… or they will wake up as slaves on the land their forefathers conquered.


(OP-ED) — This article is not purely for my own amusement, as most millennials are saddled with so much student loan debt, which to date totals over $1.5-trillion, it’s no wonder they could even qualify for a mortgage loan, even if it was “securitized” and put into the “new and improved” “use me-screw me MERS® System”. 

See the latest article below:

Ahhhh … the matter of “convenience” …

I hear TV commercials ranting about how this “Rocket” will get you approved and “we’ll pay your closing costs” … the mortgage industry appears to care little about the continued mess it’s creating in Main Street America.

It is dangerous to sign anything via the Internet these days, despite what the best legal minds may tell you.  Now we have eSign, eNotes, eRegistry, eCommerce, eEverything … EVERYTHING Millenials could hope for (since they spend more time texting on their cell phones and less time reading how NOT to get screwed over by today’s banking system.

I think the government would be well served if everyone stopped borrowing to buy homes.  But we all know that’s wishful thinking, right?

If I can’t sign a paper note and a paper mortgage … I’m not signing … I don’t care how damned convenient they’re making it for everyone.

Blockchain and digital format integration can be hacked and altered.  Why would you want to put your personal information out there where it can be used and abused by hackers?

Maybe you’ve never been a victim?  Maybe you should at least go through it one time to learn a hard lesson, right?   Why would I wish that on anyone?   Because we’ve been educated to be a “Me First Society”.   Everyone who’s entitled listens to WII-FM (what’s in it for me) more today than ever before!   The securitization daisy chain has parked itself right up Uncle Sam’s ass again and the government answers to the banks, as always.  As long as you’re going to let Wall Street dictate the very foundation of your life, I guess you deserve what you’re going to get in the long run.  If it’s too good to be true, run like hell away from it!   Whatever the banks are doing to entice you to get mortgage financing, you can bet you won’t have a clue as to who owns your loan after you’ve digitally signed your life away.   That is, until you can’t make your payments anymore.   Then, you have to assume that whoever “pops up” out of nowhere to foreclose on you has copies of all of your paperwork.

Why don’t we have digital judges?  They might as well be, the way they’ve been programmed!  I wonder how many of them invest in bank stock?   And you wonder what kind of crap is going to be left for your kids to deal with after you cease to exist.

Oh, wait!  I’m more interested in getting into college via the rowing crew (which I’m not on)!   I just want to party!  I don’t want an education!  (sound familiar)

And you wonder exactly who is going to take care of you when you’re too old to get up and go to the toilet?   You should be worried.  Generation Z is being groomed for slaughter.

As soon as you chuck that mindset of, “the world owes me a living” and start teaching your kids proper finance, this country may actually have a chance.  I guarantee you one thing … these kids aren’t learning this stuff in high school.  Unless they have a serious game plan, this country’s system of “higher education” will leave them deep in debt for life!

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