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JANUARY 23, 2019 (D.C. and elsewhere) — On Friday, January 25th, for the first time in American history, the federal court system in the United States will run out of money to pay for most of the fundamental services that you’ve come to know and depend on.  More staff and court clerks will be furloughed, reducing the speed with which the federal courts deal with ongoing cases.

If you’re looking for the federal system of things to slow down your foreclosure case or pending litigation, this presents you with a great opportunity, as things grind to a snail’s pace.  If you’re looking for resolution, what’s happening with the lack of funding will impede your forward progress.  Time-sensitive issues, such as statute of limitations, may be affected by the government’s inability to respond.

R.J. Malloy and I will discuss the repercussions of the federal shutdown and what it means for the courts and the economy on our upcoming broadcast on City Spotlight – Special Edition, on WKDW-FM, 97.5 in North Port, Florida!  The program airs at 6:00 p.m. Friday night, Eastern time.  When you click the foregoing link and get to the home page, click LISTEN NOW and wait for the program to load.  It will stream the station live.  Then, wait for the program to start.  There is more to all of this than you can imagine!  R.J. Malloy was a former law clerk to a U.S. District Court judge (for 9 years), so he understands how the system operates and what it means for appropriations to go by the wayside.

I posit here that our government, at this juncture, consists of the worst bunch of congressional misfits, blowhards and stubborn fools this country has ever seen or experienced, yet alone elected.  One would think that the responsibility of being an elected leader would warrant taking a stand and getting the job done.  After all, isn’t that what you elected them to their congressional position for?   To get a job done?   It doesn’t appear that anyone’s doing anything now, does it?  And Americans are suffering for it.

We have not yet seen the effects of the TSA employees quitting en masse and taking jobs in the private sector.  While many despise the TSA and what it stands for, it also pulls the perception of security away from the airports and makes them more vulnerable to terrorists who would take advantage of the slowdown.  All of this because President Trump wants to spend a meager amount of money to build a wall to restrict illegal aliens from coming into this country and sponging off of our good nature (not to mention all of the benefits they get).

I don’t care what side of the political fence you are on.  That is not what is important here.  What is important is to recognize that the people you elected to the DC bunch are getting nothing done … getting nothing done over political issues gives our enemies an opportunity to hurt us.  It also gives corporatism an edge in DC, as lobbyists spend more money buying votes than Congress spends running itself.  When our government stagnates, it demonstrates how dysfunctional and vulnerable we are as a collective body politic.

The nasty side of this equation (and I don’t support either one) is that if you’re a Democrat, you want the CEO out of the White House.  He’s not a politician.  He’s a businessman and he’s trying to run the country with the framework that’s been set in place, albeit attempting to “drain the swamp” by exposing the very things that Democrats espouse … all socialist in nature.  If you’re a Republican, you’re pro-business.  You like having a CEO in the White House and you go about things a very different way because you’re used to seeing the government run as a business and not as a means to entitlements.  However, as a Republican, you support corporatism and lately, it’s been bad for America because the elitists then run the country (oligarchy).  When the government stagnates, fair markets are impeded. The balance of the economy and the gross domestic product then becomes affected.   Our two-party system has significantly failed us and we let it happen.

This government wastes more than the $5-billion dollars that President Trump wants to have appropriated to build a wall on our southern border.  If border residents are finding prayer rugs left laying about, then you have to ask yourself WHO left them there and why?   If terrorists are flooding into this country in droves, then it’s just a matter of time before they infiltrate secure areas of our infrastructure (like our power grid) and disable it without warning … all the while politicians bicker and fight over putting up a wall to bring us security … or at least the perception of security.

It’s just like the front door to your house.  You can make it as impenetrable as you want.  But … if someone wants in, they’re going to find a way to get in.  If you let them enter your residence, then you let them take your control away.  When your personal space is invaded, and you have no more control, then where is your freedom and your security?

If you’ve ever been the victim of a home invasion, you can certainly understand where I’m coming from.  This is what I’ve always said about the haves and the have-nots.  The have-nots depend on food stamps.  If the government does not get its act together soon, the infrastructure will start feeling even more desperation as the money for food stamps will run out in March because the benefits, which run in advance of their actual payment dates (January food stamps work off of March’s appropriations), then when March gets here and the appropriations aren’t there to pay for food stamps … people go hungry.  What you do you think will happen when people go hungry?  They become angry.  They do foolish things, like rob and steal from others.  In Kansas City, a man shot another man to death on a street corner … all over a cheeseburger.  Is this what is to become of our way of life?   And politicians want to take away our right to own a firearm in order to defend ourselves from people who would rape, steal and murder us?   You need to realize who the enemy is here.

Tune into the broadcast for the full scoop on where we stand.  Be informed.





  2. AXJ

    Americans Against Foreclosures ( http://www.aaf.news ) keeps growing by the thousands as Homeowners are waking up and realized they were taken for a ride and had their homes stolen from them as a result.


  3. Hammertime

    False crisis created by con man Trump. False equivalence when Trump supposedly owned the shutdown then used every fear mongering trick to blame Democrats. Ur being suckered or part of white supremacists Trump cult; too bad harms credibility of good info. Trump actually seemed flexible on changing wall to steel now turns out Canadian co w ties to Ivanka, Russian oligarch will cash in. Dems have put forward bills GOP agreed with Trump and McConnell r destroying our govt and we have to ask why.


    • We know this is all political. This is how the “system of things” plays out when you get politicians involved in our daily living. The entire country is compromised and BOTH sides of the aisle are to blame here!


  4. The system under which we live is supposed to be a democracy, a democracy where the people are supposed to have a say. Obviously, it does not work that way. The system, to put it mildly, is totally corrupt and unworkable. This is nothing new. We have been dragged into countless wars which none of the people wanted. Presently, we have bases in over 120 countries which are draining money for much needed programs.

    When someone proposes a bill for more food for the poor or more education opportunities, all of the “haves” ask, where will we get the money? How come we never hear that question when it comes to waging war or when America wants to sponsor a proxy war through U.S. funded terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda and ISIS? There always seems to be enough money for chaos, mayhem, and death.

    There are no terrorists streaming across our borders, but if they do in the future, they will have paychecks in their pockets signed by American taxpayers.

    Why do we accept a system that was an outgrowth of royalty and kings where one or two people can bring the gears of a mighty machine to a halt? Here, I would have to blame the people for buying into the propaganda that we have the greatest system in the world. Statistics show that there are countries with less poor, better medical care, better environmental laws, better pay structures, less unemployment, etc.

    Clearly, turning the government over to corporate robber barons has destroyed what was to be a great experiment in democracy. This is nothing new. The revolution which gave us “independence” from England was a revolution crafted by the rich land owners who used the struggling farmers and poor for cannon fodder. This scenario is a familiar one as the people still continue to succumb to the propaganda of business as they take us on a trip to globalization — a one world government ruled by fascist capitalist banksters.

    When will the people arise from their slumber and realize that the power does not reside with a compromised and corrupted government that keeps its people divided over petty issues? The power resides with ordinary people who are UNITED under a cause that benefits people and not corporations.


  5. “We have far too many cases to have operations come to a grinding halt,” said Clerk of Court Molly Dwyer, of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. “Moving to remote video and audio conferencing is the best way to protect judges, employees, litigants, and the public, while also upholding our constitutional responsibilities.”


    • Given where the commentary is coming from … the first thing that popped into my head was the telephonic conferences of old, which used to work fine in state courts. If the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (which issues way more rulings than most of its counterparts) wants to do things remotely, it’s because the powers that control it have not embraced the fact that the chances of anyone get COVID-19 during a hearing are slim to none. Anyone who has been to federal court knows how the appellate hearing process works. Moving to remote video and audio conferencing, a system which is still full of glitches, will not stop due process … it will just make getting one’s message across to the court more difficult.


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