EVEN MORE BREAKING NEWS — (from previous post on April 25, 2018)

Just to let you know that the author of this post and his WKDW-FM 97.5 Radio Co-host R. J. Malloy are NOT taking the Florida Supreme Court hearing involving Florida Bar charges of professional misconduct against Florida attorney Mark Stopa lying down, a team of attorneys and this author drafted an Open Records Act request to the Clerk of the Supreme Court, demanding a copy of the Florida judge’s remarks as part of the transcript, to further analyze it to find out whether or not to bring in a team of attorneys to sue the State of Florida Legislature, each state legislator personally and in their individual capacity, the Florida Attorney General (for not doing something to prevent potential conflicting legislation from being enforced) and the Florida Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commission of the State of Florida who had to have known the implications of the legislation that rewarded judges’ behavior in foreclosure courts across the state with bonuses based on performance in clearing foreclosure dockets.  Read the request here:


We will be following up on this in short order and are still looking into the “rewards program” for judges.  It disturbs us (the team of attorneys I am in communication with) that collectively, as both lawyers and non-lawyers, that the legislature could stoop so low as to “reward bad behavior” in the denial of due process rights by passing legislation incentivizing foreclosure court judges to quickly clear off their dockets in order to get these bonuses.

We are just getting word that the Supreme Court of Florida plans on suspending Stopa’s license to practice law for one year.  Generally, attorneys have thirty (30) days to clear off their case loads and close their practices after getting formal notice.  We are awaiting further news on the latest developments.

(Updated on May 31, 2018 to reflect new development in this matter.)


The sinking feeling that overcomes Florida homeowners entering the foreclosure arena (the Sunshine State’s version of a 3-ring circus aka “rocket docket”) was finally manifested in the case against Florida attorney Mark Stopa, who has been at the center of controversy for being abrasive before these judges, resulting in possible disbarment for professional misconduct.

In my book, when you win foreclosure cases (which means the banks lose), judges don’t like it … by that I mean having the obvious thrown in their faces; however … and we are trying to get the transcript from Stopa’s recent Florida Supreme Court hearing … it does appear that the deck has been inadvertently “stacked” against Florida homeowners in favor of not only the banks, but the judges hearing the cases as well!  Think I’m exaggerating here?  Take a look at what Stopa posted on this Facebook page:

Even with the glare of the screenshot covering up the word “notable”, what is hard to fathom is how Florida foreclosure court judges are seemingly on the “take” when it comes to clearing off their court dockets and how they were incentivized by the Florida legislature.  So, does this mean that Pam Blondie is going to investigate this scheme?  Not likely.  She wouldn’t investigate the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION, which Stopa’s buddy Matt Weidener snubbed on Orlando television.  These two aren’t “holier than thou” in my book; however, I am willing to concede that the testimony from this hearing is probably damning in more ways than one and could have only happened at Stopa’s expense.  What makes these allegations (in the form of testimony from a judge included) make things any different?   Felonies are felonies and judges handling foreclosure cases appear to have gone right along with the scheme of things.  Among the rumors … that judges financially profited from the scheme based on their “performance”!

If the transcript (which trust me … is going to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb) bears any other significant testimony, you can bet we’ll use it against the judges in Florida’s foreclosure courts relative to Florida Criminal Code § 817.535 cases.  The Florida States’ Attorneys have every opportunity to launch their own independent investigations but none, including the recently-elected Aramis Ayala (in Florida’s 9th Circuit) have lifted a damned finger to investigate and prosecute any of this suspect behavior.

Exactly how many legislators and judges have been paid off by the banks to facilitate this fraud?   The stuff contained within the Stopa Facebook post seems to parallel the Volusia County judicial rag that told judges there that their “performance” was being monitored and if they knew what was good for them, they’d tow the line and clear their foreclosure dockets!   If one of their own has come clean and testified to the Florida Supremes that this sort of crap behavior is going on, then I say, it’s time to unseat every damned Florida foreclosure judge and every legislator that fell victim to this corruption (the next best thing to tar and feathers or the stocks) and hang their sorry ass political careers out to dry.

When you incentivize a Florida foreclosure judge, what do you think he’ll/she’ll do?   Of course they want to go out with a financial bang!

How many of these judges are pedophiles?   Has anyone ever investigated how much pornography is on these judges’ computers?

It seems we can’t shake these rumors.   All one has to do is examine the number of prosecutions were conducted by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) and a lot of the so-called “disciplinary” actions seem lame when you compare what came out in Stopa’s hearing about the incentivizing of a foreclosure judge?   Has anyone investigated the Florida judges for acquiring property through the very own foreclosure hearing they ruled upon?  We’d like to hear about it.  If you have pictures or recorded documents of Florida judges acquiring foreclosed homes … this represents a clear conflict of interest and a bigger part of the conspiracy to defraud Florida homeowners.  Hell, it represents serious criminal activity, obviously spearheaded by some serious bank lobbying in Tallahassee.


We received word from the Florida Supreme Court on the request we posited under the Florida Open Records Act and got nowhere because, even with clarity, the Clerk did not “get” what we were asking for, so we’re doing more research into the Stopa hearing, which apparently was in St. Petersburg, Florida (Pinellas County) in an open hearing held on April 21, 2018. From Stopa’s Facebook page, we know a woman judge spoke on his behalf and revealed damning information about judges being paid bonuses!  Stopa’s office is not saying much of anything, but we are hearing back channel information that Stopa may not get any suspension time at all, following our Open Records Act request!  We have also heard that other complaints against him are still pending and haven’t made the disciplinary committee yet. This is even more disconcerting because it demonstrates that the more you aggressively fight for homeowners, the more the “system” tries to beat you down.  Foreclosures are big business and the banks don’t like losing, so they will resort to any means to take out their opponent, so we’re going to start doing the same back at them!

If you didn’t get what I just said … we will be explaining HOW in the upcoming workshop!   And the banks aren’t going to like it! 

Stay tuned!

We’re going to figure out a bigger mousetrap given this testimony and we expect to have that scenario to present to you in the upcoming FORECLOSURE DEFENSE WORKSHOP … because now … given this diatribe (seen in the screenshot above) … the judge has now become an additional target.  This also means that given the testimony, it is possible that thousands of foreclosure cases could be vacated and reopened in order to vet judicial involvement.  I don’t think you realize the implications this testimony has brought out … yet.

The registration to attend this workshop is still OPEN!  Visit the Clouded Titles website and sign up now to learn strategies on targeting not only the banks’ attorneys but the judges as well!  This workshop is for educational purposes only and is not representative of the corruption that appears to be ongoing in Florida’s foreclosure courts!  After this revelation, it’s no holds barred!  We told you … when it comes to foreclosure … this means war!

The information presented here is viable for all 50 states!





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    This is only the tip of the iceberg as AAF and AXJ join forces to investigate. http://www.aaf.news


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    “Spike that one!” Quote: Vlad the Impaler. John A. Reed150 W. Dorothy Lane Apt. 317Dayton, Ohio 45429Yotraj@Yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/john.reed.37201

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  4. losingmyhomeinflorida

    Here you go
    Whatever your history with Mark Stopa is, these statements from a judge at his hearing yesterday are ASTOUNDING. Let’s send to Pam Bondi.

    As much as I appreciate the incredible outpouring of support yesterday, the most notable aspect of what happened isn’t about me. It’s so much bigger. You see, yesterday, a judge testified… let me pause and repeat: A JUDGE TESTIFIED … (I’m paraphrasing):

    1. The salaries of all Florida judges were the same for eight years (no pay raises) when the legislature told them they’d only get raises when a sufficient number of foreclosure cases were closed out. Only after that happened did the judges finally get raises.

    2. Judges were individually graded based on how quickly they closed foreclosure cases, and there was talk of individual bonuses based on these grades.

    I’ll always remember the glowing comments this Judge made about me (along with, of course, those made by everyone else), but Her Honor’s bravery in detailing this dynamic, publicly, was, IMHO, the biggest statement of the day.

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  5. Hammertime

    Homeowner rights we’re trampled on that should be the focus. Similar to Los Angeles county being told by a winning lawyer that they should not take homeowner cases.


  6. With my own foreclosure in Palm Beach County, the Judge set the hearing without forcing the Plaintiff to answer our discovery nor did the Plaintiff or Defendants ask for the hearing. Then at the hearing, (what hearing?) he refused to hear anything to do with standing. There were no witnesses, opening statements or any aspects or components of a trial. He told us if we didn’t like it, appeal. In our case, we had bought the home in the HOA foreclosure, with the Bank a named defendant. The bank’s foreclosure was ongoing but they had been denied their request to swap out the party Plaintiff, obviously originally suing with the wrong plaintiff. My Attorney, Loreli Fiala was useless and seemed to be biased toward banks. I think that many Attorneys and Judges both believe that the idea of people getting mortgages vacated would upset the financial establishment and economy. Just printing money is OK right, so they can then lend it to people who they knowingly couldn’t afford it, making profits and then shorting the MBS market when everyone started defaulting? I think that was the greatest pump and dump in history.

    The bank eventually did their motion to voluntarily dismiss. They didn’t refile until after the 5 year SOL had run out but that’s another issue where our corrupt courts just abrogated the legislatures intent. With the Judge’s Pension Fund, an investor in MBSs, how can they even hear cases involving mortgage foreclosure because of the conflict of interest? Jefferson was right when he warned us of the lack of Judicial remedies and oversight in the Constitution. I think they sent him to France during the Constitutional Convention intentionally. He obviously knew how corrupt the British judiciary was and thus would have forced the issue or possibly sabotaged the convention. He thought the Articles of Confederation were superior to the Constitution because it had a stronger position for States rights. I am trying to rally the Citizens into creating an oversight committee at Jurists4Justice.com. Attorneys would have to get involves and most of them don’t seem to have a great deal of social concern. It seems to me that many of those who seek law degrees have a higher degree of ambition than ethic. I have often thought perhaps the legal curriculum and testing could have something to do with the results. The testing is all controlled by a few major corporations. When you have someone arguing what the definition of is, is and if fellatio is sex, it surely makes you wonder. Halve the swampters are Attorneys.

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  7. AXJ

    OMG, this blog has over 200,000 views…wonder why? AAF keeps trucking.. http://www.aaf.news


  8. Gypsy

    Add Marion County to the list as well. We have a “contract for deed” which within the body of the contract is referred to as a “mortgage” that we entered into four years ago after a year of renting, which was supposed to be applied to the purchase of the home which never happened. Looking back it was just bogus from the start, but as a first time home buyer, I had no clue just how bogus it all was, until now. I have spent the past two years fighting Joseph Calvin Brown aka JOCALBRO INC. PROFIT SHARING PLAN TRUST and William Bedford Greene aka JOEBED INVESTMENTS INC.from taking our home after we realized through a series of unfortunate events that we were being swindled. We never heard anything about either of these companies until it was time to sign our “Adjustable Contract For Deed” (absolutely NOTHING adjustable about it!!) My first contact with Joe Brown was a result of an ad on Craigslist, but the company I was introduced to was Southern Atlantic Realty, so I was a bit miffed by these new names all of a sudden. I have also learned over the course of the past two years that there are MANY other “businesses” Joe Brown has, mostly real estate companies, holdings companies, investment companies and even a church. There are many problems with this contract that I was completely aware of but I sure have become rather educated quickly. Once we realized there was a HUGE problem with said contract, we decided that we weren’t willing to give away any more of our hard earned money just to get screwed out of it, we had already invested almost $25,0000 in payments alone, not to mention what we had spent just on repairs and replacing things, no upgrades, just basics to make it habitable. We brought the issue up to the pretender lender and of course they immediately reminded me that it was a done deal, contract was signed (not by everyone) and there was no renegotiating the contract, that if we didn’t resume payments it would result in losing our home. We had previously fallen behind due to multiple deaths in my family within days of each other and I became very depressed and ended up losing my job of 3 years due to the wrong LOA papers being filed by my supervisor, so we were in a bit of a financial crisis. My boyfriend always got it caught up and they were willing to work with us at first, including giving him work. That’s when things got really stupid insane. We were realizing that his hours weren’t right, pay wasn’t right and we were actually falling further behind!! At one point my boyfriend took $2800 in to them, thinking that it was going to put us a few hundred to the good and as soon as he handed the lady the money, she counted it and told him that we now have a balance of $200 – that’s the day we realized for certain that they were some shady mofo’s and we needed to find another way.to get this worked out. We were never given any disclosures of any sort, filled out no loan papers, were never given any other options for financing and found out that we couldn’t get it refinanced because of the CFD. Fast forward a few months and they were posting notices on our gate for all the world to see attempting to evict us and I just couldn’t understand how they could do that, we weren’t tenants, we were buying!!! I started looking up laws, statutes and how to answer them in court when they filed a suit to evict us. I filed my answer to the eviction, which was very basic, I entered the definition by federal statute what constitutes a mortgage along with our contract. Now they had already filed their eviction motion and swore they weren’t selling, they were only renting and only had an ORAL contract, under the penalty of perjury. Within hours of filing my response, they filed a motion to dismiss under extreme caution, stating that they accidentally converted us to a contract for deed and set up the tax info for interest, that their partner had refused the sale (4 years prior and we’re just now being made aware of it???) and that the contract was never fully executed, entering their exhibit A of the blank line where his signature should have been and stated that they would seek relief in a different court.(Judge Edward Scott allowed them leave of court so that William Greene could sign the contract) Even though I brought attention to it, no one said or did anything about the false documents they filed in court and attested under the penalty of perjury…… It wasn’t long before they started the foreclosure process which resulted in me contacting the law office of Dean and Dean, from our phone conversation he was very emphatic that we had a solid case and would need $1500 to defend us. My boyfriend was at work when they called and said we needed to come right away to get started, so he was going to come home and pick me up but they rushed him saying there wasn’t time. Really?? Okay, so he went to their office and paid the retainer, but after a short conversation they informed him that they would only be able to keep us in the home as long as possible, that we wouldn’t win the foreclosure. Funny how the story changed after they were told who we were under contract with. The attorney we ended up with from their firm was Attorney Eakes. I had been “investigating” for months and had gathered a large amount of pertinent information which I had loaned to them, even made notes everywhere so that there was clarity in what I was saying. This file was about 2″ thick. It later became apparent that they never bothered to open it, and that was painfully clear when he sent me a copy of what they the answer they submitted to the court, first thing I saw was where it asked if this case was contested and he put NO and it just got worse from there. He used their excuse of the contract not being fully executed as though that was our number one response, second being improper accounting. I just about flipped out!! I messaged him (poor cell service in the forest) and asked him if he’d lost his ever lovin mind!!! He refused to change any of it. My main response was that there was and never had been any promissory note, no required disclosures and no right of rescission in the contract, not one time did he ever enter any of that in court, telling me that there’s a time for that. No shit Sherlock and the time is NOW. He would not follow my instructions as to how to contact me, which was via text message due to lack of signal and my phone simply wouldn’t connect out here. Never, not one time in the entire year plus that we were in litigation did he ever text me, nor did he ever call my boyfriend. When it came time for our turn to request discovery, he tells us that he’s going to need another $1500-2000 in order to go forward with discovery. All the while maintaining that we would not win, he actually made sure to use bold lettering and advised us to save our money and use it to move. What??? I am not court savvy even though I can find the laws and statutes that apply, I didn’t have the first clue as to the proper forms or wording in order to answer discovery myself, nor did I know anything about how to go about getting a continuance or even if I was allowed to do that. I called multiple attorneys, all of which told me the best thing I could do is file bankruptcy and I kept asking why on earth would I do that when the first thing they are required to do is provide proof of owning the “note”??? So I had no choice but to go it alone, but I missed the deadline to file our discovery, I simply didn’t have the knowledge as to the proper way to file or even what to put in it seeing how our attorney had already screwed us from the start. I had provided him with everything and was not able to retrieve my file from their office after he gave me such a ridiculous deadline of picking it up or it would be destroyed. The plaintiff filed a motion for judgement, the judge granted it and set a court date. We appeared in court much to both the judge and their attorneys amazement, I had everything they asked for in discovery, they stated that we didn’t pay property taxes, I had cancelled checks that corresponded with their less that stellar bookkeeping printout, I had every bit of documentation that I needed but was not allowed to present it due to the time for discovery had passed even though I explained the reason for not answering it, but Judge Edwards wasn’t going to allow it. Judge Edwards kept telling me that we didn’t have a mortgage and I said, according to this document in my hand, per their contract, it states that we do, it is referred to as a “mortgage” and he finally said, “No one loaned you any money, no one gave you a loan, you do not have a mortgage, what you have is a breach of contract.” I asked “With all due respect your honor, but have you actually read this contract?” So he repeated himself again, I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere at this point. He swore me in and asked if we were behind on payments and I, being honest to a fault, said, “Yes your honor, we are, but……” and he cut off stating that his ruling was for the plaintiff. I said “Your honor, can you please explain to me, how we can be foreclosed on if we have no mortgage?” He completely ignored my question and asked how long we needed to move? And said that they would be selling our house at auction.” So even though the courts didn’t see us as having a mortgage simply because he was well aware that the house we bought was a tax deed property, that Joe Brown purchased for under $4800 less than a month prior to me renting it. The judgement was for over $50,000 and was sold at auction for $4001 by none other than Joe Brown himself. The auction started at 11:00 am, (proxy bid was placed a couple of days prior to the auction) Joe Brown’s bid went in at 11:26:01 and the auction ended at 11:27:00, my house had been sold. There is no way that I’m going to just roll over and play dead, I’m not a “belly up” person so I am currently trying to find an attorney that has the scruples to fight with me. I do believe that what Judge Edwards was trying to tell me is that I had to try a different court and a different angle, but I do not understand how he could foreclose and have my house sold when I had proof that proved without a shadow of a doubt that Joe Brown was once again, lying through his teeth, not only to me but to the court. He defrauded the court and they allowed him to do just that. In speaking with his attorney after court, he assured that we still had time to get refinanced, and I explained that we had already attempted that and it wasn’t allowed. He then stated that Joe Brown currently has THOUSANDS of these cases on the dockets to which I said, yes, I know, it’s all public record, not to mention how many have already passed through the court and I told him that I see a pattern and gave him a wink.
    This is by no means a complete accounting of the past 5 years of dealing with this company, this only brushes the surface and after reading your post, I knew that I needed to share it with you. I’m beyond fed up with all of the unscrupulous people who think they are untouchable. They are all a menace to society and bring economic devastation to everyone in my community and I’ve only seen one instance of anyone standing up to Joe Brown, she won her case and he somehow managed to get it reversed. Unreal!! I will stand up an fight not only for myself and my family, but I will fight for every single person whose lives he’s destroyed and all of the people he’s rendered homeless with his greed. I won’t stop until he’s had a massive dose of his own medicine. I’ll quit when I see justice has been served and I’m not afraid to include every single person involved in destroying my community and making a mockery of our judicial system, regardless of who they are or the position they hold, whether they realize it or not, they are all TOUCHABLE.
    If you happen to have any suggestions as to an attorney who is on our side of justice and who has the skill and tenacity this is going to require, I’ll gladly listen.


    • A sad story indeed. This is why I always check court records as well as land records PRIOR TO buying anything. As a warning to others, if you have to put more than $20,000 in repairs into anything, it’s not worth the investment, especially in older properties. A lot of unscrupulous investors are out there looking for the desperate and the gullible and swindling them into buying dilapidated houses that force the buyers to spend their own money fixing them up, only to have them stolen later. If you have questions, always have an attorney look over the paperwork and do some research on the parties selling you the property in order to vet the sellers to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen again. I do not necessarily encourage people to post names and personal information like this and I cannot recommend attorneys on this site because I am not a referral service. I know of a few attorneys that have the chutzpah to take on cases like this, but I do not discuss them here, which is why the Clouded Titles dot com website has a contact page on it. Again, checking the chain of title is the first priority. Once you have names, check the court records for legal actions the property or the individuals who are trying to sell it have cases either closed or active. This will be a warning sign to you because the legal record speaks for itself.


      • Gypsy

        Indeed it is a sad story and no one should ever be put through anything like this. There’s so much more to it, but you get the gist of it. I definitely learned quickly, prior to this I had no idea where or what to look for, I sure do now. I was also working 12-16 hours a day 7 days a week, so my brain was a bit exhausted, but I was still sorely unaware of how the process should have been, this was mostly transacted via email and snail mail. My apologies for the addition of the names, I can’t seem to edit it, so if you can and would prefer to remove them, I won’t be bothered by it. I think you may have misunderstood my numbers, I didn’t put $20,000 in repairs, I’ve invested $25,000 in payments, I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear. I thank you for the lesson on etiquette for your very informative website, duly noted. Thank you for being here,



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