Remember the five “W’s”?

WHO: Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger, along with special guest retired attorney and former federal law clerk R. J. Malloy!

WHAT: We’re going through drafting content in the framing of an FDCPA lawsuit, and Ocwen is the target!

WHEN:  Thursday, June 22, 2017, 8:00 p.m. (EDT)

WHERE: (go to the webinar link and sign up)

WHY: Because Ocwen appears to have lied to everyone about its servicing practices. Twenty states and the District of Columbia have banned Ocwen from taking on new loan servicing accounts until they can prove they’ve cleaned up their shoddy bookkeeping practices.


HOW TO SIGN UP: Go to the Clouded Titles website and click on the webinar link and go to the shopping cart and check out.  You will be sent a code in your email inbox that links you directly to the webinar, which will be recorded and archived for later use.

Don’t miss it!


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  1. You are really doing a great job !!!


  2. Ms Roberta

    I just beat Ocwen!, I been in 15 foreclosures hearings with Ocwen, The Sheriffs Department served me a $7,091,328,901.00 foreclosure notice in 2013. I fought back pro se and their attorneys withdrew and closed the foreclosure case.


    • Ronnie Lou Osburn

      Please get back with me. I am also fighting also long drawn out fight with fraudulent Ocwen. Please do not post phone numbers and names on this site. The banks are reading it!


  3. Hi, yes I fought Ocwen 15 Times, they could never prove that they owned my loan. Every time they filed papers, I filed papers also.They started the special proceedings in 2013 against me. I got in touch with the SEC and I checked for the trust filings that Ocwen says they have my deed of trust in . SEC sent me the certified copies showing that there was no such filings under that trust name. I filed the documents with the clerk of courts, the sent certified copies to Ocwen and their attorneys. In 2017, the day before my 15th foreclosure hearing. I get several notices saying the attorneys withdraw/ terminate from the special proceedings. I went to the clerk of courts and she said they closed the case, it’s over. The real tip is keep filing papers. They file in the court, you file in the courts and send them what you filed. JUST KEEP FILING!! They have unclean hands. Go to the Put your your trust name in, that your deed of trust is under. One tip I remember. When I told the clerk of courts that this was the 15th foreclosure hearing, she said, “Well if you stop filing papers,the hearings will stop”. That really means (GAME OVER YOU LOSE YOUR 🏠 HOME) I hope this helps. Stay in touch.

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