fight that has erupted over “the wall” that a lot of Americans think is necessary.  Yet, our government seemingly doesn’t listen.  Ever ask yourself why that is so?

Our government does not care what the general population (the “sheeeple”) thinks.  Our government is filled with politicians and bureaucrats who get hefty paychecks that could care less what you think.  99% of government workers believe everything their government tells them.  If their government tells them that everything is okay, then they believe it.  They are more entitled than the average American because they get to have the opportunity to “double dip” and draw government-sponsored pensions.  At least, many government workers USED TO believe that … until the most recent government shutdown … and the government workers couldn’t pay their bills.

And what did the government do?

Political infighting took over and caused repeated stalemate after stalemate until the government’s own employment base began to suffer what the folks affected by the 2008 financial crisis faced.  The government eventually stepped in and created contingency plans to help those workers out.  What the government didn’t do in 2008, was prop up the foreclosure crisis.  Frankly, that’s because the government was “in on it”.  In fact, the state governments were so blatant about their dealings in it that they took settlement money that was destined to repay taxpayers for their losses and misappropriated it to their general funds.  Why?  To protect their own political infrastructures! Even the state governments are recognizing that the federal government is failing in that regard (protecting the general welfare).

I know … that’s a harsh criticism.  But it’s the truth.  If you think I’m full of shit, then ask yourself WHO the government bailed out when the financial crisis hit.  Hmmm???   Did you get a check in the mail to bring your mortgage current?  Didn’t think so.  The government workers however, did get some relief, just so the government could preserve its own infrastructure.  And then … Americans just went quietly about their business with no concern over their own “general welfare” because at least the government was “back to normal”.  Seriously?   By that time, I had already taken action.  I set about my “Plan B” after I walked away from my own home in 2003, you can read about it here.

History repeats itself. Those who are ignorant of it are doomed to repeat it. 

Have we not learned anything from this?   Did we not learn anything from Hurricane Katrina?

Have we not learned from any natural disaster?  Have we not learned from the 2008 financial crisis?

This is why most Americans can’t fathom a “Plan B” scenario … they are all still in denial that anything of that magnitude could happen again.  Well, it’s going to happen again, because the same set of scenarios that created the first financial collapse (2008) are happening again (securitization of mortgage loans, no money down NINJA loans, etc.) and we are starting to see an economic bubble forming again.

Student loan debt has surpassed the $1.5-trillion mark.  Those facing that debt reality are facing the fact they won’t be able to get a mortgage loan, which means they’re forced to rent.  Nonpayment of these student loans causes a reduction in credit capacity.  When consumers can’t borrow, the economy stagnates.  This is why “Plan B’s” are more important than ever, especially now!  Wiping out all student debt isn’t going to help matters either, because in the end, someone else has to pay for it.  This solution is just another classic political episode of “kicking the can down the road”, while making politicians rich.  Why do we want to continue doing that either?   If you make everything FREE (i.e. college education, welfare, food stamps), even those who are “entitled” will think they should have that too and you set a bad example for other countries’ illegal immigrants who cross our borders because they are “taxing” services you pay for with your property tax and income tax dollars.

Sadly, there are people purposefully committing crimes across America just so they can get arrested and put in jail.  In many instances, these folks are so distraught they even kill themselves while doing harm to to others!  In jail, you get a place to live and three meals a day.  How long do you think our system can survive with our current jail overcrowding?  Now we have concentration camps in America full of illegal immigrants.  We have to feed them too.  Someone has to pay for that.  Both sides of the aisle would rather fight and point fingers at each other rather than do something productive to solve this nation’s crises.  So … now I bring my message home.

If you are living beyond your means, you need to restructure, by any means.

In Florida alone, over 15,000 people are slated to lose their homes through foreclosure caused by reverse mortgages.

That’s a bad sign for the economy in Florida.  California ranks second in that same debacle.

If you’re even close to being at risk of losing your home, you need to wake up and realize you have to have a Plan B.

That includes dumping your current home for something cheaper or finding the means to support it (taking on a renter). Stop eating out every night and get exercise planting your own garden (remember the Victory Gardens?) for fresh vegetables.  You can even do container gardening on the balcony of an apartment (even though it won’t yield much).

On the other hand, people still throw money away on rent, which supports corporate investment.  Restructuring can include selling your home to someone who can afford it, while scaling down to a home that you can afford.  That’s what I’ve discovered works.  And it works very well.  That’s why I became a:

You see, I’ve found a way to help people out of their dilemmas if they really want that help.  I can restructure deals between a willing and able buyer and a willing and able seller within 48 hours!   I can design plans that can help displaced and disabled veterans and special needs people.  I may even be able to help people saddled with mega student loan debt. What I’ve elected to do now helps humanity.  So … consider what I’ve just stated as my “official announcement” and conduct yourselves accordingly.  I will continue to put out information on this blog (stayed tuned for two BIG announcements), especially on my next post, which will help the foreclosure fighters who are planning their PLAN B while fighting the foreclosure.

P.S.: You folks out there that are reading this (that HAVE $$$) can do more good with what you have and reap greater rewards by participating in my game plan!  Yes … that’s an invitation for those of you who also want to help humanity and reap financial rewards for doing so.


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  1. Hammertime

    Again mostly true but falling for tRump Gop and corporate Democrat help and rescue tactic for immigration and pointless wall? New Dems like AOC and Warren, Sanders in Senate aren’t bought off. Remember Trump has swamp overflowing and going global with Mnuchin, Ross and Kushner.


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