We have just learned of the untimely passing of attorney John Herrera, who diligently fought foreclosure actions in the courts in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in South Florida.  I went to trial with John on two of his cases.  Magically, they both settled; however, it is unsettling that we lost a freedom fighter so young (aged 53, on August 3, 2018).

As you may remember, John received second and third degree burns to over 60% of his body some time ago in a barbecue grill gas explosion.   Afterwards, he went through multiple skin graft operations and walked with a cane afterwards and was never the same, health wise.  John graduated from St. Thomas University School of Law and was also in the U. S. Marine Corps.  I had the pleasure of hosting a COTA Workshop in his “war room” (where he conducted his depositions).  John was one of the few foreclosure defense attorneys who would speak up when a court judge attempted to help out the bank during a foreclosure trial (“Gee, your Honor, I’m glad I’m not litigating against YOU this afternoon.”).   Those who knew John know what a kind hearted man he was. He was a true fighter for the little guy.  He even twice lectured at our COTA Workshops in Orlando and was a pleasure to work with.  He was even more fun at dinner at Fleming’s, where he would made the chef do his steak blood rare, while imbibing in a single-malt McAllen Scotch.  John will be sorely missed.  Our condolences go out to his wife Anouk and his children during this hard time.

John will be sorely missed.  God Bless You, Mr. John Herrera.  You have crowns laid up for you in the big courtroom in the sky.




  1. Geoff

    Our prayers are with his family. It sounds like a David and goliath story. Thank you for all your hard work !


  2. Americans Against Foreclosures ( AAF ) send our condolences to the family and thank him for his hard work.


  3. Mobi

    Gee, isnt it so convenient that now when the sleeping masses are waking up to the enormous fraud perpetrated upon them through these Foreign banking entities that we are losing those rare few that actually do fight for the common people. Along with this wonderful attorney and human being, we also have lost one of the most fierce and dogged determination attorneys in Florida, Mark Stopa, who just lost his license. Apparently for being “over zealous” for his clients. It is Time for the people to take their own power back and stop handing it over to these De Facto courts and their Baal Robed satanic priesthood.


    • I have never talked to Mark Stopa. I’ve been following this whole fracas involving the charges against him (violations of Professional Rules of Conduct) however … especially the woman judge who testified in his disciplinary hearing in St. Petersburg on April 21, 2018. If anyone out there knows who this judge is, please let me know. We want to depose her and get the goods on how judges are being compensated to kick homeowners to the curb by moving cases off their foreclosure dockets. The more obvious thing that everyone’s missing is that the insurance industries are making a killing off of the system by denying claims whenever possible. This is why insurance companies generally file declaratory relief actions more than any other industry, to get a court to determine whether the insurance company is contractually obligated to pay a claim. Mark Stopa didn’t do me any favors when I first came to Florida to lecture to a group of homeowners in a church in Tampa (the minister hosted the event as a public service). We invited Stopa and Matt Weidner to attend. Weidner was going to attend until he talked to Mark Stopa, who discouraged him from going, intimating that he was going to “rat me out to the Florida Bar” for Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). That was in 2011. My attorneys told me that sharing research and ideas was NOT UPL but rather educating the public as to what was going on. You see, whenever you attack these lone wolves who have a business model of “take retainer … delay … delay … delay … taking monthly payments … delay … delay … delay … eventual foreclosure … you only get half the defense you deserve. Where is the justice in that? I’ve had people complain to me about Stopa’s behavior, not just with judges, but with clients. I watched Matt Weidner blast me on Orlando television about the Forensic Examination I conducted for Osceola County, Florida, and from the looks of it, he didn’t even read the attorney opinion attached to the back of the Report. It was a Report, NOT an indictment. The media let Weidner (just like Stopa) grandstand about how smart he is, when in fact, he did himself and every other attorney a disservice because they all have a duty to report the other side’s attorney misconduct and they’re not doing it! This is WHY I have no sympathy for either one of them. Two words = Fraudulent Documents. It’s all come full circle. The “dogged determination” you speak of in my book is the will to survive by figuring out ways to “improve your business model”. This is what a group of attorneys in Central Florida have done … and they all get together to talk about it. Where is the justice in that? Our so-called “de facto” courts and whatever “priesthood” labels you want to put on them mean nothing to me … it’s another way to let our courts become debt collection agencies for banks without having to be licensed.


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