(OP-ED) — The author of this post issues the following warning:  Make sure that you vet whoever it is you’re going to associate with in life, especially in the pursuit of fighting corrupt banks and those who may claim they have a “silver bullet”.   There are lots of naysayers and gainsayers occupying the Internet these days.  Thus, surfing the Internet looking for answers to foreclosure dilemmas and jumping at the first thing that sounds plausible to you is risky!

The Internet is a dangerous place … full of information and disinformation!

It has come to my attention that certain entities out there have taken somewhat of a liking to the cancellation and expungement actions discussed in the recent Las Vegas workshop, covered by this author and Al West, Esq.  The reason Al West teaches this stuff is because he’s done it before.  He has eliminated both deeds of trust and assignments from land records in California.  Since then, there has been an evolution of the cancellation and expungement action, one that has certainly been overlooked by attorneys elsewhere, because they can’t make a big return off of doing “sniper approach” tactics.  Nope.  They want to file 20-count lawsuits because that racks up tens of thousands of dollars in fees for them.  This is part of the reason why the justice system has failed America … use of the “shotgun approach”.

So they take to the Internet, take an approach to the C&E and “embellish” it to their own tastes, whether it comports with what we taught (or not).  There’s nothing worse than filing a C&E and not sticking to the point and letting the other side’s servicer or lender come in and ruin things by changing the judge’s mind, even though the law says otherwise.

Damn every judge that won’t follow the law!   I hope they all rot in hell! 

As Al West explained in the C&E Workshop, judges are all worried about their pensions which are invested in these REMIC trusts.  Thus, any time something that looks “legitimately suspect” comes before them, they look into the end result and what it might mean for them before they issue a ruling against the party filing the C&E. If you bring up the note, you deserve to lose, because the note has nothing to do with the false statements made on the assignments and other title documents, including releases of lien and even notices of lis pendens!

Discussing the implications of foul play in an assignment is one thing.  Telling a judge the note has something to do with the false statements in an assignment is quite another.

Anyone who wants to make securitization the focal point of their argument in a C&E is putting their cases at risk as well.  This document does not talk about who has what endorsement on what note.  The documents filed in the land records serve as constructive notice, no matter how long they’ve been there!  Notes are only used as SUPPORTING EVIDENCE!

Thank you Patriots! 

And I’m not talking about the football team either ….  I’m talking about those well-meaning individuals out there that want to pro se, pro per, sui juris, su-eeee, su-eeee (how you call a pig) whatever that screwed up the land records filing false liens against judges, county officials and people with whom they have an axe to grind.  THOSE are the folks that caused the “two-edged sword” legislation to come into fruition because they filed documents into the land records that were clearly criminal, causing every state legislature to pass laws prohibiting the recording of such documents (that contain false information).  What’s good for the goose, then, is good for the gander. Those who got in trouble for it went to jail, unless they were a mortgage loan servicer or its employees.  Then, they just flat out used falsely-stated information in an assignment to simply “steal the house”!  They’re proud of it too!


Unless you understand how your title documents come into play in the land record (which I why I started out doing Chain Of Title Assessments), you won’t have a clue WHY your chain of title is screwed up.  The interrelation of the land records has everything to do with the outcome of the C&E and a judge has to be educated well enough in the process to understand that there are issues with a document that cannot be ignored, which is why we have expert witness attorneys who will testify on behalf of the claimant, in an effort to sustain the integrity of the court, to save the judge from being tossed into prison under state statute, for aiding and abetting felony perjury!

Do you feel as if you’re in the middle of a freaking carnival?

There’s a dog and pony show jumping on our bandwagon at every turn … and we don’t even have a bandwagon!  So why do lawyers say that homeowners love the simplicity of a C&E?  Because lawyers can’t make any money doing them.  Or so they think.  Had they come to the workshop, like some lawyers did, they would have learned that in certain instances, there are methods for securing additional funds to bolster the war chest that are out there and available to attorneys (ripe for the picking).  In the alternative, case law has taught us a few ways to take an individual’s confession and turn it into gold.

Yet, the carnies are out there!   You know, those carnival barkers!  Yelling at everyone to come and see the greatest show on earth???  It’s like going to the circus and you’re the main attraction.   And you look up at the trapeze artist … all in glitter … and wonder … will she fall?   Do you ever feel like you’re swinging in the wind like her?

The C&E workshop video set is almost complete!  We’ll have it available on the Clouded Titles website soon!  Get educated, then get ugly!

Oh …

And those Double D’s you were staring at?

They stand for DUE DILIGENCE!



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11 responses to “STARING AT DOUBLE D’S ???

  1. lpinkey888

    Oh the confusion! So the focus is not on the rubber stamped, undated note. The focus is on the assignments? What am I looking for and how do I attack them? My loan was sold many, many times. Because of the “supposed “ merger between BOA servicing and BOA, N/A on the docket, It was never properly assigned to BOA N.A. That’s the one glitch I see. I am sure there are others but what am I attacking here? I had an audit done and it states that the mortgage had never been assigned, not even once?!?! My loan was an FHA loan. BOA filed for foreclosure, followed up on the mandated conferences and then immediately filed their claim with HUD. HUD then sold my loan to a bank, being RBS and then sold two more times, to investors. How BOA filed foreclosure and then filed their claim is disgusting. Why they didn’t pursue the foreclosure is confusing except for the fact they probably didn’t have the documents they needed to finish the foreclosure?? They didn’t even attach a copy of the note or mortgage with their summons and complaint!
    So how do I attack the assignments? I have been forced to file bankruptcy to stay the sale of my home after the judge sided with the new trust after declaring BOA did not have standing stating in his first decision that the note was robo signed and that the assignments were improper. Then the second case, the judge basically allowed a sworn affidavit from the servicer was GOOD enough to grant the trust summary judgment.
    Now my attorney wants me to try to negotiate with these bums for a loan modification. UGH! The arrears are staggering as I have been fighting now for 9 years so God only knows how that will go?! I don’t want to give them one damn penny!!!! They have no right to even that!!! Any advice would be appreciated. If they don’t negotiate, I may very well have to file something Pro Se in bankruptcy court because either my attorney will charge me up the wazoo or he will be too chicken to fight them!!! Thanks for whatever advice you can give.

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    • The expert witness attorney can use the note and the lack of a dated endorsement to render a legal opinion as to the invalidity of the assignment and the falsities declared therein.
      You are correct in that the Bank of America merger did NOT occur as stated in the assignment and constitutes a material misrepresentation. Do not confuse who did what with the note. The expert witness attorney will use anything that MAY have happened in support of your motion to have the assignment declared to be a VOID instrument. Loan mod? I see that strategy all the time. No one can negotiate a loan mod with you if they have no interest. All you’d end up with is new paper because they’re probably missing the old stuff. I do not give legal advice on this blog. I only posit suggestions. The expert witness attorney gives legal advice when retained. This is why people write me about their specifics on and not on the blog where the banks and their servicers can read it.


    • The GANGSTERS and Their SCRIP, SHINPLASTER, FIAT UNLAWFUL TENDER GAMES ….. How DUMB these Bankster Slobs really are …..


    • lpinkey888

      You know what’s funny? After writing just a minute ago, ya know, I am angry! LOL
      What gets my goat is this… there are people out there that have answers… or so they say. Those of us who are fighting HARD every single day, fighting this corrupt system and trying hard as hell to prove we are right here, to save the homes we worked so hard for ARE being used basically, as friggin ATMs!!!!!
      If JUSTICE is so important, then those of you with real, hard evidence against these crooks….use it to help us and not try to make MORE money off of us. I beg of you.
      HELP US CONVINCE that first judge that we are right and the banks are wrong. It just takes ONE decision and the dominoes will fall one after another!!! That’s all we, the fighting homeowner needs….,HELP!
      NOT books. Not DVDs. We need the help of those who truly CAN and WILL help those who truly need it. If you have the means… do it! If I had the means…I certainly would! To see the banks fall to their knees because of their corruption would be a dream come true!
      Thanks for letting me rant. Hope you all have a blessed Easter!


  2. We all know our Judicial system has failed us. Jefferson warned us over 225 years ago “if the Judiciary is given to much power it might ruin our Republic and Destroy our Rights”.

    So how do we take back a rule of law which they have turned into a law by those who rule?

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  4. Carpenter

    Ms. Ipinkey888
    Listen to what clouded titles has to say , as they are correct in their opinions and statements! I am in somewhat the same positions only in advance of you with same amount of years 10!!! Once the judges see how long one has delayed ” the system of things” the faster it moves along !! Agreement is to trust NO ONE!! Don’t let anger get in the way of clear thinking . I have been down the BK 7 route , my fault was not to file it unsecured.? Be prepared to $$$ $pend


    • lpinkey888

      Thanks for your response! Hard to trust anyone because it ALWAYS comes down to money, money and more money. Just put out a good chunk of change for the audit. Just had to retain another attorney who gutted me for the bankruptcy and then gutted again to do a loan modification?!?!?!
      I don’t mind paying if I get results… positive results BUT that seems only to be a dream. Finding anyone with answers without giving up your first born is impossible.
      I’m always searching. Always watching for the first Judge that actually has some balls!
      I think the exhausting part is reading blog after blog and it always comes down to advice with a “price tag” attached. It just sucks that we, as a people” can’t somehow come together and beat these sons a bitches! Justice MUST prevail. By ourselves, we are weak but together, we are strong.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog. I’m reading it all the time but I can’t risk paying yet another person to “maybe” save my home. No one truly seems to have the “silver bullet” here. Anger has long passed. Now it’s sheer determination!!! Every day I wake up and remind myself, “the bank told me to stop making my payments”!!… which is what keeps me going. All I know is… I’m not going anywhere! Keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight!!!


      • Carpenter

        There is NO magic bullet , in my opinion WE ALL have to find a way to rip off the bullet proof vest for starters. And yes ganging together as a group does help , it’s still up to the individual for his or her or both situation at present. It is money money and money AND THEY KNOW IT!! AND MONITOR IT! I’m trying to save a home I physically built for myself AND WILL NOT GIVE UP EVER!! It is my retirement fund thinking it was a good investment FOR ME and my blood , sweat not the person (fuktards) 🙂 looking to cash in on my mistakes. …..” I belive!” Happy Easter and passover


  5. If you’ve never read the book Clouded Titles, it is hard to fathom why I wrote the damned thing in the first place. I wrote it because I walked away from my home in 2003 instead of fighting and later realized my lack of education was my real problem. This is the very first DVD set I ever bothered to pay big bucks to get produced (a limited number of them) because I thought that given the amount of research and court fighting I’ve helped homeowners with … their attorneys needed some real education. Not all could attend the workshop due to time constraints and work commitments, so rather than to cause homeowners and freedom fighters to have to spend travel dollars and upsetting precious work schedules, we decided to produce a 2-day workshop on video with some serious commentary on fighting the good fight so those who missed the class could see it and get really educated in something that both Al West and I have seen work. If every attorney that fights foreclosures watched this 2-day class (there were attorneys who attended … and lights bulbs came on) this country might just be in better shape because the courts would be facing much more simpler, easy to understand issues, rather than long, drawn-out, exhausting, expensive lawsuits, just so attorneys who are paper-pushers and not litigators could bilk homeowners for gobs of money they don’t have, just to keep the homeowners in their homes for a limited period of time, so servicers can steal their properties with phony documents, while relying on judges who don’t give a damn about title documents. I know it’s frustrating; however, it takes time to come to certain realizations about what works, what’s palatable to the justice system … and what’s not. Thanks to some of the well-meaning letters I’ve received from folks, I’ve decided to produce a limited number of these DVD sets and once they’re gone, they’re gone. In order to produce the content for this blog, I have to spend time away from my paid work to put information out into the world wide web. The system of things has not played out to the fullest extent. We’ve not had another civil war yet. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants (Thomas Jefferson).

    No one is asking anyone to buy anything on this site. We make it available and much less costs than what an attorney charges, so people can get an education and then share it with their attorneys. Even though the material is copyrighted, we still expect that homeowners and investors who have the DVDs will share them with their lawyers and others. I will not take a dime from homeowners I can’t help, but I too have to make a living. We all do. I’m not a big fan of capitalism and I abhor socialism. I loved what once was a republic, but I think it’s been so diluted (under the name “democracy”) that the founding principals that once made this country great are being reduced to ashes. When homeowners quit fighting, the banks win. It’s that simple.


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